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Before The Traffic Lights

Gates Corner c1965, South Woodford
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My family moved from Goodmayes to South Woodford in 1927 and my first memory was of my father waving welcome to 31 Lansdowne Road as we arrived in a Daimler hired car! At Churchfields School, headmaster Mr Walford, we were warned by our teacher Mrs Pettit of the arrival of the new traffic lights at Gates Corner and told just how they worked! This meant the disappearance of Constable George Clements who, until then, had ensured our safe crossing of the Southend Road four times a day. He kept us safe from the horse drawn vehicles and the occasional steam traction engine when crossing the road. Sometimes we'd stop there to watch the number 145 bus slowly boiling up the Southend Road with steam from its radiator on its solid, not pneumatic, tyres! On 7th September 1940 a large formation of German 'planes flew right over this area and was engaged by the 3.7" guns from Gants Hill to be followed that night by a long raid which started at... Read more

Definately NOT A Paint Tin! Woodford Wells

About a mile or so from South Woodford toward Buckhurst Hill, on the New Road, is Woodford Wells. My friend lived in the third house from the corner diagonally across from Bancrofts School. The house next door had been destroyed by a bomb, and all the wreckage had been taken away. Another chum, my friend and I often played football on the vacant concrete pad where the house had been. One day our ball rolled down a hole and almost out of sight. We fished around with a stick trying to get it out without success. After each if us had a go trying to get our ball back my friend yanked out a fairly big chunk of metal, perhaps an old paint can, then we realized it was the fin from a bomb. WOW! What a prize, we proudly took our latest souvenir to show his mum. She went next door to show it to the man who lived there. He told us to keep well... Read more

When Gates Corner Was A Corner

Gates Corner c1965, South Woodford
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Lived in South Woodford with my parents from 1952-1972 before marrying, and worked for Gates in this very building from 1968-1977 before moving up the High Road to their new Head Office when this building caught fire overnight, the new 8-lane A406 Nth.Circular having already scythed its way through the heart of Woodford, ending 'Gates Corner' forever.
From 1975-1977 the motorway was driven through under our very noses, beginning with the endless pile-driving of what were to become the supports for this part of the High Road over the new A406. What a noisy summer that was - and a very hot one the following year ('76) when temperatures soared and even the nearby Hollow Ponds in Wanstead dried up !
As we lived just down the road from here in Woodford Green we also watched the southern end of the M11 taking shape just half-a-mile away. Then, where it connected with the new ultra-wide A406 going up to Gates Corner, Charlie Brown's roundabout was changing shape and was never... Read more


Gates Corner c1965, South Woodford
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This is such a memorable photograph for me. This very garage delivered a new company car to my father in 1932. It was a Model B Ford with V8 engine. He drove that car for 17 years during the time he worked for W&C French in Buckhurst Hill.

I was a young child of seven when the Second World War broke out. Living on Epping New Road beside French's Yard. Dad was working away from home a lot bulding new airfields. Mum and I would often go to the Majestic picture house on a saturday ( in the distance of this photo). On this day the sirens had gone , the cinema screen had told us, but we chose to stay like most people. When we got home we found all our windows blown in and the front door blown down the hall and jammed into the opening to the kitchen. Our little dog Nan was wimpering and hiding upstairs under my Mum's big bed and thankfully unhurt but... Read more

Off Licence

I was 4, and my brother 3, my mum and dad ran the off licence and lived in the flat above. Their names where Audrey and Bill Johns. My name is Barbara and my brother is Trevor. My father embezzeled £300 and was evicted from the flat and off licence. Does any one remember us? We where put up for adoption soon after. Please, anyone remembers them, they where there 3 years could u email me. thank you

Calypso Coffee Bar

I lived in Loughton, and have fond memories of the Calypso Cafe. When I used to go there it was a well-known bikers' cafe. Some evenings there would be over a hundred motorbikes parked outside. There was also a pub next door which I believe was called the Horse and Wells. I met my wife, who was living in Roding Lane, Buckhurst Hill, and we often used to go to the pictures in Woodford, at the Majestic cinema. We were married in 1969, and then moved to Berkshire.

The Ravens

My mother Janet Ravens, and her sister Gweneth, lived in South Woodford from 1943 to around 1958. I am researching her family tree and also trying to get together photos of the time in the places she lived. (She turns 70 next year). Also, I am trying to trace her cousin, Brenda Ravens, who was a couple of years older, who had a daughter Jane Kearney, who has probably long since married, she would be 48 now. Does anyone remember my mum? Or her parents Ron adn Doreen Ravens? Or a furniture store in the area in the 1920s owned by Thomas and Rosa Ravens? I live in Australia which does not help my mission!

Happy Memories of South Woodford

My family lived in Hillcrest Road, South Woodford from 1960 to 1973. I had a very very happy childhood there (am still happy though) but had to move to Brighton to attend a deaf school and to avoid the need to continue as a school boarder (after 5 years). Looking at the photos just brings everything back! The Majestic (Saturday morning club), the Vauxhall garage, the dentist (Mr Lambert) close to the High Road z-crossing near Churchfield Road, the sweet shop (Mr Morgan - I think) opposite the Vauxhall garage, the Plazza with full of holes on the brick wall, the wonderful fish and chips shop (long and narrow) both in George Lane. My father's regular pub at the George (my son is called George), the regular Routemaster buses 20, 20A, 123 (to Walthamstow swimming pool) and 144 and the Green Line (cannot recall the number). The shoe shop at the bottom of Hillcrest Road with the x-ray machine that scared me a bit! The wonderful butcher (next to Tesco)... Read more

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