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St Pauls Cray memories

Here are memories of St Pauls Cray and the local area. You can start now: Add your own Memory of St Pauls Cray or a St Pauls Cray photo.

Around The Chalk Pit

I lived at 1 St. George's Close, off Chalk Pit Avenue from 1946 to 1954. At first, the Chalk Pit was still there, as was the Oast House, where the shops are now on the corner of Chalk Pit Avenue and Main Road. I first went to St. Paulinus Infant School, next to what was then St. Paulinus Church in Main Road and then to St. Paul's Cray Rectory Paddock Junior school, which, at the time, was old Nissan Huts. Each surrounded by a brick wall and, presumably previously an old Army depot of some sort. The chalk pit and oast house provided great adventure playgrounds for the local kids. From St. George's Close, you could look across the Cray Valley and see virtually nothing but corn fields, later all housing estates. The top end of Chalk Pit Avenue petered out into a dirt track by what was known as 'The Clump', a stand of trees on the right hand side. There were then open fields and a little further... Read more

Midfield School For Girls

Does anyone remember class 3R. There was only about 12 of us.

Accident in Cotmandene Crescent Poss Around Early Fifties

I am wondering if anyone remembers the lorry which went out of control and went down the hill in Cotmandene Crescent possible early fifties. I think a child pushed a baby in a pram into a shop but this child was hit by the lorry?

44 Whippendale Way

My name is Shirley Dunn. I lived at 44 Whippendale Way from early 50's to late 60's. I resided with my six brothers and one sister and went to Midfield Girls School. Anybody who knows the whereabouts of my family, I would like to hear from you. Thank you.

Mrs Thrift And Also The Red House.

I think about 1955, when I was living in St Pauls Cray on the main road by Hearns Rise, there was a lady who always wore a brown coat and used to spend most of the day walking up and down in front of Orchard Place. I think the ladies name was Thrift or Frith. She was married to a postman I believe and they had an old motorbike and sidecar parked in the small front garden of the end of terrace house. She had been, I was told later, possibly involved in an accident and it affected her mind; she was a kindly soul and offered me an orange when I was quite small. She used to wear an old black hat and the tops of the fence in front of the row of houses became shiny where she walked every day holding on to them to keep her steady. I moved away when I was about ten years old so don't know what happened to the couple, anyone... Read more

Oh For Thing Past.

I was born in 1941 in St Augustine's Rd at the top of Chalk Pit Ave. The memory I have are, the Bull Inn at the corner of Sandy Lane next to Nashes Paper Mills. Ridge ways ? the all one shop, {things past}. Doing paper rounds for Nicholson's to get a few bob to buy a bike. I went too to the tin hut school as well. The cold walk across the rec on a blowy winters day. Runny nose, cold feet, but a nice warm stove going in the class room. Then on to Hearns Rise school where it was proved I was thick as a brick!!!! All I wanted do, was go up to the Clump and climb trees, until I fell out and done my nose in. When I left school, I went to work in London. Got fed up with the Rat Race up there and went into the Army. Best thing I done. Thay gave me an eduction and turned a mouse into a... Read more

St. Paul's Cary

Was born in front bedroom of 76 Beddington Road. Went to infants at top of road in 1956, remember the huts and playground, it's now a car park. The junior school still there just the same as it was in the fifties. Can still remember the teachers; Mrs Stevens, Mrs Robshaw, Mrs Flipping and Mr Parish. All the kids played in the street, few cars then, in an area known as 'the mountains'. Remember the toy shop at Cottmandene Crescent, shame things are not the same anymore. Went to Midfield Girls School, later known as Walsingham Girls, it was demolished for housing.

Shoreham Road

I lived at 21 Shoreham Road, I remember playing in the woods before they started cutting them down. Hanging around the shops at night, going to Chislehurst caves to see the bands play and I remember what it was like before the pub and the flats were built. I still like to walk around the old estate when I go back to the uk, I now live in the states.

The Boys Brigade, Congregational Church

Hello, I often recall living on St Paul's Cray and the happy times at the Church fellowship. The Boys Brigade was my speciality. Well, I am doing fine here in Yorkshire and retired from both Health and Social Services following much success. Does anyone recall those days of the 60's and do we know each other from then?

Cotmandene Cresent

We lived at 9 Cotmandene Cresent from the late 50's to 1968(ish). Went To Midfield Secondary School from 1960-64. Bought my first record, a 78rpm by Little Richard, at Electrico in Cotmandene High Street. Had friends in Whippendale Way, Longberry Drive and Shoreham Road. Used to get the 229 bus into Sidcup regularly. Went back for a visit in 2004, the school was still there. Cotmandene High Street looked the same as I remembered it, and wondered what had happened to some of the friends I had way back then.

Midfield Way

We lived at 24 Midfield Way from 1940 until 1950, when we moved to Sidcup. When I was a boy we used to catch great crested newts in the pond at Greys Farm, and scrump apples around the back, from the orchard. I watched the country getting dug up and built on. I lost the raspberry patch I used to visit in the summertime. It had been neglected after the war. I went to the Cray Valley School before Greys Farm School was built. I still have lots of wartime and after, memories.

Dawsons Avenue

I was born in the front bedroom of 63 Dawsons Avenue on the 19th December 1954. I went to Grays Farm Primary School, then on to Midfield Secondary School for Boys. My local shops were Cotmandene Crescent. I remember the rag and bone man coming round on his horse and cart. My neighbours and friends at the time were Paul and Ian Biggs, Brian Cook, Gerald Tilney, Jeffrey Sparrow. We used to play football in the road, until way past 10.00pm at weekends. Happy days.

Shoreham Road

I was born in Shoreham Road in 1955. My mum and dad used to play darts at the Partridge pub which you could get to via a lot of steps at the bottom of this road. They used to sell large biscuits for 1p cannot remember what they were called: Arrowroot? We used to play on the green most days and school holidays. I always remember the alley from our road to Whippendell, it was scary at night, because very often the light did not work! I now live in Norfolk, but visited St Pauls Cray last September and very sadly noticed flats I think in place of the pub. Mum and Dad used to leave us sitting in the car with crisps and lemonade, we loved it. I went to Grays Farm Primary School and remembered there used to be a large fish pond if you went a different way to it, then onto Midfield Secondary School which became Walsingham. I hated it... Read more

Whippendell Way

I was born in the front bedroom in June. I can remember a greengrocer came round by horse and cart up till about 1960/61. There were only two cars in the whole street. I went to Grays Farm Infants, now retail units, and Grays Farm Primary, still a school, and Midfield/Walsingham Secondary, it was only round the corner so we came home for lunch. The curry house in Cottmandene was then a toy shop and also sold bikes and prams. Happy days.

Memories of Kent

Snellings The Butchers

Marion Crescent c1955, St Mary Cray
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Not so much as a memory but an observation. The butchers shop shown in foreground - Snellings - is still there and the board to the front of the railings had what was on that week at the local cinema - The Commodore, long since demolished.

Up And Down PoverestRoad

Poverest Road c1955, St Mary Cray
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When my wife & I were courting I walked up and down Poverest Road many times. She lived at 1 Forest Way at the top of Poverest. I lived in St Pauls Cray. It was such a serious courtship that I was out in all weathers and at all times of the night. I knew that route house by house and stone by stone. In May this year we celebrated our 50th anniversary. We no longer walk Poverest Road as we live in Prescott Valley, Arizona. But who knows one day we may take trip back if I can get my wife on a plane. You can go back in time.

Memories From my Parents During WW2

Poverest Road c1955, St Mary Cray
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My parents Leo Landy and Mary Casey, then engaged, were coming back from Petts Wood in the evening when the bombs started falling, they began to run, but my mother started having hysterics and my father had to slap her round the face to calm her down. They ran to Bluefield Terrace where my mother lived with her parents. Another recollection, during a time when the air raid warning was going off, my father went into my grandparents kitchen, no one had bothered to go to the shelter as they hadn't heard anything as my mother was trying to make icing sugar out of sugar cubes, banging them on the wooden kitchen table with a rolling pin.

St Paul's Cray 1970

Poverest Road c1955, St Mary Cray
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I have great memories of growing up in Normanhurst Road - have been in Australia since turning 21. Going down the road to the brook, catching newts and minnows, walking up the hill to go to Walsingham School. Buying fireworks from the toy shop at Cotmandene Crescent. I'm pretty sure I could still name most of the shops in the 70's. As I got older remember drinking at the Bull pub, St Mary's Cray.

Tulips From St Mary Cray

Poverest Road c1955, St Mary Cray
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I lived in Station Road no 24 i had the Surname Sheppard back then i moved to the area back in 1964 or thereabouts,went to Leeson's Hill primary school my neighbours to the right were the Sturge family i cannot remember who lived to the left of us remember playing down by the river at the end of our alley a whole croud of us kids would paddle in the river there and in those days it was freezing,no matter how hot the Summer was we enjoyed it also the river was quite alot deeper than it is today at the end of the dirt road by the river in those days was a field full of the most beautiful tulips you could imagine i remember them being only Red and Yellow though,the field was actually owned by a Dutch couple,it was opposite Meadowview we as kids used to always go and play up the "Sandbanks" as we used to call it in those days they were based under the... Read more

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