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Thornley in my Youth

Further to my memories I spoke of before, I can remember games we used to play like split the kipper, tally ho, blonk, and a lot more. The summer months were great, we would go over the moors and spend all day over there, if we were hungry we would take a turnip from a field and eat it. There was a place called the plantation where we had a swing, I remember one day the rope snapped when a lad called Lloyd was on it, he broke his arm. The farmer took him home on his tracter and he went to hospital where they put a pot on. Of course we treated him like a hero and we all signed his pot which his mother scrubbed clean and gave him a ear-full. It was shortly afterwards that we were playing split the kipper, a game were you had to throw a knife between some body's legs and stick it in the ground. To our dismay someone missed and hit Lloyd's foot, he was never lucky. Anyway, he ran home where his mother give him a telling off, shortly after he came back limping on the wrong foot, SOFT LAD, of course we made a fuss of him. In those days there were no drugs, vandalisam, mugging people, nobody got hurt apart from Lloyd and that was just bad luck In the future I will add more.

Written by MICHAEL MCCOY. To send MICHAEL MCCOY a private message, click here.

A memory of Thornley in County Durham shared on Sunday, 5th February 2012.

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