Tewkesbury, Old House In High Street 1899

Tewkesbury, Old House In High Street 1899

Neg. 43999

Memories of Tewkesbury

The Haunted Wheatsheaf Inn

Does anyone remember reams of toilet paper hanging from one of the hanging baskets for a few days one year back in the 80's?? That was me, I threw the potty out of the window because I didn't like the smell! he he. ...Read full memory

A memory of Tewkesbury by leanne.jehan

Coffee Shop

Had morning tea here in 2010

A memory of Tewkesbury

Visit 2010

I visited this town in 2010. Had morning tea in a cafe in the High St.

A memory of Tewkesbury

Working In The School Holidays

I remember well 'messing around' in these boats, stocking them up for the holiday makers, before leaving for Australia in 1966

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