Southampton, Flood Gate Bar And God's House Tower 1892

Southampton, Flood Gate Bar And God's House Tower 1892

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Memories of Southampton

William Robert Turner, Supt Of Police.

Does anyone have any memories of my grandfather, William Robert Turner, who was supertindent of police in Southampton, also he was police chief when the Bargate was turned into a police station during ...Read full memory

Looking For Don Davies

I never lived in Southampton or have I ever been there  However I was friendly with a lad who hailed from Shirley. His name is Don Davies if my memory serves me right. We were stationed at an Ordnance Field Park ...Read full memory

A memory of Southampton by Les May

Scullards Hotel

Does anyone remember the Scullards Hotel that was owned by Charles Scullard. My Gt.Grandfather Thomas Scrutton was the Manager, together with his eldest daughter Florence who was the Manageress. It was frequented by ...Read full memory

A memory of Southampton

Saunders / White

Any information on Millbank Street, Northam. The shop was on the corner of Kent Street and Millbank Street no.9, it was a grocery shop and was owned by Alice Saunders (nee Geappen) who was married and widowed very young. My ...Read full memory

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In Dry Dock 1908 The 'Finland' in Number 6 Dry Dock in Southampton. The vessel was not a regu- lar visitor to the port and could have been here on charter. Southampton's other main dry dock, Trafalgar, was opened in 1905 and probably would have been used by the 'Titanic' had she

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