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In The Shadow of The Steel Works.

From The Clock Tower c1955, Stocksbridge
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It is indeed Hunshelf Bank, and the school was probably Stocksbridge County Primary, although there were a couple of church schools as well. I spent my first 17 years on Unsliven Road, Stocksbridge. It wasn't until I was 11 and stepped off the 'Barnsley Bus' into the silence of Silkstone that I realised just how much 'Sammy Fox's' was part of my very existence. Home was in a beautiful wooded valley on the edge of 'Toy Town' with freedom to play by the river just accross the road and in the old air raid shelter with its tricky secret entrance, in which we found diagrams of doodle bugs. We weren't really aware of the constant hum of round-the-clock production of steel, and when the sky turned crimson as another load of slag waste was dropped, the accompanying boom only added to our sense of adventure, although it meant our mums would be grumpy as the boiled, dolly blued, and starched sheets on the line would be covered in big black specks... Read more

Worked Samuel Fox

From The Clock Tower c1955, Stocksbridge
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I worked for Samuel Fox from 1942 when I left school and worked there for 20 years. I was born at 39 Manchester Road, Deepcar and lived there for 19 years, opposite the Co-operative and next to the fish & chip shop.

Sunday Mornings.

From The Clock Tower c1955, Stocksbridge
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From about 1961, it was my job to be up at 4.30am every Sunday so as to pack paperbags for delivery througout the valley. Then when I had passed my driving test I had to deliver the bags to the lads for them to do the rounds - all 29 of them. This was a great way for a lot of people to earn spending money especially at Christmas. One lad who held the record for 'Tips' earned £32, in those days that was a working mans weekly wage. Well done him.

420 Rimmington Row- My Home

The War Memorial c1955, Stocksbridge
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I lived at the above address with my mum Evelyn and dad Jim Hoyle who for a time was the caretaker at the Stocksbridge C Of E school just across the road. My sisters Valerie and Vivien and I lived with with our parents in a one down and two up house at 420 . The other downstairs room of the house contained my grand father's ( Bill Brameld) cobblers and clog makers shop which as a very youg lad I would help out in. He made me a pair of clogs when I was about 3 years old and I would happily clomp along the pavements making the irons on the clogs spark. I remember a Mr Corbridge had the last house on the street  and he was the local barber - very handy with the old wax taper and comb.
One of my main memories was in 1956 - at the time of the Suez crisis - when I waited at the window and watched battle tanks being... Read more

Early Years

From The Clock Tower c1955, Stocksbridge
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I think the road you see near the top right of the picture is Hunshelf Bank. If I'm right then I used to live in a house at the top of the hill with my family. It stood back from the road and looked down on Samuel Fox's. When I was around 6 years old my parents moved us to the Coach and Horses on Manchester Road which is the main road seen in the picture. I hope I'm right. My name then was Sanderson.

Birth Place

I was born Catherine Kenningham 1947 in my Grandmother Rogers' cottage on Manchester Road. My mother was Lucy Rogers who came to Stocksbridge at a very early age.She went to a local school of which l would like know the name. My father Harold Kenningham was in the army and we moved away 1949. My mother was previously married to Stewart Lee and they had a son, Denis William Lee, born 14/1/1940 at 14 South Road, High Green, Ecclesfield Road. I would like any information of him or his family. Thank you Catherine Hamlyn (nee Kenningham)

South Yorkshire memories

Deepcar, Manchester Road

Manchester Road c1955, Deepcar
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I lived in the Gables House on Haywood Lane from the age 6 to 10 years. The period was during the early 1950s. I believe the car on the left of this photo may be my father's parked ouside the Gables house. I attended Deepcar C of E infants and junior school during this period. My father was Works Manager of the two General Refractories brick works on Station Road, Deepcar. The junior school head master was Mr Garwood and the infant school head was a Ms Trueman. I played football on the Don Field which could be accessed off Manchester Road opposite the bottom of Haywood lane. Before moving from the area in 1958 I also lived on Station Road in the house sited within the Lowood Works factory. I had many friends in and around Florence Buildings. The sports activities on the Lowoods Ground were a regular interest and the area holds special memories. Although a recent visit to the area confirmed that the Factories and Florence... Read more

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