Stoke Poges, St Giles' Church 1895

Stoke Poges, St Giles' Church 1895

Neg. 35458

Memories of Stoke Poges


I used to walk from Farnham Common down Templewood Lane to visit my friend Viv who lived on Rogers Lane in Stoke Poges. It didn't seem like such a long way back then. This would have been between 1957 and 1960. Both sets of our parents are buried in the Memorial Gardens at St. Giles church. Viv and I lost contact for 40 years, and ...Read full memory

Where I Grew Up Born 1944

My Mum and Dad moved into the village in the 1930's into a new house in Rogers Lane and lived there for 66 years.  My father was the village tailor working from a workshop in the back garden.  My mother was very involved in the village life, joining the WI and also the secretary of the Old Peoples club ...Read full memory

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