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Stone in The 1950s

I am now 57 years of age, and live in Australia. I was born in Stone, Stafforshire in 1949 and would love to go back and visit.
As a child I remember walking along the canal and standing watching as a blacksmith mended a horse's shoe. I remember hating school but even at that very tender age I was interested in the history of the school that I attended. Every day at home-time I walked on the stone footpath that was once laid by the Romans (is it still there?). The school was very old and I think that it was once used by monks?? It had very tall ceilings, rounded arches and big heavy doors. I remember taking a shortcut through the church cemetery across the road from the school.  I was very frightened as some of the graves were very old and some were partly opened, very scary. My parents, my sister and myself lived at 26 Redhill Road. My maiden name was Bruce.

Sandstone Site as at 21 August 2006

Sandholes 1900, Stone
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First time on web page, co-incidently was at site yesterday 20 Aug 2006. I used to play all around the area as a young child 1970+ when the area was allotments, the current site has lost about 10ft in height due to 20 years of erosion, filling in etc. If you look to the left of the centre pillar and to the root overhang, there is about 2ft of sandstone left visible and then you are at root level to all the remaining trees. I will go back and take a photograph of the site, so it is not lost forever.

Family Tree

I've just traced loads of ancestors back to Sandon & other areas nearby. We have found many Hodsons, Dickersons & Clews. If any of these names are in your family please get in touch. My g gran Lizzie Louisa Clews moved down to Hampshire so broke the chain.

Pirehill Lane, Walton, Stone

I suppose as I grow older, memories of my youth increase. I remember living in Pirehill Lane when there was just one row of houses. In front of our house there was a row of huge trees, my bedroom in the back looked upon fields, fields and marshland. My friends and I would jump over our garden fences and disappear till meal times. What a childhood. My mother, sister and I would walk into Stone to do the family shopping and as you got closer to the town you could smell the hops from Joules (beer makers), whenever I smell that smell mmmm gorgeous. A treat was to have tea in the hotel in the centre of the town. I left with my family when I was 14 yrs but I have never forgotten how happy I was then.

Staffordshire memories


i was brought up on big Cullamores Farm in the 50>s and 60

Idlerocksdeer Park

Idlerocksdeer park has a wind turnie and is getting 440 solur panles

Norton Bridge

I remember Norton Bridge from 1969 when there were two shops. One that was part of the post office, the Railway Inn pub and the railway staion. Sadly all that exists out of all these now, is just the pub. We made our own fun in the 70's, plenty of fields, a river to go swimming, and pools to go fishing. There were no computers, Xbox or Playstations - there was never a boring moment. My dad was born there 1938 and still lives there, those were the days...

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