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Southall memories

Here are memories of Southall and the local area. You can start now: Add your own Memory of Southall or a Southall photo.

My Childhood in Southall

The Manor House 1965, Southall
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My parents were born in India. My grandfather settled in Africa and had a good job. When my father got married he stayed Africa where all my brothers and sisters were born. My dad was a carpenter by trade; he arrived in Britain on his own with close relatives in 1962 for work as a carpenter to build new houses. He worked very hard in the snow, often travelling to London. They lived in rented accommodation in various addresses in Southall. My father did not want us to come to England as it was too cold in the winter but my mother wanted to join him, so he sponsored the 7 of us and we joined our father in 1962. At first we lived at 23 Beaconsfield Road sharing an overcrowded house. I remember the cold winters and the paraffin heater that mum used to keep us warm with and often she would put a pan on top and pop some popcorn for us. My father was a very religious... Read more

My Childhood in Southall

Another thing that I remember was bath night. Notice I said night and not nights!! We had a tin bath which had to be filled up by boiling kettles and saucepans. My young brother would go in first, then me, after me was mummy, and last was daddy!! What ever would health and safety have to say about that today!! We were, however, one of the first houses in our street to have an inside toilet and bathroom. We didn't have central heating so therefore, in the winter, we had ice on the inside of the windows! I used to love to "huff" on the window and watch the lovely frost patterns return. We didn't have fitted carpets, or heating upstairs.....we didn't die from the cold and to this day, I don't like heating in my bedroom. You may think reading this account that we were very poor.....far from it....we weren't poor, nor were we "we'll off". However, if you are a young person reading this and judging... Read more

Growing up in Southall.

I was born in 1949 to Nellie and Ashford DISNEY. We lived at 15 Albert Road, and my father worked in the Post Office at BATH'S on the Weston Road. Mr. William Bath was my father's uncle. Before Mummy and Daddy got married, Mummy used to work in the Post Office as well. - that's how they met. Our neighbours were called Mary and Joseph Packer and every Christmas we had a card from Mary and Joseph. As a very little girl I thought that was special. I had a younger brother called Stephen. I went to Featherstone Infants and Juniors and from there went to Western Secondary Girls School. I remember when I was at the Junior School, one of the teachers was called Mr. Neame. Every lunch time he would ask me to go to the newsagents on the corner (Hill's I think it was called) to get him a quarter of sweets. Mummy and my grandmother - Mrs.... Read more

Wolf Rubber

I was born in 1934 in Burns Avenue Southall, and I remember Snells Farm at the bottom of Burns Ave, before it became a prefab estate. Left Dormers Wells at 14 in 1948. I worked at Wolf Rubber in 1949 and my job was cleaning metal shafts that where put into washing machine rubber rollers. Most of the machines were run from an overhead drive shaft and connected to the machines via a large belt. There where many foreign workers there in my time, but I did not stay long. I then worked at James Davis Timber on the banks of the canal at Hayes Bridge. I left Southall in 1954 after I got married. I went back to Southall for the first time in 2007; my god the Southall I knew had long gone, what a shame .

Norwood Green

I was born in Norwood Green in 1939. I also went to Clifton Road school. We were bombed regularly as the anti aircraft guns were in Osterly Park behind our house which was also opposite St Marys Church. Two Italian prisoners of war visited our house quite a lot and sat by the fire with me in their lap. I think they fancied my sister, we called one Calabria but I think that was the name of the area he came from - we always thought it was his name! They brought us home baked bread and once a live chicken for Christmas. My mother, Edna Lord-Castle, won a medal for being the best wartime village housewife. She cared for the vicar's pigs and orchard gardens when he left, out to the quieter countryside. My family were well known. My brothers, Arthur and Terry (rear bomber), used to enjoy their nights out in the Plough pub. Terry played football for the local team and now... Read more

Growing up in Southall

I grew up in Southall in the 1940s and 50s. We lived in Gordon Road in a terraced house that backed onto The Tube. We had an outside toilet, no bathroom and, until I was about 6, no electricity. At the age of 5 I could change a gas mantle. My mother continued to live there until she passed on in 1989 Two doors away was Mrs Ridgewell's grocery shop and on the corner there was a greengrocer's. I recall being sent for a shilling's worth of King Edward potatoes. I went to Clifton Road Primary (Miss Camp) and Junior (Mr Constable) schools and went on to Drayton Manor School in Hanwell. I went to Sunday School and belonged to the Boy Scouts at the Salvation Army in Adelaide Road. I was their first and only Queen's Scout. Opposite on the corners of Clifton Road were Pearson's Drapers and a good fish and chip shop. Just around the corner in Norwood Road was a small parade of shops which included a newsagents... Read more

Keir Hardie Way

The Manor House 1965, Southall
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I grew up in Keir Hardie Way, near Barnhill School & The Greenway from 1953 - 1966 (we then moved to Surrey). I went To Hayes Park School then Mellow Lane School. Keir Hardie Way, Atlee Road, Bondfield, Kingshil Avenue etc.. were our childhood haunts. Best of all was The Greenway which was all fields & the brook. It was like living in the countryside and in those days, safe. I went back to look a few years ago and was surprised at how nice everything looked and The Greenway is still thankfullly greenbelt land. It was a new council estate when we moved there and except for a couple of 'problem' families all the houses and public gardens were well kept, everyone had jobs and took a pride in their homes. We were fortunate enough to buy a house in Surrey and left the area (a whole different world in those days), but many of the children I grew up with in Hayes have done well in life, went... Read more

Southall 1928-1954

The Manor House 1965, Southall
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I was born in Woodlands Road, but moved shortly afterwards to Townsend Road.
We then moved to No74 North Road in 1933. I attended North Road School until 1940, then moved to Dormers Wells, then to Southall Tecg in 1942.
I remember the war years clearly. In 1944 a V1bomb fell in Southall Park, and brought the celing in on my bed! I was downstairs in the Morrison shelter.
At various tmes, I was in Villiers Scouts, a member of the Pioneer Club, and 1846 ATC squadron.

Growing up in Lea Road Southall

The Manor House 1965, Southall
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I lived in Lea Road, Southall. My father Alfred was a lorry driver for Sanders & Son, also known as The Tube, half way down Gordon Road. My mum Betty worked as a manager of Bill Taylors newsagents just off the High Street in Southall, my sister Margaret married Bill Taylor in 1968. I went to Clifton Road School, where Miss Camp was the infants' head. I attended Featherstone Road School from 1968 - 1972, the head was Mr Berg. My best friend was David May who lived in Gordon Road, but I have since lost touch with him, but I would be very interested to find out if anyone knows where he is now? I have great memories of the open air swimming pool in the rec., and also the mounds off Wentworth Road, where there was an old World War Two disarmed machine gun and air raid shelter, I used to play over there as a boy. Also Saturday morning pictures at the cinema down South Road,... Read more


The Manor House 1965, Southall
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I lived in Southall from April 1943 to May 1960, all my young life was spent there. Among the many good memories was the 1953 Coronation with all the excitement of sweets off ration and TV. We had our party in 2 canvas workman's tents from G. Wimpeys, Lancaster Road, Southall. The party was held in Lynwood Gardens off Lady Margaret Road after the Coronation was shown on TV. In the evening a large torchlight procession was held the length of Lady Margaret Road after dark.

Top Lock Southall

Quaker Oats had a spur going into their factory just past top lock on the Grand Union Canal. I used to watch the barges being unloaded with a huge vacumn pipe used by a man standing on the barge. Due to the fact a lot of wheat was spilled into the canal the fishing was superb. The spur is now a mooring for houseboats.

Memories of Southall 1941 - 1966

I was born at 12 Lyndhurst Ave Southall on January 1941. My parents moved into this property in the late 30s. I remember a bit of the war when I was about three or four as we had a shelter in the back garden as we run into it when the siren was heard. Also I did not see it being carried out, but the iron railings around the Avenues islands was removed and also around Southall Park to be melted down for Military use. Just to add, Lyndhurst Ave was one of the entrance to the A.E.C ( Building of London Buses ) many workers used it daly. I also remember that with a friend we made an effigie of Guy Fawkes for the 5th Nov and asked for a penny for the guy in the A.E.C. Grounds near the railway bridge a bit cheeky. I also remember a rag and bone man with his horse and cart came down the avenue and gave me a... Read more

Norwood Green

hi my name is mick carpenter and I was born in Hillingdon hospital in 1942 and lived at 32 allen park rd norwood green fo r 25years with my sister susan and parents reg and Florence I I was In both the cubs and scouts at st marys and played for the football club until I joined southall town my school was norwood green then went on to spring grove central in Isleworth I left in 1967 but keep in touch with friends in Osterley park I have spent most of my life involved in music and playing in bands

chippy carpenter

Chick Stores, Delamere Road, Hayes

Please help. Has anyone got photos of Chick Stores or any memories of Mr Chick, the shop, or how long it was there for. Where did Mr Chick go? My mother still lives in Berwick Avenue. I do remember vaguely Chick stores, I was about three - I am now forty eight. She talks fondly of Mr Chick with another neighbour and I would love to find out more to add to their thread. Photo would be the best. Thank you

Carlyle Ave & Lady Margaret Road

I was born at Lady Margaret road and Carlyle ave in 1952. We shared the home with my grandad Fred Puddy who was well known in the area. He was the southall cricket coach and a long distance runner. Also shared the home with my uncle Norrie Puddy who was a snooker champion. Mum's familly consisted of 5 girls and 2 boys. They all grew up in southall .Mum told me many stories of living in southall during the 2ww. going out sesrching for buzz bombs etc. Dad (Sydney Palmer) was in the 8th army and was gone for the duration of the war. We moved to Canada when I was 5 years old. I have gone back a few times but it is very different now. Hardly any family left. I am in the middle of rewriting my dads memoirs from a journal he kept for the 1st 3 years of the war whilst he was stationed in Malta with the 74th light A.A. Also trying to find... Read more


YES 1950S..

Shrubbery Off High St, Uxbridge Road Off North Rd.

Anybody know of Dr Steward? The big house, The Shrubbery, 1850's to 1900's. Today seen old wall parts, arches, shapes....may have been left after demolition. It was his home, but a few asylum patients there, was helping Southall Park across the road - an asylum there till 1883 (burnt down). 1900's Ivy Terrace etc.. built along Shrubbery Road. Do you think this old wall backing onto old pre 1900 grove was terraced dwellings? If you click my name and send a message I would be grateful. Abbots, a large place was there in 1947, was this the wall of Abbots Firm? Thank you

Old Southall

Yes the bakers was Parkers, but before that it was called "Fowlers" and that name was in the mosaic floor in their doorway. They used to do lovely cream cakes. My mum who had moved to Southall in 1932, went to Western Road School just round the corner from Derley Road where she lived. I followed in her footsteps and also went to Western Road School, but that was after it amalgamated with Featherstone Secondary School. They called it the Western Road Annexe. Two of the teachers there were Mrs Barlow and Mrs London. Does any one remember them? Another of the teachers was Mrs Parker. she lived on Western Road. My parents were good friends of her's.

Steam Trains And Happy Memories

I was born in 1951 and have many very happy memories of visiting my aunty Dolly and uncle Joe in the 1950's and 1960's. They lived in Queens Road but I can't remember the house number. Their house backed onto the railway goods yards and my uncle was an engine driver on the wonderful steam trains. I can still picture their house and back garden and can remember watching the trains and hearing the sound of the goods wagons being shunted around. The back gardens along Queens Road were quite small, but if memory serves me right, most gardens had loads of vegetables growing in them. I also remember the gasometer just across the tracks. Living in the countryside, it was so different, noisy and exciting going to Queens Road. We would also visit Rita and Art who lived in Featherstone Road - I think there was a school opposite.

Football Ground - Revisited

RE The Western Rd football ground. I have posted some comments about this on the other Southall site. (didn't realise there were 2 sites........Roy).

Football Ground.

Re the football ground off Western Rd. I believe this was used in the Minder episode; 'Last orders at the Winchester', filmed shortly before the site was redeveloped in the early 90's. The gasometer looms large in the background. Does anyone remember the filming taking place? Watch the episode for some happy memories Thanks......Roy.

My Memories of Southall

I lived on the Golf Links estate from 1948 -1970, first at 6 Osborne Road in the prefabs then 11, St. Andrews Tower. I went to Dormers Wells schools and started work in 1964 at Thomas Claytons. I would go shopping on Saturdays with my friend Cath. We would go to the market or into Ealing. We both made coffee at the Youth Centre and spent a lot of time there. I met lots of nice people there and really enjoyed my teenage years in Southall. After leaving Thomas Claytons I worked at Hestair Sherpa where I met my husband. We moved to Canada in 1970. I have heard from Yvonne who was in my class at school but would love to hear from anyone else you might remember me. My maiden name was While.

Allenby Road

I saw someone had wrote that they lived at 181 Allenby Road. I knew someone that had lived at that address and was wondering if it was the person I knew? Lynne

Clifton rd School

I lived at 42 Stratford Rd, upstairs in rented rooms. Below lived Mr Woodsell and his daughter Maureen. Opposite was Robert Hopkins, his dad was a carpenter, his mother taught piano. Along the road was the Mulkerns, Irish family and further down were the Ballads. We used to take peelings to Ballads for the chickens. When Mr Ballad died, his coffin was put in the front room. I went to the nursery in the recreation park, after to Clifton Road school. I remember Mr Kersley and Mr Rose. I sometimes was left in a house near the tube factory where the lady had a television and I saw muffin the mule. I fell off my little red bike in Stratford Road before my parents were home, a man found me knocked out, he might have been a window cleaner. I was later admitted to Hillingdon hospital with a fractured skull. Dr Moore sent me (Dr Moore was murdered later).... Read more

Southall Swimming Club

I remember the club advertising swimming lessons in the 1950s. So many people turned up that we could not get into the pool. We all stood outside on the grass where someone demonstrated the crawl and breastroke. We all copied these movements and that was our first lesson. I gave up after 2 weeks having not entered the pool and eventually learnt to swim in the sea in Cornwall. Laurie Dormer lived in Greenland Crescent and if I remember it correctly his son died tragically, drowning in a lock when he fell overboard. He was recently married and I know it was a terrible tragedy at the time.

Ive's Paper Shop

I was a paper boy for Ives when the Father was in charge and then at the end his son Brian? took over. I did not have many papers to deliver but the round started by the Junction Pub and cottages by the Canal along the towpath up to Bulls Bridge. I then had to go down Wenworth Road and ended up eventually on King Street. There were only about 24 papers but it has to be the longest paper round in it's day.

Trying to Find Eileen Marie Blake

I have been trying to locate Eileen Marie Blake (maiden name). The only contact address that I have is for her mother in 1951. The address is 207 North Road, Southall, Middlesex, UK Does anyone know of the mother Mrs Blake or of Eileen Marie Blake (maiden name) from this address in the 1940's or early 1950's?

VE Party Derley Rd

This was a year that the war finished, my sister and I had not long returned home from Nottingham having been evacuated to avoid the V 2"s. I remember that tables had been set up in the middle of the street and food appeared from everywhere not sure where it came, from but it was more food than we had ever seen. There was a piano playing and everybody was dancing, I remember there was a row and nearly a fight as somebody had put the front of the piano on the bonfire that had been lit in the street, to add to the general merryment. We kids all enjoyed ourselves by generally making as much trouble as we could. Not sure when it all finished but I do know it was dark.

Golf Links Estate

I lived on the Golf Links Estate, Greenford Road from 1968 until 1973, when I moved to Dunstable, Bedfordshire. I lived at Portrush Court; I have heard that the Estate is a lot different now to what it was like when I lived there. My two daughters went to school at Dormers Wells infant and junior. I remember walking to Ealing, Greenford, Hanwell, where I was born and the Broadway Southall. I also remember the bowling alley, which was opposite the White Hart in Southall, I sometimes wonder how different it is there today. I do remember the prefabs that were on the golf links estate before all the flats. I worked at nearby Greenford before I had my children, in a Tesco store which was a small one before they took over the Grenada cinema, and was happy there and recall a few of the work colleagues of the time.

Open Air Pool

I worked as a lifeguard there for the Summer of 1974. I loved working for the manager called Colin Nancarrow an ex PT Army Instructor. He was a very easy-going, nice guy. We set up the trampoline out in the park to drum up some business and he taught myself and a great local guy called Chris a lot of moves. I was down from Edinburgh to work for the Summer after University and landed the perfect job for a sun-worshipping fitness freak. I thought it was funny when a local kid, on realising that my deep, lilting brogue was actually a Scottish accent, decided he would call me "'aggis". The cold poolside hose gave him a taste of a typical Summer's day in the Highlands. Southall was on the change at that time with folks from the Indian sub-continent already there en-masse. I , being an Asian food lover made full use of this and became somewhat of a connoiseur. Being an exotic species... Read more

Teen Years

I lived at 130 Derley Road for a lot of years and went to Western Road School, infants, juniors and senior school; ground floor infant and juniors, top floor seniors. I remember Mr Neame, Mrs Clayton, the Headmistress, and Mrs Nias who had a daughter in my class. I was a brownie at the little hall in Western Road. We had quite a few Youth Clubs, one off the King Street, one off the Uxbridge Road. I remember the outdoor swimming pool and the indoor in Heston. What about Saturday morning pictures at the Dominion, remember those times very well, the song especially, "We are the boys and girls, we're known as Minors of the ABC" etc - anyone else remember it? The Manor House with its lovelly gardens and Aviary which was at the back of Southall Hospital. I left Southall when I got married and moved to Ashford, Middlesex, just the other side of Heathrow Airport where I still am. ... Read more

Emlyn Morgan

Does anybody have any memories of my lost grandfather? He was a Welsh man called Emlyn Morgan, and lived in Southall during WWII. He was from a farming family and was born near Neath. He worked as a baker in Southall or nearby, so must have been known to the local community. He was also in the army. He married Eleanor John (also known as Madeline), his son Brian was born in 1941. I never met Emlyn, which is a great regret of mine, and nobody knows what became of him after he and my grandmother split up when my father was very young. I would very be very grateful to anybody who has any information or memories. My hope is that somebody somewhere has a photograph...Thanks, Jake Morgan.

So Different Now

I used to live at 22 Clifton Road. Tin baths, outside loos, newspaper on a nail in toilet, all of that. I went to Clifton Road School so I only had to skip a few yards to get there. I remember a teacher called Mrs De Orfe and the headmaster Mr Constable. I went on to Southall Grammar and was so proud to have passed the 11+. It all went downhill from there with my education!! My sister went to Western Road and my brother to Featherstone Road. My dad, Charlie, was President of Southall Working Mans Club for years. I think my mum ran off with someone, either from a bookies or from the forces as I didn't see her from the age of 13!! Clifton Road was great as we had a little shop run by an old lady called Mrs Rayner and a good chippie at the other end of the road who used to give us all the bits... Read more

A Very Happy Childhood.

I was born in Grange Road but soon after my parents moved to West End Road, my grandmother lived at number 35. I attended Beaconsfield Road Infants School and my best friend there was Ronnie Cornwall who also lived in West End Road. Further down the road from us was an old gentleman who would sell us sweets from his front door. In the mid thirties we moved to 18 Dane Road. When the blitz started, I and a friend Eddie Cloake, started a fire watch scheme for Dane Road. I was a messenger boy in the ARP and often hitched a ride on an AFS truck into London and knew what bombing was all about. The nearest we had in Southall, was a bomb in the High St at the top of Dane Road, and one in Lancaster Road. Schools were closed on the outbreak of war, and sadly I lost contact with most of my friends. My last teacher was Mr Emsden, who I liked very much. I... Read more

Early Years

SIRENS WAILING, Get up, wrap a blanket around yourself, stand on the bed and wait for Dad (Alfred Roger) or Eddith Mary (Mum) to come and go down 13 stairs and out to the shelter that was in the garden. Joyce my older sister would have already been there. Bang, clang, tin doors closing and down among the spiders. Yes I saw that doodlebug, I believe it took out half Hownslow Station. On clear nights when they were over London Dad had the door open and watched the search lights, and dog fights. Do you remember the train with its ack-ack gun going ? I read that they didn't hope to hit anything, but it was great for morale. Heston, Heathrow, Northolt aiports all very close and we did get smacked a few times. After the all-clear Dad was told Clifton Road School had been hit, I found out later he had borrowed the first bike he could find. The school was fine, but he found me in the rubble... Read more


Hi, please accept my apologies, I've had problems with my email. I have lost your phone number so can you give me a ring? 07853393446. Cheers, Phil Jones

I Remember Southall

I moved to Southall when I was 5 with my family, went to live at Cornwall Avenue and then went to Lady Margaret School, left there when I was 11 went to Dormers Wells, at 12 we moved to Trinity Road, I still went to Dormers Wells but my brothers went to Featherstone Road then to Weston Road. I started dancing at the hall that was over Woolworth's in Southall High Street at 13 till I was 21, I was in pantomimes and other shows. I remember the Bristoll Cafe where all the kids met every Wednesday and Saturday, and the Palace pictures and also I used to take my brothers to Saturday morning pictures when I was 12 and 13 at the Odeon, I also went ballroom dancing at the Derminon. My first job at 14 was at John Quality grocery stores in the High Street then I went to Tickleys Jam in the office then to Nestle's in Hayes in the office. Married in 1954, had two children and emigrated... Read more


Hi my name is Derek Phillips, I used to go to the Trades and Social Club back in the 1970s, I worked with my uncle Ken Mathews who was the secretary of the club. The steward and stewardess who ran the club were called George and Ada, they came from Nottingham, they took me under they wing. I have very fond memories of the club where I would go and have a game of snooker or go for a night out with the darts team which included Gordon Warren, Ricky Fasco, Len & Arthur Theobald, Ray Snooks, Alan Rey, Martin Jonston, Don and so on. You also had the characters such as Johnnie Beynon (tights), Kenny Kiffin, Terry, and Robin Dillion who were great friends of mine and my late father Alvin. The darts team would also come down to Wales for the weekend and play my local pub sides, they were all a great set of boys and they nicknamed me BOYO, hope they are all ok as I have... Read more

Old Southall Remembered

I lived in old Southall (Norwood Road - Norwood Green end) during the 1960s to the 1990s and have seen great changes. I went to school at Clifton Road, and the school had a great Headmaster, Mr Hancock, for a while. One Christmas he gave all the juniors a big surprise by bringing in a Dalek! Screaming children were running everywhere! This was shortly after 'Doctor Who' had started screening on television. There used to be a sweet shop just opposite the school and all the children used to go there after school for treats. I remember King Street and all the good shops that used to be there - Woolworths, Timothy Whites/Boots, Tesco's, Coombes, Hardys Electrical, Hintons, Co-op, the bakers that used to bake fresh bread daily, the Post Office, and the Toy Shop right in the middle! The corner of King Street and Norwood Road opposite the bakers used to have a fishmongers and greengrocers (used to know the greengrocers as Johnny's) next to the Black Dog pub,... Read more


My father was born in Carlyle Gardens in '33. He was a Middlesex then London Fireman.
He married my mum who lived on the other side of the street.

My paternal grandparents (Bradbury & Swain) lived nextdoor to each other in Bankside. My grandfather left his house in about 1916 and returned (severely injured) to work for the Council working in the Town Hall and tarmacing the roads.
His future wife lost both of her brothers in the Great War, one in 1916 & one in 1918.
Lots of my family came from, and some still live in, Southall but I very rarely go back; funerals and weddings....actually not weddings just funerals.

Ash Grove, Southall

I was born at no 29 Ash Grove - the Alinsons - I had lots of friends, we used to play out in the street, the familes were Katie and Emma Simpson at no 27, Kavita and Sunil at no 28, also Annette Gill. If anyone knows of me or anyone else who lived there, please add.

Great Times

I was born at 69 Saxon Road, Southall, in December 1947, a very bad winter. My older sisters were half sisters, so they had a different surname [Macnab], Barbara (married name Hearn), Eileen (married name Johnson) lived there and bought up all their children there. My parents moved to Reading in Berkshire, but we spent a lot of time in Southall and I always loved it, going to The Labour Club with my older sisters and nieces and nephews, great times. Pam

My Memories

Well, 1945 upwards, I am a Southall person through and through. Born in in Hillingdon Host. We lived in Beaconfield Road and I went to the infant school, a Mrs Betts. I remember crying for my mum! We moved to Allenby Road, no181, and then I went to Lady Margaret juniors. I used to go up to the shops, a certain one we called Jones's, a sweet shop and post office. As my mother was expecting a new addition to the family we again moved, this time to Dormers Wells, Darwin Drive, no 57, and I went to both D/W junior and secondary modern schools. I left in 1960 in December. I then started work at AEC as an aprentice. It would be great if some of us could get together and chat about good old Southall! Philip Jones

Canalside Memories

I was born in the bungalow at Lock 93 in the Hanwell Flight in 1936. I went to St Marks School in Hanwell and then on to Borderston School along the Boston Road. I grew up in the lockhouse and we had an avery, allotments and some livestock (chickens, a goat named Suzy and a dog named Bonze). When I was older I worked for the British Waterways as a carpenter with my father repairing locks and lockhouses and then went on to tractor driving where I towed dredgers and mud hoppers up and down the canal from Brentford to Cowley, Paddington to Cowley and back. During the second world war, our house was used by the local home guard when they were practising for an invasion. We were having tea and they come in through the living room window and out through the bedroom which gave us all a fright and my mum nealy sufferred a nervous breakdown because she thought the Germans had arrived!... Read more

Canal Memories

I grew up at Bulls Bridge and my maiden name was Betty Miles. I went to Western Road school from the age of 5 to 14 and spent all my single life at Bulls Bridge because dad worked for the British Waterways and we had one of the cottages canalside opposite where Tesco is today (2010). We used to buy our papers and sweets from Ive's paper shop in Western Road and our butter, milk and perishables from Jones' Dairies and vegetables from Thompsons Greengrocer's opposite. I used to go the the Dominion and Gem cinemas and the Palace which is now so very different! I worked at Western Dyers and Cleaners for 3 years from 1946. I began dressmaking in 1949 and worked for Mr Kershberg in North Hyde Road. We also went to Speedway on Flexman Coaches every Thursday supporting Wembley. I attended dances at the Municipal in Bridge Road with my sister and friends and during the war my parents... Read more

Southall And Areas

see southallknowhere site and photos...all remembered by many

Southall And Areas

see southallknowhere site and photos...all remembered by many to 1960s.


45 out of 90 students meeting up....see southall knowhere site on google 2010

Southall And 1940s And 1950s

See southallknowhere site - long lists of memories of Southall and around areas, 1930s to 1970ish.

Rubber Works

John Nichols, yes many of us remember 1940s, 50,s 60s, see southallknowhere site.

Wolfe Rubber Co

My dad was a lorry driver working for a firm called E Day & Sons, it was a green flatback rigid lorry and his main job was working out of a company called Wolfe Rubber Co. They used to make things for the car trade, most of my dad's deliveries were to the car makers up in the Midlands. The reason why I mention this is because I wonder how many people remember how Southall turned into a Indian community, well according to my late father Wolfe Rubber back in the 1950s were having problems finding staff and so decided to advertise in India and they were inundated apparently with people from India and thats how the community all started. Does anyone else remember this?

The Broadway- 1979-1980

I was born in the house on South Avenue that my mum lived her entire life in until her death in 2006, I vividly remember a few shops on the Broadway from this period, including Safeway (now a small arcade. A short way along heading east was a tiny butchers with sawdust on the floor, then the post office, Air India travel agents, Paul Tregessers the bakers (the best in town), then crossing over the zebra crossing heading back west was Atlas Book (a newsagents/stationers), a tiny dry cleaners (the boss of which my mum called 'the genius' due to his knowledge of stain removal), a photo studio, Coombes the bakers, a shoe shop, Moss the chemist, a huge Woolworths, the alley/entrance to the Labour Club (where my grandad was the barman), another shoe shop, Singers the sewing machine shop, a massive Asian fabric store on the corner, a few shops further down was the infamous Evans toy/pram store next door to a wet fish shop (was his name Roe?).... Read more

....oh And....

King Street and its area was known as 'over the other side' to everyone on the Broadway side of the railway bridge - a mysterious place that adults would talk of to each other concerning pubs or the cemetery or the tax office. "Oh, he used to live over the other side didn't he?". It was also known as 'Old Southall', 'down King Street', 'Havelock Way' and 'over the bridge'. I never found out what people who lived 'over the other side' called the Broadway part although I suspect it was exactly the same to them.

Southall High Street

I was born in Hammond Road in 1948. We lived next door to my grandparents who kept chickens in the garden, next to the air raid shelter we used as a play house.
My grandad used to have a large allotment at the rear of the old Barn Mission, we spent many an hour planting veg & flowers. Then when I was eight we woke to the sound of diggers, only to find our beloved veg dug up and flowers trampled, all without warning to my grandfather. It was a change in an era. After months of building came Woolworth. I used to wander around the store imagining where my flowers would be growing. This was the start of progress, but at what expense?

King Street, Southall

These are a few of the shops I remember from my childhood: Platts store where you could buy 2oz butter or half a loaf of bread, Greens the open veg shop, the Co op store which my mum worked in when she left school, the Candy Box sweet shop where only two customers at a time could get in there, but oh, so many lovely sweets, the Hatter's shop where you could buy everthing you needed from hats to buttons and corsets. The Toy Shop, great at Christmas where we used to daydream looking in the window, and Liptons food store, they sold lovely fresh ham but were more expensive than Platts. There was also a very small clothes shop called Eve's which belonged to a kindly Jewish family. I loved this shop in my teens, where I bought all my clothes. And then came Coombs the bakers, just to mention a few.

Working in Southall

Although I had known Southall from a very young age, I was born and grew up in Greenford, but my grandmother and an aunt lived in Southall, in Woodlands Road, so my earliest recollections occurred around 1950, when I was 5 years old. Sunday afternoon visits for “tea”.
It was, however, in 1970 when I found myself working for a long established firm in Gordon Road, known locally as “The Tube”. Its official title was H. G. Sanders and Son Ltd, I believe that it originally started trading in the 1820’s as I can remember being there only a couple of years, when the company celebrated its 150th anniversary. Its unusual colloquial name came from the products it used to manufacture – toothpaste tubes. The core business was impact extrusions in aluminium for the packaging industry, which included cans for electronic components, flares for the M.O.D. as well as all shapes and sizes of tubes for food, pharmaceutical, glue as well as toothpaste. I spent the next 16 years there... Read more


I don't reside in UK, but we used to visit London almost every summer. One day I remember we were going on a picnic with a large number of family friends in a bus. I was crazy about Hindi movies and did not know anything about Southall then. Suddenly we are in Southall and all those cinemas Dominion...Century...Liberty with larger than life blockbuster film posters like "Prem Nagar", "Bobby", "Aa Gale Lag Ja" ... plus those shops selling film magazines and records, quite an amusement for a little kid I must say. Later on, I used to visit Southall regularly and watch all the latest Hindi film releases. I even took some friends and family members along with me and they liked it. The park was a pleasant place to spend sometime in. I was very disappointed when the cinemas were closed in the early 1980's.

My Early Years

My sister, parents and I lived in Florence Road with my Aunts. We had the recreation ground at the bottom of the road and in those days we used to play for hours there with other neighbours children.  I used to go to the bowling green there and watch with my Dad the bowlers playing on the immaculate hedge enclosed green in the rec. There was an outdoor swimming pool where we learnt to swim, it got very crowded on hot days and it took us ages to immerse ourselves in the cold water. The pool and green are not there now. I remember taking my dolls and pram and walking to the manor grounds park and pushing my pram round the rectangular pond with the fountain in the middle. This fountain I believe was stolen in later years as it was of significant value. I started school at Featherstone Infants in 1949/50 and remember on the first day thinking school had finished, walked home only to be taken back... Read more

Saturday Morning Pictures

We used to go to saturday morning pictues at the Dominion Cinema which was opposite the Manor House. Oh the joy of seeing Roy Rogers, Old Mother Riley, The Cisco kid, The keystone cops etc.... I think it was 9 old pence to get in and we had a few pence for sweets.

My First Film at A Cinema

My earliest memory of a Film I saw in Southall is a Hindi film called Love in Tokyo! 3 Great Cinemas, 2 Great parks (that's what I recall) and 1 Great Town - SOUTHALL when there was litttle or no car parking problems (not that I was a driver, I was too young) and respect for LAW was high.

Memories of Middlesex

Fifties And Sixties

we moved into Boundary close 1954. I remember a huge storm 1955 when the Norwood Road was flooded in front of willesdon dairies from where we used to get our milk. Using the swings on the Green which was flanked by huge sycamore trees, now long gone. Boy cubbing and scouting at the chalet on Norwood green road parading through the surrounding areas very proud carrying a huge flag .Bob-a-job week just before Easter unheard of these days because child molesting was not in the news and almost unheard of then. The mellow sounds of Mary's church bells ringing out on Sundays and practise days every Wednesday evening. Watching the comets arriving at Heathrow in the cornfield behind Boundary close and men surveying the same area for the construction of the M4. Winter 1962 through to 1963 seemed never ending, and snow lots and lots of it. I remember the peasoupers at the beginning of the sixties, walking faster than the 120 bus could drive 'cause you couldn't see more than a... Read more

Life on Norwood Park

We moved to a prefab on Norwood Park when I was seven. Our address was Elder Road. We had a great childhood there, free to roam around the park, go to the swings and paddling pool, watch the steam locos on the elevated railway across the end of the park. And in the summer holidays there were free children's concerts at the open air theatre there; also a mobile cinema used to visit - the back opened to reveal a screen which showed Children's Film Foundation films - all for free! In the winter a large flooded area of the hard surfaced playground would freeze and made an excellent slide. We made 'dens' in the hawthorn bushes surrounding the park and climbed the trees (unless the park keepers were watching!) There was an ice-cream kiosk in the summer. The tractor driver used to give us (illegal) rides on his trailer too. What a contrast to London kids' lives today eh!

Norwood Middx as Well

icecream bike box...tonys.....came..corona lorry came pop tizer...cherry ade.........prefab 1951/ out back......shed coal......little fire living room....gas fridge..fitted tin doors kitchen table folds up......museums have prefabs now to go in....little fire close glass doors in living room..2 bed toilet bathroom..........beginning tv..bbbc 3pm kids look mother 15 mins daily.........saturday morning pictires norman wisdom cheyanne chanandoor sing song.....westerns...she.ll be coming round mtn when she comes.......if film breaks splice.......choc ice.....etc etc etc memories

Norwood Green

My most endearing memory of Norwood Green was cycling by it on Sunday Nights when I was doing a circular ride via Top Lock, Mintern Road, Osterly, Brentford and along the canal to Hanwell. Church bells ringing, men playing cricket, so peaceful.  Sounds very chocolate box, well it happened, it was real.  Of course it could not go on forever.

Heston in The Early 1950's

The Parish Church c1955, Heston
Enlarge photo |  More about this photo

I just stumbled over this site. I was 10 years old when we left Heston to emigrate to Australia. My mother was a hair stylist in The Crossways Shops (# 136) and I remember my first day of school at Springwell Infants. I later went to Hounslow College Preparatory School and was a choir boy at St Leonards circa 1954 -55. I distinctly remember that the bus fare to Hounslow was "three happence" and a kids haircut nine pence. I remember that the road facing the shops at the Crossways intersection was lined with Japanese Cherry Trees with pink and white blossoms in Spring. The Hope and Anchor was where I had to go at lunchtime on Sunday to the off licence to tell my father and grandfather that Sunday roast was ready - they would be in there having a pint. There was also a man on a motorbike with a side-car ice chest going around selling winkles on a Sunday - I called him the 'winkle man'. I... Read more

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