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Stratton, Steamroller in Ermin Street c1910, Swindon

Stratton, Steamroller in Ermin Street c1910, Swindon

Stratton, Steamroller in Ermin Street c1910, Swindon Ref: S254611

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Memories of Stratton, Steamroller in Ermin Street c1910, Swindon

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Coate Water And Jill Miles.

Coate Water c1955, Swindon
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I have very fond memories of Swindon and Coate Water in particular. I was born and brought up in Barking in Essex but my father had an old army pal, Jack Miles, who lived in Swindon ( Wells Street I think) and we would go and visit Jack and his wife Zoe and their daughter Jill on numerous occasions, normally staying for the weekend. I can remember one particular outing to Coate Water and being mesmerised by the 7 metre high diving board. I didn't even know what a metre was in those day, it must have been one of the first metric measurements on public display ever. Jack and Zoe were lovely people but unfortunately Jack died a very young man, 43 years old as I recall. My parents maintained their friendship with Zoe, who remarried, right up until her death which was in the mid eighties I believe. I last saw Jill at my own fathers funeral in 1994 but lost contact... Read more

Park South

Faringdon Road c1955, Swindon
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I can remember 1963 very well. I lived in Kingsway Close. My father was an insurance agent named Reg Dady and later became an assistant manager. I attended Swindon College and then joined my father as an insurance agent for United Friendly. I had many friends, including Geoff Exton, lead guitarist of Trigg and the Sapphires. I also was in the same class at Swindon College as Mary O'Sullivan. I wonder if she can remember me? I also believe a few years earlier there was a Laings canteen that was used as a youth club. I lived next door to Heather Napier on one side and Mark Sloper on the other. Other friends at that time were Geoff Sherwood and Graham Potton. My girlfriend then was Fay Knight, a lovely girl with a great sense of humour. I think those were the best years of my life. I now live in Devon but still recall those magical years in Swindon. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers... Read more

Fleet Street

Faringdon Road c1955, Swindon
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I was born in the flat above the shop to the left of this picture in 1953. This shop named A & L Hoyal was run by my grandfather, Albert Hoyal, and his brother Les Hoyal. Though the photo was taken in Faringdon Road, most of the photo is looking down Fleet Street, starting with my birthplace No1 Fleet Street. Sadly the shops to the left have all gone but most of the buildings to the right are still there today (2012).

Burderop Park

Coate Water c1955, Swindon
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I was stationed there 1955 to 1956. Met my wife in Swindon.

The Congregational Church Bath Road Corner

Bath Road Corner 1908, Swindon
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My great-grandfather Joseph Williams, a Swindon builder, built this church in 1886. Joseph and his wife Sarah were also heavily involved in the services at this church. Joseph was a lay preacher and was the Sunday School superintendent for a number of years. The church was demolished in 1949. The congregation since moved to a more modern building in Swindon.

Coate Water.

Coate Water c1955, Swindon
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I remember swimming in Coate Water aged about 8 - 10 and nearly drowning in the open air swimming pool. My cousin fell into the lake when he was about three but was rescued by my uncle who leapt in to get him out. The diving board in the picture seemed enormous to me and I was impressed by the people who dived from the top. I love Richard Jeffries books and have several which I treasure. I am now aged 73.

I went to Holy Rood Catholic Primary School for two years travelling by bus from Ashbury each school day the fare was 11d return.

Family Tree

Men Leaving G.W.R. 1913, Swindon
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I am researching my fam tree. I have found out some of my ancestors came from Swindon. Due to a long story my Grandmothers biological Grandfather worked on the G.W.R AS A Labourer his name was Edwin New. He married Mary Jane Stroud in 1873 then went on to have my Grandmother Real mother Alice Elizabeth New. Alice was born on the 10th March 1884 at Lower stratton.

I wondered if any one out there knows of these name above. My grandmother was born in a mother and baby hospital in Hackney for unmarried mother on the 24th July 1906. I found the details out with the help of the Salvation Army her real mothers name was given as Alice Elizabeth New as i gave above. does any one know of this situation or is any one connected to the families of the above.
Please get in touch be mos t greatfull


New College c1965, Swindon
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My mother worked in the cafeteria at lunch time, collecting the money from the students. She seemed to know everybody in the college and when she passed away at the young age of 48, it seemed that the whole of Swindon mourned with us. Swindon is a place that I hold dear to my heart. Every picture that I have looked at today brings back wounderful memories of a town that I still call home even though I live overseas.

Farewell Rail Tour

Town Station 1961, Swindon
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The picture is taken from the footbridge and show the rail tour on about 3/9/61. There were two. This one is the one I travelled on hauled by GWR 2-6-0 5306. I rode on the footplate of the engine from here to Cirencester. The other one was hauled by 7808 Cookham Manor.


Coate Water c1955, Swindon
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I remember when I was little going to Coate water, feeding the ducks and having picnics with my family. Those were the days! :)


I moved to Swindon in 1977 and became a Postman this entailed three weeks training in a hut/ classroom in the Head Postal sorting office all gone now! we had to learn all the streets in Swindon and one fact sticks in my mind then there was just one pigeon hole for Toothill ! now there is a delivery office for west Swindon. my first delivery was Groundwell road area and as had not been issued with a uniform only had a plastic mac = and it rained every day for a week! my thoughts were What have i done things improved and was a postie for 27 years and enjoyed it,

Swindon Play Watford For The Division 3 Championship

As a Watford football fan this was the most important league game I saw up to 1969. We were in the old Division 3 and towards the end of the season there were three clubs, Swindon, Luton and Watford, all fighting for the two promotion spots to the promised land of Division 2. I couldn't miss this game as it was so vitally important to our promotion chances and yet I was miles away working and studying in Manchester. It was the last Saturday in March and also Grand National Day so the kick off had been postponed until the evening - luckily for me as this gave me the time I needed to hitch-hike with a friend down the M6 and on to the County Ground at Swindon. We made it in time and joined a HUGE crowd which set a new ground attendance record for Swindon of nearly twenty nine thousand - and this for a third division match! The record books will tell you that Watford won the game... Read more

Dean Street

l was born in Dean Street in 1963 to Ann Thrasher. My nan and grandad were Rose and Charlie Thrasher. My mum had three sisters; Chris, Audrey, Margaret and a brother, Ted. We lived at 35 Dean Street - my dad, was Eric Peter Freeman. l would like to know more about my dad.

Dean Street

My mum's family did live in Dean Street, Nan (Rose) and Charlie Thrasher. They were at 35 Dean St with 1 son and 4 daughters, Ted, Ann, Chris, Margaret and Audrey. My father was Eric Peter Freeman. l would love to know anything about they and my dad as l don't know anything about my dad.

My Home Town

I'm a Pinehurst boy infants' juniors and seniors before moving on to Headlands as the first of the Comprehensive pupils. But firstly I'm from Pinehurst and proud of it. I lived with my Mum and Gran in Hawthorne Avenue until my dad left the Navy then we lived in Maple Grove, we then had the fish and chip shop on the Circle before moving back to the prefabs, again in the Circle. My parent still live in Liddington Street, my mum never moving any further than 1/2 mile from where she was born 78 years ago. Looking back we were a bit naughty, raiding the allotments for rhubarb, lazing in the sun in Pinehurst rec, bike rides Savernake Forest, and Avebury, my parent were not too pleased with that but never seemed to mind me riding to Lechlade to swim. I remember Mrs Beattie from the infants, Mr Secret, Jaspar Anfuso and of course old Bill Bryant. I remember the stick, the dap, the flying blackboard... Read more

Penhill Estate

Born in 1951, I lived in Lechlade, Ledbury, Highworth, Oldtown, Cunningham Road and I lived on Penhill Drive in the late 1950s.


Born in 1951, I lived in Lechlade,Ledbury, Highworth, Oldtown, Cunningham Road and I lived on Penhill Drive in the late 1950s, I went to the infants and junior school. In the infants we learned to count by using small stones kept in a tobacco tin (I kid you not), our classrooms were in portakabins with steps leading up to them. Long since gone!

I remember going to the Penhill library, where I saw my first moving picture.

I went to first aid lessons with the Red Cross, the only thing I can remember is a greenstick fracture, which is a partial fracture of a bone.

I used to go to the “dumps” to play, I remember using the roundabout in the children's area, that's where I discovered I didn't like going round and round! The place is now a high rise area now!

The Secondary Modern school was on 621, Cricklade Road (it's called St Lukes Special School now). I also went to temporarily to... Read more

Penhill Junior School

Hi, long time ago when time had more meaning the teachers were pleasant and we used to have stars put on the work for good standard ,and smaller classes than today, as at the time I lived in Penhill Drive, my headmaster was a Mr R West used to drive a Morris 1000, at the time the ice cream van used to have such friendly tone and kids used to line up for the treats, where have these days gone as next month I I celebrate my 58th birthday and look back on these times, during my time in Penhill when school had finished, we walked home and my Dad had Bond mini car and I used to wait for him coming home from work, it had such a unusual sound and you could hear the tone of the engine from quite a long way. We did not have computers or other fancy things to help you do the work, just pen and paper, but life was not so strained... Read more

It Was Nearly A

My Dad was a copper and one day took me to the Gorse Hill Police Station where he was based.  He and the duty sergeant muttered away quietly hatching a plan to surprise me.

The sergeant took me on a tour of the building, eventually taking me down into the depths to see the cells. He was explaing how policeing had changed over years with Bow Street Runners, Peelers and so on. Eventually he asked if I was brave so, of course, I said yes. He told me to close my eyes and let him guide me into an adventure. At the age of 10 how could I not go on with the fun? I was guided through a door and made to bend forward a little.

Then it happened, my neck was on some hard surface, as were my hands, I heard a laugh as something came down onto me from above. I was in the pillory, the sergeant then offered me the stocks as a next... Read more


Highworth Warneford School is a very good school in Swindon.
I have lots of good memories here and will be sad to leave :(

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