Southall, The Manor House 1965

Southall, The Manor House 1965

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Memories of Southall, the Manor House 1965

Clifton Junior School

I use to live in Regina Rd from 1959 to 1972, now live in Plymouth . Had some good time there played football for the school, it also had an pet corner, I can remember the BBC came to film the animals for an program Playschool, if any one has any fotoes from 1963 - 1970 during the years I was there please put it on, the old headmaster was Mr Hancock. I'm Frank Bako & you find me on this

A memory of Southall by frankbako

Beaconfeild Primary School Southall

I lived at 69 Oswald rd in southall, with mum and dad (white) and my grandparent (whyton ) I went to beaconfeild school primary 1960ish I remember the news television team came down too the school and film us playing in the playground ,and doing ring a ring a roses and film us. I had a lilac dress on with a bow at the back of my dress ,I think I was 6 yrs old I am hopping somebody can help me find this clip for me, or point me in the right direction , I would love to see this, I would be over the moon ,I think it was itv new, but I could be wrong please can you help me Stella

A memory of Southall by Stella Elmes

My Childhood In Southall

My parents were born in India. My grandfather settled in Africa and had a good job. When my father got married he stayed Africa where all my brothers and sisters were born. My dad was a carpenter by trade; he arrived in Britain on his own with close relatives in 1962 for work as a carpenter to build new houses. He worked very hard in the snow, often travelling to London. They lived in rented accommodation in various addresses in Southall. My father did not want us to come to England as it was too cold in the winter but my mother wanted to join him, so he sponsored the 7 of us and we joined our father in 1962. At first we lived at 23 Beaconsfield Road sharing an overcrowded house. I remember the cold winters ...Read full memory

A memory of Southall by Amy Bhambra

Keir Hardie Way

I grew up in Keir Hardie Way, near Barnhill School & The Greenway from 1953 - 1966 (we then moved to Surrey). I went To Hayes Park School then Mellow Lane School. Keir Hardie Way, Atlee Road, Bondfield, Kingshil Avenue etc.. were our childhood haunts. Best of all was The Greenway which was all fields & the brook. It was like living in the countryside and in those days, safe. I went back to look a few years ago and was surprised at how nice everything looked and The Greenway is still thankfullly greenbelt land. It was a new council estate when we moved there and except for a couple of 'problem' families all the houses and public gardens were well kept, everyone had jobs and took a pride in their homes. We were ...Read full memory

Southall 1928 1954

I was born in Woodlands Road, but moved shortly afterwards to Townsend Road. We then moved to No74 North Road in 1933. I attended North Road School until 1940, then moved to Dormers Wells, then to Southall Tecg in 1942. I remember the war years clearly. In 1944 a V1bomb fell in Southall Park, and brought the celing in on my bed! I was downstairs in the Morrison shelter. At various tmes, I was in Villiers Scouts, a member of the Pioneer Club, and 1846 ATC squadron.

A memory of Southall by Michael Braden

Growing Up In Lea Road Southall

I lived in Lea Road, Southall. My father Alfred was a lorry driver for Sanders & Son, also known as The Tube, half way down Gordon Road. My mum Betty worked as a manager of Bill Taylors newsagents just off the High Street in Southall, my sister Margaret married Bill Taylor in 1968. I went to Clifton Road School, where Miss Camp was the infants' head. I attended Featherstone Road School from 1968 - 1972, the head was Mr Berg. My best friend was David May who lived in Gordon Road, but I have since lost touch with him, but I would be very interested to find out if anyone knows where he is now? I have great memories of the open air swimming pool in the rec., and also the mounds off Wentworth Road, where ...Read full memory

A memory of Southall by Jim Seaney


I lived in Southall from April 1943 to May 1960, all my young life was spent there. Among the many good memories was the 1953 Coronation with all the excitement of sweets off ration and TV. We had our party in 2 canvas workman's tents from G. Wimpeys, Lancaster Road, Southall. The party was held in Lynwood Gardens off Lady Margaret Road after the Coronation was shown on TV. In the evening a large torchlight procession was held the length of Lady Margaret Road after dark.

A memory of Southall by Denis Sexton
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Now very much a part of north London, Southall boasts this attractive manor house, much used as the headquarters of a municipal department in recent years. The house dates back to at least 1587, though many builders have toyed with the original design in the intervening centuries.

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