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St Giles' Church 1895, Stoke Poges

St Giles' Church 1895, Stoke Poges

St Giles' Church 1895, Stoke Poges Ref: 35458

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Where I Grew Up. Born 1944.

My Mum and Dad moved into the village in the 1930's into a new house in Rogers Lane and lived there for 66 years.  My father was the village tailor working from a workshop in the back garden.  My mother was very involved in the village life, joining the WI and also the secretary of the Old Peoples club for a while.  Also a member of the local tennis club.  My father was a Special Policeman during and just after the war and was a member of the British Legion. I spent my childhood playing in the fields which surrounded Stoke Poges, which now all but a few have been built on.  I was in the Stoke Poges church choir for quite a few years, when Rev and Mrs Bevan where there.  I can remember many things from my childhood, including going up to the common and selecting our Christmas tree each year. On moving into Stoke Poges, Mum and Dad were told they had the rights of the common.... Read more


I used to walk from Farnham Common down Templewood Lane to visit my friend Viv who lived on Rogers Lane in Stoke Poges. It didn't seem like such a long way back then. This would have been between 1957 and 1960. Both sets of our parents are buried in the Memorial Gardens at St. Giles church. Viv and I lost contact for 40 years, and found each other last year through a website. I now live in the USA.
Stoke Poges holds fond memories, dances at the Village Hall, and flirting with the boys walking down the hill.

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