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Mill Street c1955, St Osyth

Mill Street c1955, St Osyth

Mill Street c1955, St Osyth Ref: S38002

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Memories of Mill Street c1955, St Osyth

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Memories of Point Clear Bay Near St Osyth in The Mid 1950s& 60s

The Priory c1955, St Osyth
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My family and I used to spend our holidays at Point Clear almost every year during the late 1940s, 50s and 60s, and often met the same families each time we went down there. I remember one year in the mid 1950s when a neighbour's daughter and myself walked out to 'Anchor Island' (a sand island just offshore), it was a hot night so we decided to have a late night swim, but when we went to wade back, the tide had come in and had cut us both off. We made an ettempt to reach higher ground but the current swept us both along the island, reaching the firm ground we became marooned, it finished up with the Clacton lifeboat putting to sea to rescue us, it was very embarrassing. The young lady who was from Leicester was a nurse but there wasn't much for her to do on this ocasion. I moved down to Point Clear in 1963 and lived in my parents' place on the 'North Wall', I... Read more

Priory Lodge

The Priory c1955, St Osyth
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My husband and I moved to Clacton on Sea year 2000 and soon afterwards we visited the Priory. We enjoyed the visit and recently 2011 I was doing more research on my family tree (May family) when I discovered an ancestor Edward Leverett on the 1841 census, who appears to be my 3 x Grandmother's brother (still have to be proved) who was Gamekeeper and address given as Priory Lodge. He was aged 50 and with him his wife Elizabth and their children Edward and daughter Elizabeth. Also Lucy Leverett aged 20 occ: Female Servant address also Priory Lodge. For all these Leveretts Res. district given as St. Osyth. I am very excited about this find as we used to own a holiday chalet in St. Osyth so the area means a great deal to me and my family. It is amazing to think that I was born in East London, then moved to Dagenham, Essex and on to other south east Essex... Read more

Brightlingsea Ferry

The Ferry, Point Clear Bay c1955, St Osyth
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Back in the 1950s, as an extended family, we always went to Jaywick Sands for our summer holiday. A regular walk undertaken was along the beach to Point Clear then across the ferry to Brightlingsea. It seemed like a real adventure at the time!

Happy Days at St Osyth

The Beach c1965, St Osyth
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I lived with my family in Kingsbury NW9 and we used to holiday at St Osyth from 1960 -1965. Mum, Dad six children, plus Nan, Grandad and Auntie! The first year we had a caravan on the then magnificent beach, then a caravan per family on the only site at the time. Nan particularly enjoyed our evenings up at The Monks Head clubhouse - plenty of Guiness! We also enjoyed searching for cockles and winkles when the tide had gone out!

The beach front had shops selling all sorts of goodies from buckets, spades, gifts, sweets, etc to bakery, butchers, paper shop, beach cafe. The sea has now claimed all of this.

Family walks into St Osyth village, Point Clear in one direction and Jaywick Sands in the other, provided us all with plenty of interest and amusement. Sadly, Jaywick Sands is not the place it was...

Happy days indeed. I would like to go back but part of me prefers to remember it as it was...... Read more

Wonderful Holidays in St Osyth

The Beach c1965, St Osyth
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I remember St Osyth with great fondness, holidayed there with Mum and Dad for quite a few years, always the first 2 weeks of September for some reason. We stayed in a bungalow called The Retreat in Oakmead Road. I believe it was demolished some years ago and a new 'Retreat' was built ? I remember the Elsan loo and the big spiders and daddy long legs which always seemed to be in there!
I intend to go back and see if I still get a good feeling about the place. Hopefully my wife and kids will too!

My Mum

Martins Gate, a quaint cottage on the old Colchester road, is where my mum was born. There was no water, electricity, no inside toilet. I spent many happy hours there with my grandparents, playing in the fields at the back of the house. I was bathed in a tin bath in front of a roaring fire, the water was from a water butt and heated up on the Aga. The toilet was a shed at the bottom of the garden.
I spent many hours running acroos the field to the priory, playing with the deer in the woods and picking the bluebells to take home for my grandmother. The lighting was oil lamps, with the beams on the ceiling it was so cosy. Every bonfire night my brother and I along with our cousins would congregrate at Martins Gate for many a memorable Guy Fawkes. My nan would make toffee apples and lots of other goodies for us children. I remember my cousin Geoff having a dog called Shep and... Read more

The Village Bakery Shop

I was born in the village in 1965 and lived in St. Osyth Bakery, Spring Road for 20 years with my family.  I can remember going to Bretts hardware and sweet shop with my 5p to get some sweets.  I can remember Mr and Mrs Ayers who ran the vegetable and toy shop in Spring Road.  We used to take part in the village carnivals every year with the WI. We were christened and my sister was married in the village church. I used to love singing around the big Christmas tree in the churchyard at Christmas time.  I have now moved to North Wales but I will always remember St. Osyth as home.

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