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Memories of Southrepps

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Norfolk memories

Crown And Anchor, Trimingham

The Crown And Anchor c1955, Trimingham
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My nan, Florence Watts, owned the hotel before I was born. I remember playing in the garden with my great gran, Emma Smith.

Girl Guides Outside The Newsagents.

Main Street c1965, Overstrand
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A wonderful picture of Overstrand High Street from 1965. I have very happy memories from this era in the picture. I would have been 10 years of age. It looks to me like they could be Girl Guides at the newsagent's shop, there would be Guide camps at the bottom of Tolls Hill every summer (us boys would know that).

Overstrand 1906 Ref; 56870

1906, Overstrand
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I think this picture is of 'The Londs', the narrow lane featuring fishermen's cottages leading from the village main street down to the small green and cliff top.

Many Happy Hours Spent on The 'Crick'

The Sports Ground c1955, Overstrand
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Living in Overstrand from the age of 3 to 16 (1958-71), I spent many happy hours playing football, cricket, throwing homemade boomerangs or gliders, playing kickball (a version of hide and seek but a bit more involved) even early courting days on the 'Crick' as the locals referred to it (short for cricket ground). The ground was always well cared for and a pleasure to use. During the summer months the mums would often stop off for a half hour on the way home from school so us kids could play and the mums could sit and have a chat.

Overstrand The Village 1906 Ref 56867

The Village 1906, Overstrand
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Could somebody with historic reference please quell my curiosity regarding this photograph. I lived in the village from 1958-71 and cannot see where this picture was taken. I have studied it at length and can't see anything familiar, neither building or direction. Could this picture show the hotel that fell over the cliff just to the Sidestrand side if the village, pieces of which you can still find on the beach?

The Beach From The Clifffs c1955, Overstrand
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The image shown in this picture is so familiar to me. I lived for 13 years of my early days (3-16 years of age), about 150 yards from where this picture was taken. During very high tides we would, as young children rush down these slopes and along the 'prom' to the far end where the waves would crash against the concrete promenade throwing sea spray high into the air. We would play a game of 'chicken', daring each other to run backwards and forwards as the waves came rolling in trying to reach safety while avoiding a good soaking.

Overstrand Hotel 1903-47

The Village 1906, Overstrand
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Thanks to Mr T Richards for his historic knowledge of Overstrand, (and some delving into Overstrandonline) this is indeed the hotel which was built in 1903, suffered subsidence 1906, burnt down 1947 and subsequently fell down the cliff shortly after. Unless the sea has washed them away remnants of the holtel could still be found on the beach.

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