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Memories of Speenhamland

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Berkshire memories

Pound Street

Market Place 1952, Newbury
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My first main job on leaving school (Shaw House) was as a tea boy-dogsbody at H C James timber and builders merchants in Pound Street. For quite a while I cycled daily from Highclere Castle, approx 4 miles, it took me just over half an hour to get there and one hour to return! Some hills! My duties included running a mess room, making tea etc twice a day and touring the town for cakes and pasties, some of the men were particular as to which shop sold the best! One in Barthlomew Street near the Regal cinema, on round to Cheap Street to Austins for pasties and Nelsons squares, then to the Empire Cafe for lardy cakes, returning via Market Street and Barts again for fairy cakes near Black Boys bridge. After using a cycle for a while my father bought me an ex post office BSA bantam motor bike, painted green, it was purchased from someone my dad knew who worked at Bleinhem Palace. I rode that... Read more

Cheap Street

Does anyone recall Austins cake shop/cafe, in Cheap St? Their pasties were superb and I remember eating a whole lardy cake to myself! One of their specialities was an item called 'Nelson Squares ', pastry top and bottom and sweet mix in the centre - never seen things like that since. Lovely memories.

The Fair Organ

I was 19 years old when I was to move over to Newbury but at first I was roughing it until I could find cheap enough accommodation. At times, due to me being not able to get a good old scrub down and also a clean change of clothes; wearing a black double breasted Jacket and a French style beret all I needed was the string of onions around my neck and I would have passed for a Frenchman. I was something of a pitiful sight! I had but a few pennies in my pocket and was wandering where my next meal was coming from. I'd barely have enough money for a cup of tea. At about 9:30 in the morning I was to walk into Newbury Town centre, an old fairground organ was pulled into the square and I could but admire the workmanship of it! Then there were some men and women of which were dressed in costume clothing. There were some of which were wearing traditional farmers... Read more

The Kennet.

The river is the Kennet and this view shows the junction of the Kennet river (from low level bridge on the right) and the Kennet and Avon Canal (towards the locks straight ahead). The tributary to the left is towards the West Mills flour mill (water powered). The view is upstream (West).

Shops in The Broadway

Shops in The Broadway c1960, Newbury
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I believe this picture is of the local post office/deli next door to the clock tower inn pub, affectionately known as the 'Clocky'. I grew up in this pub between 1956 and the early 1970s.

When I lived here the mayor of Newbury was Mr A W Luff and he owned the post office/deli next door. His son David did the weekly grocery deliveries in their van. David's sister moved to Canada ages and ages ago. My younger brother and I would sometimes go with David on some of the deliveries and once we went to the Heinz (soup) mansion where for the first time I ever saw a lift inside a home!

Opposite was Wilcox's fruit and veg shop and a newsagents. On the corner was a flower shop.

The actual clock tower in the middle of the Broadway had bench seats around and a phone box in the centre, where I remember it used to smell of urine. The old tramps and meth drinkers... Read more

Love At First Sight (corny But True)

Market Place 1952, Newbury
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This is where I first set eyes on my future wife. = I was working for Wimpeys at Greenham Common Air-Base, about 60 to 70 of us were lodging in an old army camp in Hamstead Norris that hade been taken over by Wimpeys as it was hard to get lodgings in Newbury. Every Saturday night my mate and I would come to town for a meal, drink and a dance in the Corn Exchange. One Saturday night we went into the Catherine Wheel pub in the Market PLace. Lo and behold, two pleasant young ladies were playing darts. We got playing with them, and thats how it all started. We were married for 53 years. Every time I go to Newbury I go into that pub, have one pint and think back. I lost the wife 3 years ago but visit Newbury often to see her family and put flowers on her grave in East Garson. By the way, my mate married my wife's friend, name of... Read more

My Bedroom Window

Clock Tower c1955, Newbury
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I used to live above our shop, "Luff's" the grocers. My bedroom window looked out onto the clock tower. I spent many hours looking out of that window watching people going by and watching the activities around the clock tower. I believe we lived there from about 1948, I left in 1959, but the shop is still owned by my brother.

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