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God's House Tower 1908, Southampton

God's House Tower 1908, Southampton

God's House Tower 1908, Southampton Ref: 60429

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Above Bar Southampton

Above Bar c1960, Southampton
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We moved to Southampton in early 1950 just after the trams had stopped running - some of the rails were still there. Above Bar along with much of the town had been badly bombed in the war and there were many bomb sites on both sides of the road. Woolworths was a large wooden hut reached by a bridge across a crater. Gradually during the 1950s new buildings sprang up amid the bomb sites until the scene was as in the 1960 picture. The Odeon and building next to it had survived the war but most of the rest was new. Owing to shortages of building materials after the war some of the new buildings were not of the best quality and now 50 plus years later some of their exteriors are already showing their age.

Holes, Hoardings & Hythe Ferry

On returning from the Middle East, my family holed up across the water at Fawley. A big city was very exciting for me and after getting off the Hythe Ferry it was all bomb craters up to about the Dolphin. Above Bar was all hoardings around gigantic holes where obviously bombs had fallen and footings were going down for shops etc. Sports meets and hockey matches up by the Common (such a treasure for a town to have). It took a few years for the town to straighten itself out and I remember Mayes, Edwin Jones and Tyrell & Greens, also C&A. The Hants and Dorset buses at the Civic Centre, long dashes to the ferry if we missed the last bus and the one thing I always loved was the aroma of roasting coffee beans which often pervaded the town. The first coffee bars which opened around the Bargate and High St., and my first taste of spag bol and being so sophisticated eating in a coffee bar and... Read more

William Robert Turner, Supt of Police.

Above Bar c1960, Southampton
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Does anyone have any memories of my grandfather, William Robert Turner, who was supertindent of police in Southampton, also he was police chief when the Bargate was turned into a police station during the war. Any memories? Also my other grandparents, Mabel and Arthur Asher, who lived on Oakley Road, Shirley, does anyone remember them?

Scullards Hotel

Westgate 1908, Southampton
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Does anyone remember the Scullards Hotel that was owned by Charles Scullard. My Gt.Grandfather Thomas Scrutton was the Manager, together with his eldest daughter Florence who was the Manageress. It was frequented by Sotonians and Sea Farers and it must have been a really jolly place to go. Later it was pulled down and the Odeon Cinema erected but that was also demolished. I think there is another Scullards now built on another site. Any old photographs of Scullards would be good to see if there are any about.


Quay c1955, Southampton
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Did anyone know my late grandma Dorothy who was married to Mr Edwards in 1940, living at 39 or 36 Ewell Road, Eling, who at that address gave birth to twin boys registered Edwards, Micheal and Mervyn who was my dad.

The White Family of 9 Westgate Street.

Westgate 1908, Southampton
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My family lived at number 9 Westgate street.
Walter and Elizabeth White and their nine children!!!
A couple of the boys apparently built church pews for St Joseph's church, Bugle Street around 1887. One of the boys, Walter, moved to 14 Chandos street, Southampton, and then onto the York Tavern, Middle Street. they had a son Thomas White, who's son Walter went on to eventually took pub on with his wife Elizabeth.
I am doing our family tree together with my Father, Arthur ( SAINSBURY), and photos of Westgate Street prior to the one's on this web page would be of great interest. Likewise, any books that we could obtain re this Street would be great.
Does anyone have any stories/ knowledge of this family here or when they moved onto the York Tavern??
Be lovely to find out more

Saunders / White

Any information on Millbank Street, Northam. The shop was on the corner of Kent Street and Millbank Street no.9, it was a grocery shop and was owned by Alice Saunders (nee Geappen) who was married and widowed very young. My grandfather, Walter White married Alice in 1897 and applied for a beer licence, then able to sell beer as well. In 1900 they moved to the York Tavern (a pub) in Middle Street, Inner Avenue, Southampton. Have you a picture of the shop or pub or any memories of the shop or pub. I have tried for a long time to find that photo of the shop! Can you help? May I say, that I was born in the York Tavern and lived in Middle Street for many years. We were the Sainsbury's at number 44.. thanks for any help..

High Street

My grandparents (Reg & Florence 'Flo' Lawrie), lived at 6 High Street, above the old Alliance Assurance offices from the 1930's till late 50's /early 60's. They then retired to Netley. My grandpa worked as a messenger there, and he and my nan were the janitors for the building. My mum Myra, and Auntie Sheila both grew up there. I have very happy childhood memories of Christmases and Easters at No 6. I am 60 now and all the family have gone, but I still visit about once a year - I can't stay away.

Looking to Connect to Southampton.

Is there anyone of the Old Jewish community who has any information about the Hamer family? My grandparents entered Southampton about 1904, they came from Warsaw in Poland. I was born in Southampton at the old Spring hill nursing home in Hill Lane (1933), But having been living in Israel since 1955. Frank Murphy, please contact me, i would like to get in touch with you again. Miriam Wolff (Hamer) Israel...

Looking For Don Davies

I never lived in Southampton or have I ever been there  However I was friendly with a lad who hailed from Shirley. His name is Don Davies if my memory serves me right. We were stationed at an Ordnance Field Park in Deepcut in Surrey during the year 1952. The unit went to Bournemouth in September and several of us were posted to other units of the RAOC. I went to Chilwell barracks near Nottingham and I think Don went to Bicester with several other lads. Don was a good snooker player and we held competitions in the sports room. Instead of going nearly half a mile for our breakfeast in the morning to the army cook house in Blackdown camp over the road, we just popped over the road to a lovely warm cafe which appreciated especially during some of the bitter winter weather. I have been trying to get in touch with other lads from my army days. It would be nice to find out how they are... Read more

George And Charles Candy - Hill Lane Orphanage 1901

I recently discovered whilst researching my family tree that Grandad George James Candy was not only born in St Helier, Jersey, but by the time he was 13 years old he and his brother Charles Henry (10 years) were living in the Seamans orphanage at 6 Hill Lane. I would love to know if anyone can remember the orphanage or has any knowledge of its history.

Old Memories

I was born in Spring Hill nursing home in 1933, corner of Hill Lane and Howard Road, and I used to take short cuts via the bomb site on the way to school, sometimes I would find a coin or two.
We lived near the Dell football ground and all Dad's friends would park their cars in our front garden while they went to the match. We could hear the roar of the crowd and after the match Dad would invite his mates in for tea and cake, and hold a"post mortem" about the match.
My cousin found her car blocked one Saturday and had to wait for the match to finish before she could drive home.
I remember at the tender age of 4 viewing from a balcony in the High Street the return of the Duke and Duchess of York when they returned from Canada. I believe that the Bargate was opened so they could drive through.
On Jewish Holydays we were taken to the old synagogue, there... Read more

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