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Memories of Tarbolton

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Ayrshire memories

Annbank Hotel

I remember my dad asking me to go to the hotel in Annbank for his fags (funny how it was always at night), if it wasn't for the promise of getting a bag of crisps for going, I'd surely never go. This was the most scariest hotel, in the most scariest wood I'd ever seen. Sadly in the mid 1960s the old place got knocked down. Now that time has passed, I always think of the old hotel with affection. I no longer live in Annbank, I live in Barnsley, South Yorkshire now, but I always make a pilgrimage to my old home and stand where once the hotel stood, overlooking the river Ayr.

Aroon The Raws

AROON THE RAWS l9th.March, 1980 Memories of bygone days, We now live in different ways, A modem world..treats us proudly, This we acclaim, oh so loudly, Yet somewhere, hidden in our minds, We all live in different times, Mine is runnin’ doon the raws, Late for schule, get the tawse, Big Annie, pokin’ on ma airm, Though awfu’ sair, it did nae harm, Keekin’ in the Readin’ Room, See the smoke go swirlin’ roon, Joiner Tham’s horse an’ cairt, Sittin’ high, an’ feelin’ smert, Maggie Hazel’s cups o’ peas, “Sa’t an pepper”? “Yes please”, Doon tae Neillie’s,pinchin’ eggs, Through the nettles, stingin' legs, Sneakin’ ahin’ the playgr’un’ wa’, Rabbie’s gairden’s lookin’ braw, Tumshies, grosits, carrots tae, We’ve got enough, we’ll away, Johnnie Widburn roars an’ shouts, Will the snotter put oot his dout, Roon the loch for stankies’ nests, These hissin’ swans are just a pest, The Big Burn lures us a’ awa’, Dookin’, splashin’, divin’... Read more

Good Old Days at Symington Primary School

My name is Agnes Mawhinney, my fondness memory is going to the old primary school on Symington Road North with my brother Arthur. The class rooms were big with big high ceilings, the toilets were outside across the playground and you had to hold on till playtime to go to the toliet. Playtime was the best time because you were able to skip with your pals and the boys played tag. I remember when the nit nurse would come in to check our heads and the dreaded brown envelope we had to take home to our parents if we had any nits. The nurse also came into give us our jabs and I remember dreading my turn. On sports days we had potato spoon races on the playing field. One person I remember is a boy called Alan Love. Then we moved to the new primary school on Brewland Road in Symington. The scool was just built and in the spring the class planted bulbs in the garden. I made... Read more

Primary School

St Quivox had a primary school in the 1950s and while my family lived in farm cottages near Prestwick airport, my brother and I attended the school. The only two teachers were a married couple but I cannot remember their names. We had to move from the area when the cottages we lived in were being demolished because another runway was to be built for the airport. That said, it was a nice area to live and we often walked to the beach at Prestwick or Ayr. However, I do not have such happy memories of the school, for example at the Christmas party every child got a present except my brother and I merely because we had not been at the school long enough. My father was a farm worker and, as is well documented, such workers moved around the country on a regular basis but being left out at Christmas never happened at any of the other schools. I was at 11 primary schools during the years 5 and... Read more

My First Visit to Dundonald

My mom, Nancy McGeachie (married to Ken Collins in British Columbia, Canada), was born in the building on the corner Main Street and Richmond Terrace in 1926 and then lived in #5 Kilmarnock Road. I had heard so much of Dundonald growing up and spent many a time looking at the paintings of the castle that my mom had hanging on her wall, that the moment we approached and I saw the castle on the hill, I just started to cry. I couldn't believe I was finally there. My only wish is that my grandparents, Martha and George McGeachie could greet me at the door. It was wonderful to finally meet my Mom's childhood friend Betty Stevenson (Lane) and enjoy the Highland games. Meet some of the people in the town and at the bowling green! Great to see my grandfather's photos on the wall at the club and meet the nice lady who now lives in #5! I'm so sorry we... Read more

Early Teens in Drongan

High Street 1900, Ayr
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On tv at last, school bus, with a clippie, snowed in, couldn't get from Drongan to Cumnock Academy, should have been a good day off, but had to walk through loads of snow from Coalhall to Drongan, no thermals in those days! Old village of Drongan, initially miners row, expanded to one small council estate, then incomers, who lived across the water, other side of the burn, to work in the pits, foreigners from as far afield as Glasgow and Lesmahagow, how times change!

Does Anyone Remember The Rag And Bone Men?

High Street 1900, Ayr
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Does anyone remember the rag and bone men that used to come round the scheme looking for old rags etc? I was so desperate to own a red balloon, nothing was to stand in my way, but where would I get enough good quality rags from? Being a wee lassie and not really understanding,that you shouldn't take your mums best towels, and sheets got me into hot water. My poor wee mum had to chase the rag and bone man down the road to retrieve her stuff.........I got to keep the balloon as the old man had a good laugh! Does anyone remember the bird on a stick? It used to whistle when you spun it round your head, it was great fun! I have so, so many happy memories of growing up in the 1960s and maybe that's why I tend to live in the past too much... It's a fault of mine.

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