Stanwell, The Village Hall c.1955

Memories of Stanwell

Rayners Stores

This view is of Rayners Stores on the left looking towards the Wheatsheaf pub and Village Hall with Oaks Road off to the right. A public telephone call box stood on the right as did a Police (Tardis) Box.

A memory of Stanwell by Donald Mason

Born And Bred Stanwellian

I was born at my Grandparents House in Long Lane Stanwell in 1966, my Grandad Jack/John Thornton helped deliver me. My Grandad was well known in the Community and Catholic Congregation of both St Michaels in Ashford ...Read full memory

Off Licence

My mum used to run the off licence...she started working there the year my older sister turned 11 and passed her 11+. My mum ran the off licence until she had to leave in 1979 when my dad had his first heart attack. Dad is still ...Read full memory

A memory of Stanwell by Sue Blay

Stanwell When It Was A Village

My mother was born in Stanwell Oaks Road in 1928 where the airport is now, her family were moved to Viola Avenue when Heathrow expanded where she shared many memories of the war and going to Staines Town Hall ...Read full memory

A memory of Stanwell
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