Swanage, Bay 1899

Swanage, Bay 1899

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Memories of Swanage

Church Holiday

The one and only time Ive been to Swanage was in 1959, when my friend Judith and I were sent on a Social Christian Movement Holiday! Neither of us were very religeous, but had mums who thought we should be. I cant remember much ...Read full memory

A memory of Swanage by Barbara Lucas

Caravan Holidays In Swanage

I have been holidaying in Swanage for 46 years, staying on Ullwell caravan site then Phippards. Happy days walking down to the tap for water, the water use to trickle out of the tap but did not bother us what so ...Read full memory

A memory of Swanage by Geoff Clarke

'The Dorothy'.

This view shows my father's cafe/bakery 'The Dorothy' and other relatives shops were the tea gardens and chocolate shop.

A memory of Swanage by Claire Allen

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