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Teaninich Industrial Estate

Teaninich Industrial Estate maps

Historic maps of Teaninich Industrial Estate and the local area, hand-drawn by Ordnance Survey and Samuel Lewis.   View all Teaninich Industrial Estate maps

Teaninich Industrial Estate maps
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Teaninich Industrial Estate books
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Ross-Shire memories

I Received A ''Royal Humane Society Award For Bravery'' For This...

I lived in Barbaraville (Alder Cottage) from roughly 1982-1987 with my parents before I moved away to work.
I loved this village and had many, many memories but one which is a big achievement for me was when ...

Two young guys from the village had made a 'homemade' raft and ventured out into the shallows of the bay but as any of you familiar with the bay will know there is a tremendously strong current during the change of tides.
Unfortunately due to these currents dragging them out towards the souters (tide going out) and the fact they were sinking!! the alarm was raised in the village. A teacher from Tain Royal Academy (who lived 3 or 4 houses down) arrived banging at the door, I since 12 have had my own boat hence arriving at my door considering I was 15 years old at this time.
The two of us waded out to reach my boat and made our way out to drag these two guys... Read more

Barbaraville..... My Childhood Home

I was born and brought up in Barbaraville, spending the first 27 years of my life there before moving to Culloden, near Inverness.

I will always remember it as an idyllic little place to grow up as a child. Many a happy hour was spent excavating the little sandbank just down from Sutor View in search of 'buried treasure' and fishing for sticklebacks in the burn at Delny.     

I remember well the Jackdaw Hotel (a wild place!) with its own real live Jackdaw in a cage by the reception desk. The hotel is no more as it is now Mull Hall Residential Home where my 100 year old granny, Mabel, now lives.   

I went to school at nearby Kilmuir Easter Primary which closed when I was in Primary 6 - it is now a furniture workshop and store. The late Miss Pirie was the formidable headmistress back then ... a brilliant teacher who drummed the importance of respect and decency into us ... I... Read more

Missing Pieces.

My dad was born at Rose Cottage, had 2 brothers William and Colin, also 2 sisters - don't know much about them. The boys grew up in the Workhouse would love to know more.

Cromarty Born And Bred

I grew up in Cromarty through the late 1980s, the 1990s, and up until the mid 2000s. While it has changed a lot in that time, it's always been fun, interesting, and a close community. This can be seen with New Year dashes in the North Sea, summer raft races, and cheering on Cromarty FC. Everyone always seem to think Cromarty is a small village in the north of Scotland, but it's actually a historical town, full of secrets to explore. For tourists, it's very much worth checking out all the different 'things to do in Cromarty' on


Brahan Castle 1952, Dingwall
Enlarge photo |  More about this photo

My father T/173106 Driver Ted Israel Sugarman, RASC was billeted with Mrs McLennan in Rose Cottage, Dingwall in June-Dec 1943. She had a husband and son. Dad said she was a lovely lady and welcomed him with open arms; he a lad from the Jewish East End of London. Dad was attached to the Norwegian Army Liaison and worked at the Connon Hotel, whilst the officers lived at Brahan Castle. In 1964 aged 18, I was on a school Geography field trip staying at Tarradale House on the Black Isle, when I visited Mrs Mclennan and she was overjoyed to see me, insisting I stay for tea and home made scones.

Granda Skinner

Davie Skinner, Bank ST, Balintore would take me for walks up at the back of Balintore and sit among the yellow broom and look over the Moray Firth. He would tell me stories of the salmon fishing. We would then walk down to the harbour point and watch folk fishing for souyans. We then would go up to "The Sheddie" and sit with all the old worthies putting the world to rights.

Fifty Years On

At 55 now, I still have wonderful memories of old Balintore, enough to write a book, too many to write on here. I grew up in Balintore in the 60's and early 70's and would trade all my worthy possessions to re live those days. I remember the old worthies of the village, my favourite Steet, Ann Inksters father, he seemed to live forever, and did for everybody. I would chop kindelers for him and he would give me 2 Woodbine, thank god I've stopped that habit since then. Steet would also cut our hair, rough & ready but good enough for us young bucks. He also used to show us how to make the boats in a bottle, an art he was very good at. The old sheddie was a favourite gathering place for the old foggies of the village, gossiping about every Tom, Dick & Harry. Buller, Willie John, Bunter, the Winger and many more would congregate there. The old sheddie was a tarred fishing hut, eventually taken down... Read more

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