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School Holidays

Friends of our family once lived in Railway Cottages, Bexhill Road and in those days when you were young and your families were friends you tended to call the adult members 'uncle' and 'aunt'. Their real names were Harry and Rene Eaton. I used to stay with 'Uncle Harry and 'Aunt Rene' during school holidays, and what a treat it was, because Uncle Harry was a signalmen at Bo Peep Junction. I used to go down to the signal box when he was on duty and he would sometimes let me pull the signal levers, under his supervision of course. The next duty would be to log the passing train in, what a treat, I never wanted to go back home when the time came. What hazy happy days these were, gone forever into the mists of time. Also Uncle Harry was a keen bowler and played at White Rock. I also had a game and played at the one at West Marina right opposite where Aunt Rene worked in a grocers shop there. Yes, what days, I wish I could travel in time and go back there now. Colin A.

Written by Colin Apps. To send Colin Apps a private message, click here.

A memory of St Leonards On Sea in East Sussex shared on Saturday, 18th December 2010.

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