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Tooting memories

Here are memories of Tooting and the local area. You can start now: Add your own Memory of Tooting or a Tooting photo.

Derinton Road

The Broadway 1951, Tooting
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I was born in Reading in May 1945, came to 'middle' Derinton Road in Tooting as a baby (mum had been evacuated) to live with her, my dad, nan, grandad and my aunty Joyce until we moved to Streatham in, I think in 1956. But my nan, Polly Harris, remained in Tooting until about 1963 when she came to live with us. We had many friends and neighbours in Derinton Road, and relations of my grandad (George) in Coteford or Cowick Street. Our house backed onto the vicarage of All Saints Church in Hillbrook Road, where my mum had been married and where I was christened. I went to school at Hillbrook Infants; Franciscan Juniors and Ensham Central. Many, many years later I worked for the Granada Tooting, when it was converted to bingo, but it hadn't changed much inside (Grade 1 listed) as the beautiful architecture was a reminder of the cinema days and going on a Friday night with my mum and dad. I remember the market, Mayfair... Read more

Worked in The Cad Room at Tooting Police Station

The Police Station 1951, Tooting
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I worked in the old CAD room at Tooting Police Station in 2006, it was an amazing place with bomb proof windows. We worked through the night; on my first night there was a gang fight and a youth got killed. The building itself is fascinating, and very mysterious - some say...haunted. All the staff there were very hard working, dedicated people. A shame it is closing to the public, it provided a great service.

Lucien Road

The Police Station 1951, Tooting
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I lived in Lucien Road for sixty five years until two years ago. My memories start when I was about five with my dear old dad taking me out on his barrow to sell firewood - I thought it was great fun. Also, my mum taking me to haylocks at the bottom of Church Lane - I think it's a curry house now. I used to play out in the street all the time and my friends were Helen Little, Anne O'Connor, Brian Curtis, Terry Sheehan (not sure if that's the correct spelling). We often got in trouble playing knock down ginger and there was a certain house we called the 'haunted house' (it was no 81, I think) and as kids we were terrified of it. I went to Hillbrook School and then to Gatton Road, not a very good school as I left school not knowing a lot, still I haven't done bad. When I was sixteen I used to go to the Locarno in Streatham with my... Read more

My Teenage Memories....

The Police Station 1951, Tooting
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From 1959 to 1973 I lived at Tooting Junction. '59-69 in Glasford Street opposite the police station, then when I got married in 1969 I moved one whole road away in Renmuir Street! Many local people may remember our big, black labrador, who used to bark and throw himself at the front room window if anyone dared to walk past our downstairs flat at 2 Glasford Street. My dad used to mend cars outside in the street, as well as working at Battersea power station for a living! My mum, little sister and I used to sit outside the Railway Bell pub with our bags of Smiths crisps and a pepsi or lemonade while our dad had his Sunday lunchtime pint (only the one). Mum would have half a pint of brown ale (Ugh!) outside with us. Sometimes, he would get a bottle of Tizer and a block of ice cream from Kings sweetshop to make fizzy sundaes for 'afters'!

We would ride down the hill at Longley... Read more

I Lived Above Tooting Police Stn

The Police Station 1951, Tooting
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From 1954-1959 I lived at Flat 4 Tooting Police Stn. With my friend Richard King we spent many happy hours up on the roof throwing mud and moss down on the unsuspecting passers by below. Another trick was to throw stones down the chimney pots. My mistake was to pick the pot of my own flat which resulted in a load of soot spewing out into my parents bedroom. My Dad who was an Inspector at the Station caught us and put me in the cells for a few hours. Our crowning achievement was to set light to a small elastic driven model plane and launch it from the roof. Unfortunately it crashed into a passing trolley bus. Haven't been back to Tooting in 40 years.

Upper Tooting

The Broadway 1951, Tooting
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I grew up in Park Hill Court, Beeches Road in the sixties and seventies; my father was the caretaker. He used to be in charge of the bonfire on firework night, up on one of the drying grounds. The girls stood one side and the boys stood the other. My dad used to set off all the fireworks and the boys used to set those wiggly fireworks that seem to chase you! They don`t have them anymore. I went to Fircroft Infants and Juniors, my teacher was Mr Dalton; such a nice man. Then on to Garrat Green Girls School. My house mistress was Miss Vandenburgh, I was in Rosalind with my sister, who was 4 years older than me. My grandparents lived in the same court with us - they were bombed out of Nutwell Street during the war.Then when they lived in Beeches Road my gran remembered a V1 or 2 landed on the cemetary; it showered all our gardens with bones, she said. Grandad was an ARP... Read more

Post-War Tooting

I was born in Dorset in 1940, my mother living there as an army wife. My name then was Gorringe. We returned to my grandmother's house in Freshwater Road at the end of the war. We visited Tooting many times during the war, and I remember the bombing, which my family made quite fun to stop me being scared. I was in Tooting the day a bomb dropped in Southcroft Road. Our house was shaken, but the only casualty was my china doll, which fell out of the cupboard and landed on the floor with my grandmother's hat on it's head. I well remember the Street Party in 1945 and have a lovely photograph of that. I went to Furzedown Primary School and then to Rosa Bassett Grammar, where I stayed until 1957. I remember being sent to the shops at Amen Corner to queue for groceries. My gran, mother and myself would each stand in separate queues. We then bought a block of Walls Ice Cream as a treat.... Read more

Maybury Street, Tooting.

I was born January 1945 and from the age of three I often went to stay with great-aunt Lizzie in Maybury Street, Tooting (possibly house number 23.) My great-aunt, was Mrs Reader, a widow, who lived downstairs in the house, while a Mr and Mrs Dobner lived upstairs. Their apartments were not self-contained, but privacy was respected despite certain practices that took place such as the one where each morning Mr Dobner, after getting up, would make a pot of tea. He would take a cup of tea to his wife in bed, come downstairs and take another cup to aunt Lizzie who was still in her bed in her front-room, and then return to drink his own cup in his kitchen while reading his newspaper. Veronica lived over the road in one of the houses since demolished. She was a year or two older than me, and being brought up by her grandmother. I sometimes went in to play with her. I was on occasions taken by aunt Lizzie... Read more

Trevelyan Road Tooting

I was born on 8th May 1945 (the day the war ended) at 61 Trevelyan Road Tooting. My mum told me that there was a heatwave on the 8th May and whilst she was trying to get some rest there was a street party going n which she couldn't go to. My grandmother was born at 61 Trevelyan Road in 1986 and whilst following a historical research of my grandparents I discovered that 61 Trevelyan Road and adjoining properties were called 'Dorcas Terrace'. I remember my mum telling me that a bomb or doodle bug fell on Sellincourt School, just after the kids had all left. She was 7 months pregnant with me at the time, we could see the school out of our back window and mum saw the flash and heard the bang. My earliest memories are of my mum and nan wheeling me in a large pram down to the local butchers and greengrocers and local shops every day, they didn't have fridges in those days,... Read more

Tooting Forever

What a delight to find this site. It reminded me of so much. My grandparents did a moonlight flit from Bethnel Green, walking to Tooting with four boys, one girl and a pram carrying Gran's pride and joy, a mangle. Three weeks later my father was born in Selkirk Street. They later moved to Thurso Street and Gran lived the rest of her life there. My father remembers playing in the fields of the Bell Farm before the suburb grew up. I was born in St. James Hospital Balham and lived in Rostella Road, off Garrett Lane, until I was twelve when we moved to Mitcham. Our lives still revolved around Tooting, though. That was where the shopping was done and where we went to the pictures. Going to the Granada was like entering a palace, what images one could conjour up walking past the 'thrones' and those lovely 'candle' electric bulbs. I... Read more

Lessingham Avenue, Tooting

The Broadway 1951, Tooting
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Hi Mariam I remember Theresa, she was probably more in my age group (I will be 61 this year!) It seems that I can remember lots of people from back then, but didn't even realise they had sisters and brothers. Just recently I found out that my sister in law's ex-husband was the brother of one of the girls I used to go to Ensham with. I never even connected the name because I didn't know she had any brothers! Just shows you what a small world it is. I am actually off down to Streatham today to spend a few days with my sister so will probably visit the old Broadway, even though it doesn't have much character these days xx

My Primary School Years at Sellincourt School.

Central Hall 1951, Tooting
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Sellincourt school memories. Hi everyone! My name is Nusrat Khan and I attended Sellimcourt Primary school during the early 1970's and what a brilliant decade that was! I lived above my dad's dry leaning shop called Superior Cleaners run by my dad. There was a KFC across the road and a John Brown menswear shop next to it. Next to my dad's shop, there was the sweet shop, J Knox and there is a pub on the corner near Bickley Street. On the other side there is Smith Bros and opposite that there used to be the popular Indian takeaway, Deans. Next to that there was a Boyd's Electrical shop. My teacher at Sellincourt was Miss Coats who always used to wear tight skinny jeans and denim jackets. My classroom was on the ground floor opposite another classroom run by a Mr Starkie who transformed the outside of his classroom into a rocket. The kids in my class all wished that was our class! We also noticed the teachers always used to hold... Read more

War-Time Tooting

Amen Corner 1950, Tooting
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Although I was born in Aldis St in 1934 we moved to Morden when I was 2 months old, but I do have fond memories of Tooting. During the war we used to sleep on the Underground platform at Tooting Broadway or Balham. One night a bomb dropped on Tooting Broadway Station and people were drowned. My father and brother waited outside for news of my mother, another brother and myself; fortunately we were at Balham that night. I also remember going to The Majestic to see Gone with the Wind; it was so popular we queued through a whole performance, if my memory serves me right. Also saw Frank Sinatra perform on stage at the famous Tooting Granada with its pop up organ.

Tooting, my Tooting

Central Hall 1951, Tooting
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I moved to Mitcham Road, Tooting, near Amen Corner and next to St Boniface Church, from Putney at the age of five. The year was 1947. The maisonette we lived in was above a perfume factory, it’s now an Indian restaurant called Rayyans, I believe. I attended Ensham Infants. Later I went to Franciscan Road School where I returned to teach many years later. Although I was christened Keith I was called Kit by many because that was my dad’s nickname, subsequently I changed my name to Kit by deed poll. My brother Rod and I played out in Bickersteth Road with Kenny Hadnut (sadly passed away when he was only thirty years old) and Dickie LeClerc (emigrated to Australia under the assisted passage scheme when he was seventeen) plus many other boys. As a teenager I knocked around with a gang in Colliers Wood ‘rec’. Happy, happy days! It was very strange returning to Franciscan Road School to teach in the very classroom where I had spent happy years being... Read more

Avarn Road Sw17

The Broadway 1951, Tooting
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My name in 1953 was Christine Gaul, this is the year I was born and bought home to Avarn Road. At the age of 5 I started at Sellincourt School and then onto Ensham. They were great times and I am still in touch with friends that I made at both schools; it would be great to hear from anyone that remembers me .

Home is Where The Heart is

The Police Station 1951, Tooting
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I was born in Tooting Police Stn or nic as Dad called it. He was a home beat officer there for years. I spent most of my younger days down in the horse stables grooming or mucking out. We lived in flat no 1 and it was a great place to live in the sixties - my dad was nicknamed Paddy due to his Irish heritage - all the flats are now offices as far as I know.


Mitcham Road 1950, Tooting
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I was at Fircroft from 1946 to 1951. Miss Lewis was headteacher and also taught a group of us to make and play bamboo pipes. Mr Nicholls was the teacher in the top form and I have happy memories of playing 'four court dodge ball'. I wonder if Carol Wallis, Alison Chandler, John Goody, Royston Clark, Rodney White, Janet Webb and many others, can remember these days. They were happy days. If so would love to hear from you. My name was Pamela Caughlin. Also I remember enjoying the Friday afternoons which were 'free choice'.

Butchers Shop in Tooting

Mitcham Road 1950, Tooting
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Wondering if this shop was run by the Kent family?

My Childhood in Tooting

Central Hall 1951, Tooting
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Born in Wimbledon 1950, I lived in Trevelyan Road in Tooting until I was 10 when we moved to South Lambeth.  My nan lived behind the Granada in Tooting and she cleaned there.  She lived in Bickley Street.  I went to Sellincourt Road School, buying sweets etc from Mrs Alexander's shop which was next door to Bernard Say's shop on the way to and from school.  Mrs Alexander's husband also repaired shoes at the side. I well remember going through the market where I once got separated from my mum and remember crying.  I also remember the live eels which were sold there, staring at them slithering about in large tin trays waiting to be sold as my mum was busy chatting to someone she knew.  The Sunlight Laundry shop was on the corner of Charlemont Road where my mum would sometimes send her sheets and then pick them up done up in brown paper and string.  The Mitre pub was on the other side.  Dad had a rented garage... Read more

Old Tooting

Central Hall 1951, Tooting
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What else has changed about Tooting? I'd be very interested to hear.


Central Hall 1951, Tooting
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CAN ANY ONE HELP ME WITH THE FOLLOWING - in the 1970s I was a student living in SLOSH, the student hostel just behind the garage on Amen Corner. I know it has all changed now - so can anyone provide me with details? When was SLOSH pulled down and when also did the garage disappear? I have fond memories of this area it was a second home to me -- I orignally came from Essex. Regards, Adrian

Living at Amen Corner

The Police Station 1951, Tooting
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I was born in 1949 and lived in Crowborough Road, Amen Corner, went to Furzedown school. I used to know all the shops round to the police station, being sent down with a shopping list for veg etc, and to the garage on the corner of Rectory Lane in winter to get paraffin for the heaters, and to Coggers the paper shop for fags and newspaper for my dad. How I knew it has changed. I now live in Plymouth in Devon, have done for 41 years, I don't know if I want to go back to see the old place or remember it as it was. If anybody lived around the same place and time as me please get in contact.

Lessingham Avenue

The Broadway 1951, Tooting
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I am so please to have found this site. I was brought up in Lessingham Avenue (off Franciscan Road) but moved to Chasefield Road when i was about 11. I remember going to Saturday morning pictures at the Mayfair and singing the Minors ABC song!!! I can even go back so far as buying all the latest clothes in Martin Ford and then Sybil Richards. I remember Pecry's at the bottom of Franciscan Road where Mum used to be able to put bits by and pay off for them. I just cannot remember what used to be where M&S was built. Have wracked my brain (but it's getting a little old now). If anybody remembers please let me know. I can remember going to the Granada as a cinema and the organ coming up out of the pit and then I can remember seeing Paul and Barry Ryan there. Can't remember who else was there but it was supposed to the... Read more

Fircroft Junior School, Miss Welty

Mitcham Road 1950, Tooting
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Miss Welty was the infant school headmistress, elderly and eccentric, she was a dedicated and lovely lady. My teacher was Mrs Charlton of whom I have extremely fond memories. I also attended Fircroft Junior School, does anyone remember dancing around the Maypole, country dancing and musical movements? At Christmas time we made decorations and staged a nativity play as well as having the school Christmas party. Boys and girls were segregated in the playground and I can still remember the smell of school dinners and warm milk in the summer. We walked to Balham baths once a week to learn how to swim and I also remember a roofed outbuilding and outside toilets in the playground.

Tooting Smells Like Home ........1970's-80's

The Broadway 1951, Tooting
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The huge image of a beautiful woman's face comes to mind when I remember Tooting Broadway "Chelsea Girl". I used to love looking at all the lovely clothes and getting ideas so that I could walk down to "Huma Fashions" and get my mum to buy something similar at a 1/4 of the price! I used to cut through Tooting Market every morning on my route to school, from Sellincourt Road to Broadwater Road and loved to inhale the Indian spices that infused the air (so much so, that I have planted curry plants in every garden that I've moved to since!). Ahh yes, and the patients that were released on to the streets from Tooing Bec and Springfield's, supposedly well medicated. I still remember the little old lady with a top-knot defecating outside Marks & Spencer's most afternoons! And the variety of male patients (trousers always too short, dead giveaway) flashing me as I walked up Franciscan Road. I haven't been back to Tooting since my Nan died about 4... Read more

Sellincourt Primary School

Central Hall 1951, Tooting
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I used to live on Mellison Road and attended Sellincourt Primary School. I cannot remove such great memories I had there. My friends were Zeenat Virani, Simone, Nneoma Onimachi, Janet Kumah, Charlotte, I remember a few other names, Robert, Scott, Ashok, Demitrious, all in my class. I had moved to Harrow when I was 8 and kept in touch with Zeenat for a little while, then we went our ways, however, I have always wondered if they remember these good old days and hence I write this memory in case one day they may remember ..oh yeah that crazy girl Dimple!. hahaha. I also used to play with Rupal after school. My favourite teachers were Mrs Hair, Mrs Bown, Mrs Bob the music teacher, Mr Daley was the new Principal when I left, Mrs White, there was also one called Mrs Yaramska who found it hard to control the class. I hated Mrs Mullford (only because I was told off by her once) but not any more, but she had very... Read more

Longley Road

Does anyone know anything about the Bowra family or Raven family? They lived in Longley Road in the late 1800s and 1900s until 1957. The family consisted of Henrietta Bowra, Leonard, Herbert, Sydney and Kate. Kate had a daughter called Marjorie. Does this mean anything to anyone? There were two or three houses built in Longley Road by the Ravens; one was called 'Blakemore' and the other 'Raven Cottage'. Also we think Leonard Bowra owned or ran a tobacconists shop, does anyone know about this or a paint factory at the back of Longley Road?I would be delighted to hear any snippets of information if you have them.

Tooting Junction

The Police Station 1951, Tooting
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I was born in Ascot Road just behind the police station and lived there with my parents and little brother, Clive, from 1934 through 1947. The station played a huge part in my early life. It was a wonderful place. All the flats were occupied by the men and their families, and I frequently sneaked down to the stables to see all the beautiful horses. At the end of Ascot Road/Links Road were stables with the horses for the bakery and dairy. Many a time I did the rounds on a Saturday morning delivering the milk while the milkman took the money. Often received a shilling just before the horse went home for a well deserved drink.
In 1944 a batallion of tanks lost their way and went up Seeley Road and turned into Ascot Road to join Links Road on their way to wherever. If you had seen the road surface after their passage??
I went to the Convent of the Holy... Read more

Derrinton Road

The Broadway 1951, Tooting
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This is where my mother and I lived with my Nan during WWII. We lived at number 234. I remember the Morrison shelter under the window, and that I used to climb up on top of it, switch the radio on and use it as a stage and dance and sing along with the music from programmes like Family Favourites and Workers Playtime.

My mother went to work and my father was in the RAF so most of the time it was just me and my Nan. She didn't always come into the shelter when the siren sounded even though I called out to her. She would say she was busy and would lean over the sink in the kitchen! One day a doodle bug came quite near and we felt the blast, the kitchen window got blown in and some of the glass went into Nan's legs.

We used to go down to the brewery each week to get some yeast in... Read more

Doodlebug Amen Corner

Amen Corner 1950, Tooting
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Does anyone out there remember the flying bomb that dropped on the corner of Idlecombe and Southcroft Roads in July 1944?

Tooting 1948-1971

Mitcham Road 1950, Tooting
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I was born in Balham in 1948 and lived initially in a flat in Trinity Road near the then police station with Mum, Dad and Aunty Edie, and finally in a bay-fronted twenties house on Tooting Bec Road until I left home to go to college. I suppose my happiest memories are of the early years in Trinity Road attending Holy Trinity Infants school and then Fircroft Juniors. Fircroft was a wonderful place to be if you were interested in music and art. The head teacher was Miss Lewis and she actively encouraged interest in all the arts, especially music. There were teachers who I will remember all my life: Mrs Hughes (who became a family friend), Mr Clayton and Miss Kavey, who were engaged to be married, Miss Lumley who left to go and work on ocean liners and who sent me out to buy cigarettes during class time! My friend was a Cypriot girl, Lefki Georgiades, who came from Cyprus when we were in the second year (age 9).... Read more

Tooting And The Movies

The Police Station 1951, Tooting
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I lived by Figges Marsh in Mitcham, just over the border with Tooting from 1948 until 1967. In fact I was born in the house I lived all those years in. I early on discovered the movies and I remember with great pleasure going to the Granada Tooting on a regular basis. The Astoria somebody mentioned, I recall as the fleapit, though they did let me talk my way into X films years before my 16th birthday! But when they got a Cinemascope projector, they didn't get a wide screen, so wide screen films had the side parts showing on the walls. Dreadful! I also remember the Vogue at the Broadway, but mainly for seeing foreign language films with subtitles, and there I discovered the wonderful Jeanne Moreau!
I remember Tony's records by Tooting station, and often wonder what happened to Tony. He let you buy now pay later, and was very good to his regular customers.
Tooting used to be a great shopping place, but it has changed a... Read more

Tooting Broadway

Central Hall 1951, Tooting
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I moved to Coverton Road SW17 around 1962, my grandparents lived in Gilby Road, I played for hours on the grounds of the old St Georges hospital and attended Sellincourt primary school. The head mistress was Mrs Wooley and I'm sure there was a Mr Pritchard, but it's all a long time ago. I remember a lad called Steven Ellis, because then we shared the same surname, a girl called Caron Ford, an Irish family lived oppersite us with a son Desmond who used to Irish Gigg all the way to school. Next door was Warren and his sister (Maureen I think). My best friend then was Terry-Ann, I wonder if any of you people are still out there. At the top of Coverton Road was the fruit stall owned by Rosie, the smallest oldest lady I had ever seen!. The number 64 bus used to stop at the top oppersite her stall. We moved to Morden in 1971 and I never went back to Tooting I don't know... Read more

Working at Tooting Police Station

The Police Station 1951, Tooting
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I have been stationed at Tooting Police Station since 2005. We will soon all be moving to Earlsfield Police Station, along with officers from Lavender Hill and Wandsworth Police Stations. Many of the rooms in Tooting Police Station are no longer used and have been locked up. Has hardly changed a bit since that photograph was taken though. We don't have a 'Whiskey-3' anymore. Only 'Whiskey-1' and 'Whiskey-2'. Tooting Police Station is part of Wandsworth Borough Police but for some strange reason it is within the border of Merton.

My Time in Charlmont Road.

The Police Station 1951, Tooting
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I started my life in 1936 at Charlmont Road. These houses had no bathroom (we used a tin bath in front of the fire) and outside toilets. I went to Selincourt Road Schools, infants then juniors. I remember during the war the time a V2 bomb fell on the houses near by on Selincourt and Mellison Roads, and the damage on the corner with Charlmont Road. I am informed the V2 fell on 6th March 1945 at 12.58, whilst I was having my dinner. I recall the corner paper shop in Charlmont Road run by 'Bernard Say', he would organized all our street parties at the end of the war, and whenever a special event occurred. He also ran trips to the seaside for us children. I was also one of his paperboys. In 1953 at our street party for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II I gave a puppet show, helped by my chum Ron Hadnut. (I still have the program.) My father had been a policeman both at... Read more

Sellincourt Road School

The Police Station 1951, Tooting
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In 1932 I was taken to my first school just up the road from where we lived in Sellincourt Road. It seemed quite a forbidding place at the time but I can remember the head mistress whose name I forget as being rather a tall lady - at least to me a little boy- and being dressed all in black with the skirt down to her ankles. I remember getting a clip round the ear from the local policeman for being cheeky to him and getting another one from my father when he found out what I had done. I was able to visit the school a couple of years ago and it still looks the same now as it did all those years ago. My grandfather had a newsagents, tobacconist and sweet shop just down the road on the High Street and it was usual for me to go there with my brother and Mum and Dad on a Saturday afternoon forhome made ice cream and any sweets... Read more

Bus Garage

Mitcham Road 1950, Tooting
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I used to live in Longley Road in the early 60s and remember as a child at the top of Longley Road where the buses parked there used to be a record shop where I would spend my time listening to all the new groups including the Beatles. It was there I bought a plastic Beatle wig amongst other memorabilia. I also remember a butcher's shop with sawdust on the floor and a man who used to deliver meat on a bike with a basket on the front, but I cannot remember any other shops. Can anybody tell me what else was there please.

Memories of Sellincourt Primary And Secondary School

Central Hall 1951, Tooting
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I used to live in Mellison Rd, just around the corner from Sellincourt Rd. My memories of the school was a good one, governed mainly by the teachers. These are some names of my fellow pupils at the time from the mid to late seventies. Does anyone else who went there at the time recall these names? Head Teacher was a strict old so and so with a nasty temper! Mrs Whooley, with that big smelly white sheep dog. I always remember once in assembly we weren't singing a hymn to her liking and she slammed a big book on the floor, it scared the hell out of me! My teachers were year 1. Mrs Hair, another old school strict teacher that I hated! year 2, Miss Green I think, who married that year to become ?? I can't remember! year 3, Mr Starkey. A great teacher, everyone loved him, with his 'hippy' hair style and 'tache'. I remember building a great big cardboard robot and it stood by the door for ages.... Read more

E. Tucker

Mitcham Road 1950, Tooting
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Does anybody remember E. Tucker, tobacconist, on the corner of Nutwell Street and the High Street?

Wartime Childhood in Tooting

Upper Tooting Road 1950, Tooting
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Upper Tooting Road 1950
(ref: T201002) Year: 1943 Wartime Tooting
The picture of Upper Tooting Rd showing the Mayfair Cinema, and on the left hand side of the street, the RACS shop (Royal Arsenal Co-Operative Society), the dividend was paid with some sort of tin token and the cash was collected from the customer and sent to the cashier via a complex system of screw lidded recepticle sent rattling along a system of cables, the change would come back to the customer in the same way!
The memories come flooding back, we lived in Beeches Rd having been bombed out (1 Rudloe Rd) in 1941? Not sure as I was only five then!
Mum worked as an usherette in the Mayfair, Dad was in Africa and later Normandy with the RA. I saw my first 'weepy' movie around this time, Walt Disneys 'Bambi' showing at the Granada, Tooting, it made a lasting impression on me.
1944, Ansell Rd took a hit from either a... Read more

My Childhood

The Police Station 1951, Tooting
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I was born in 1994 in a house in Ascot Road which is the road behind Tooting Police Sation. Our doctors surgery was in the house where the cyclist is in the right of the photo. In 1959 my sister married "Jim" policeman from Tooting nick who drove the area wireless car "whiskey3". These cars ranged from Humbers to Wolsey 6/80 and 6/90's. Jim died in 1999 in Plymouth he was in his 80's. On the left corner of the photo was a shoe shop and a fish and chip shop further up towards the police station.


The Broadway 1951, Tooting
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We lived in Derrinton Road, it was a very long road. I remember the sweetshop that we called 'the old girls'. She had a window full of toys that we used to spend ages looking at. Even at the age of 5 and 6 we had so much freedom, we went everywhere on our own to friends houses the shops. My friend and I put on our mums shoes one day and just went off for hours walking around the shops. My mum worked in a greengrocers and we went there. She sent us straight home because my friend's dad was supposed to be looking after us but he worked nights and nodded off so we sneaked off out. I remember making a guy and going out when it was dark asking 'penny for the guy'. Me and my friends were only 5 and 6 but it was thought of as the norm.  I used to go the shops and buy my mum her cigerettes. My kids were more shocked... Read more

Memories of my Teenage Years

The Broadway 1951, Tooting
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I remember going to the Wimpy bar and having wimpy and chips and strawberry milkshake with my friend Vera.

Golden Memories of Childhood Days

Central Hall 1951, Tooting
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Central Hall I believe used to house the big Saturday market!, Tooting was a Saturday trip out as a boy from Mitcham, I can vaguely remember many special days, going to the pictures, and the joke shop on the Mitcham Road.  The 80 bus or 77 to Mitcham Green, and the little Green Line bus, you had to put your hand out to stop it from near the traffic lights, wonderous days.  Yes many happy days as a boy, now I'm 60 and live in Norfolk, I wonder if I'll ever get back to see the awesome changes.


i remember this year very well because i was born in this year so that is how i remember tooting like this

Gilbey St. Tooting

Hello does anyone know Margery Trip lived in Gilbey street Tooting or  husband Dereck Trip if so will be please to hear from you thanks

Remuir Street

Hi does anyone remember the v1bomb that fell on Renmuir street ,there are flats there now where the bomb fell on the houses .If any one that lived in Renmuir Street at the time I would like to hear from you. Beryl Clark née jamieson

Old Friends

Hi I am Beryl Clark née Jamieson if any of my old friends in Tooting remember me I use to live in sellingcourt and went to Estreham school . Maureen sutton Brenda Mann Fred Albury Robert Barefield lived in Woodbury street went to sea cadets in Mellison Road please contacted me love to hear from any of you


I was born in St. James Hospital. The family home was at Louisville Road Tooting. I went to Hilbrook Infants School, (I fell in love, like all the boy's did, with Mrs Cooper). Just around the corner was Brudenel Road (sorry if the wrong spelling), I belonged to the 11th Balham & Tooting cub group there in the hall opposite the church (All Saints). On my way to school in the mornings I would buy 'fruit salads and black jack chews' from Foxton's the sweet shop next to The Rose & Crown Pub and I think there was a car hire chauffeur driven car firm next door as well. My friend's father and mother owned the shop. I played on Tooting Bec common from dawn till dusk in the school summer holidays, we were all safe in those days. Later, I went to Franciscan Road School and after that Hillbrook school and later to the brand new built Hillcroft Secondary Modern School in Beechcroft Road. I left the area in... Read more

Franciscan School And Brudenell Road

My name in the 1960's was Pamela Ambridge. I was born in 1958 and went to Hillbrook Infant School. I remember the teachers there were; Mrs Tinkler (nice), Miss Bedford (she smacked me!) and Miss Shoot (nice). I lived in Brudenell Road, there is a big Church on the corner called All Saints and my mum and dad got married there in 1950. Then I went to Franciscan Juniors in 1965 until 1969. My teachers were Miss Anstead, Mr Champion and good old Mr Green. Mr Palmer was head. It was a great time and I enjoyed it a lot. We played such games as British Bulldog and juggling two balls against a wall. Then I went to Rosa Bassett which I didn't like but made lots of good friends. We used to go bowling at the weekend in Streatham or ice skating at the Silver Blades. We also used to go to The Cats Whiskers in Streatham or Tiffanys in Wimbledon. A lot of the time though we... Read more

Tooting From 1974-2009

I have very fond memories of Tooting. My parents and I moved to Fairlight Road in Tooting in 1974. My first memory of that is the smell of paint, and sausage rolls bought from the bakery shop just round the corner; the paint smells was from my dad decorating the living room. The local sweet shop, Carpenters, was run by Mr and Mrs Reed and was a major fixture in my childhood. Mr Reed would often add a few extra sweets in my sweet bag for me and my dog Trixie. I attended St Mary's C of E primary school in Balham then went on to Garratt Green Secondary. My dad was the Lead Railman at Tooting Junction Station and was a regular at the Fountain Pub on Garratt Lane. My mum worked at Nightingale House in Balham as a chef. I also attended Girls brigade on my road, the Captain was Mrs Nick ,and Mrs Kelly, Kim Kelly and Tracey Kelly were in charge of us. My proudest moments... Read more

Old Tooting

I lived in Derrinton Road from the 1940s to the 1960s. We moved there after being bombed out at age of two. Had a good childhood even in war time. Dad was in the R.A F, mum was busy, so my elder brother and I had plenty of freedom. We left the house after breakfast and as long as we were back for dinner we were not missed. Our play ground - bomb sites, we were never bored - no toys but lots of friends. I would not change my childhood for these modern electronic times. In 1960s moved to Barringer Square, Newlands Estate. Better housing but not so much fun - the inside toilet was great in winter. I now Live in Australia, I still miss the old England. Ronald Stanley


I lived at 117a Mitcham Road, above Coombes the Bakers, next door was David Greggs and Soloman's Greengrocers. Other shops on on the road were Smith Bros (either end of the block), David Kaye Butchers, Dewhurst Buthchers, Boots and a Gent's outfitters, which I forget the name of. I went to Nursery School at Figgs Marsh, Primary and Junior School at Franciscan Road, the Headmaster was Mr Palmer. Other teachers were Mr Champion, Miss Rizby (I think) and Mrs Cotton. I then went to the Bec Grammar in 1969, my family moved to Great Yarmouth in 1971. I would walk to school meeting mates on the way to Franciscan Road; Martin Clayton, with whom I went ten pin bowling on Saturday mornings in Streatham. Other friends who lived in the area were; John Boyden, Jeffrey Colbrook, Joey Finnis, Edward Jewersinski, Jeanette Sluman, Linda Ing, Rita Saxby Winstone Grey, Alton Mayers and Barry Bennet. I think this is most of the classmates I can remember. School holidays were mostly spent on bikes... Read more

Fountain Road And Upper Tooting

I was born and first lived in Fountain Road. My first memory is the nursery at Amen corner in and old fire station they had stairs that went in a spirol and I hated them. I went to Defoe School and then on to Broadwater, next door. I remember going to the park just round the corner from us, don't know I think it was Tooting Grove, but not sure. There was a grass area and swings and the park keepers hut. Next door was the Fountain hospital where I think the Down's Syndrome lived. Next to that, just looked up old maps, to find it was Grove hospital then. I didn't know it was so big in those days. I believe St Grorges have taken over all this area now. We used to go to Fairlight Halls, me for Girls brigade, my brothers for Boys brigade. I remember shaking hands with Cliff Richard there. When I was about 12/13 we moved to Topsham Road, Upper Tooting just after I had... Read more

Smallwood School

I went to Smallwood school and lived in Garratt Lane. Did a paper round for Martins and Saturday job in Creedys. We did a concert at school, a dance to The Black Hills of Dakota and some gymnastics. Had a wonderful teacher called Mr Holland. Can anyone else remember this, perhaps Brian Walker or David Hunter? Went from Smallwood to Rosa Bassett school in Streatham and moved to Devon in 1960. My friend was called Anne and lived in Rostella Road and my buddy from Rosa Bassett was Shirley Hooper. I attended a reunion at Rosa Bassett school a couple of years ago,wonderful time. Any memories of Margaret Adlam anyone?

Trying to Locate my Friend

I worked in Singapore Police Force with a friend named Balasubramaniam Gunaratnam in 1974. I resigned and joined teaching service in Malaysia and my friend Bala went to UK to join his fiance who was a nurse. I understand he too pursued his carrier as male nurse. I have not seen him for 40 years. I AM TRYING TO LOCATE HIM. If at all anyone know his where about please e- mail me.Thank you.

Fishponds Road Tooting

I lived at the top of Fishponds Road at no.27. It was a small council house enclave and our little bit of the road was shaped like a keyway, so it was called the key hole. At no, 25 lived the Davies, 23 the Taylors, 21 Cox, 19 Aslem, 17 the Stephens and 15 not sure. 13 was Nash 11 not sure, 9 Kings, 7 Kellys, then 29 Smithers then Goods, 31 Ansell family, 33 Hookways, 35 Fennels, 37 Rams, 39 Hunts, 41 Dearlings, all all us were there in the late 40s - early 70s. I emigrated to Australia in 1981, I went back to the old place in 1997, the lady in our house showed me all of my dad's roses he planted in the fifties.

Cowick Road 1937-1959

Can anyone remember a Walter and Matilda Cole, who lived at 84 Cowick Road from 1937-1959? Matilda sometimes called herself Lilian Cole. Matilda died in 1959 in Balham Hospital, and then it looks like Walter Cole went into The Blind Home at 78 Swaffield Road. Walter died there in 1962. Walter's will mentions a Mrs Rose Simpson of 5 Chasefield Road, Tooting, and also a Mrs Irene Phillips of 21 Jean House, Tooting Grove, Tooting. Does anyone know who these people were? Matilda was my husband's Grandma, but he knows nothing about her, and has never seen a picture of her. I'm hoping that someone might remember something about Walter and Matilda, or know who Rose Simpson and Irene Phillips were? Many thanks

My Family

Does anyone remember the Cooper family who lived in Bickley Street from the early forties until the early sixties, or the Wharfe family that lived in Hereward Road? Or any memories you have of the Tooting Granada from the late forties to the late fifties.

Happy Memories

I lived in Tunley Road, Balham from 1938 to 1949, I remember the day the V2 hit at the end of the road, and I lost friends. I went to Ravenstone School until 1949. There were 3 of us, Maureen Smith, Maureen Green and me Valerie Smith, we were a real "gang". Mr. Fish was the Head, and Miss Taylor and Mr. Stanly Tench were the teachers I remember. Of course our "gang" made up wonderful romance stories about the two of them. We really gave them a hard time. Then I went to Rosa Bassett School on Furzedown. Tooting was the favourite place to go on Saturday, the market, the stores and of course the Granada. Go and see the films and watch the organ come up from the pit. They once filmed a TV show there and Mum and I were in the audience. My Grandma was shocked to see her family on TV. Reading all the memories on... Read more

TOOTING 1949-1970

Ahhh Good old Totting... I was born in Rookstone Road in 1949. I went to Sellincourt School about 1955-ish, my memory is not that good! When I was at school Mr. Roberts was the headmaster and he was great. School meals were great in those days, better than what we got at home most times (I still hate stew) except for the sunday roast. Home had no running hot water hot bath (once a week) was in a tin bath in front of the fire. WOW what memories LOL. Charles Roffey (nom) lived just up the road, if you're there mate, give me a call, in fact anyone who remembers the BEXLEY name, give me a call, we weren't that bad! The Granada cinema was Saturday morning picture time as I got older, I also saw the Stones and the Beatles there as well as many other groups. I remember the Wimbledon Palace where there was music ever weekend. Also the wrestling and... Read more

Tooting, Holy Family Convent

Oh dear Tooting, I have wonderful memories of that place. We moved there from Stepney in 1956 and used to live in Graveney Road, just off Selkirk Road. I remember the Fountain pub in Fountain Road just round the corner. When I turned about 15 I worked Saturdays in O'Grady's Cafe in Tooting Market. The cafe was very popular with the younger generation because there was a record shop opposite the cafe, does anyone remember me, shortish in height, mediterranean looking, with dark long hair, this was about 1963 onwards? That cafe has changed hands about 3 times. The butchers next to it is still there.There was the key shop which always seemed to be busy. There was also Eggies where we bought our eggs to go into the sandwiches. Tooting Market was a very busy place but if you go there now it's deserted. I worked in that cafe during school holidays as well, and on Saturdays after I left school until I reached 23. Maggie was in charge... Read more

Wiseton Road

I am trying to find out more information about Wiseton Road in Tooting. My family William and Ann Raven lived there in Blackmore Cottage, next door was Raven Cottage. I know that the family surnames are Raven and Blakemore. Are these cottages still there and if so does anyone know who built them and when? We also know that one of our family must have built them but I have been unable to find out any information. Our family home in 1919 was in Longley Road and was also called Blakemore. Any details would be welcome.

Cowick Road

I lived Himley Road Tooting in the early 1960's in Barnfield Lodge (No.3) and exchanged house with the Brownhills to move to 216 Cowick Road. I attended Fircroft school as an Infant and then Sellincourt school as a junior. After moving to Cowick Road I was moved to Franciscan Road school. The Head master was Mr Coombes and my teacher was Mr Caunt. Leaving Franciscan I went to Hillbrook school for a year and the Hillcroft in Beechcroft road. My mother found me a job in 1965 as a butcher at Beales the butchers Tooting High Street. Tooting has changed so much since then. I had friends Peter Carle, Robert Wakelin and David Hill. We were all proud member of the Tooting and Balham Sea Cadet unit in Mellison Road. I have just been back to celebrate their 100 year anniverary. I also remember seeing for 2/6d a show The Kinks, Yardbirds, Walker Brothers and mant top bands of the 60's at the Tooting Granada. Franciscan Road had the shops "Ports"... Read more


I was born in Colliers Wood but moved to Tooting soon after and lived in Fishponds Rd throughoutthe Second World War, I attended Broadwater Road School and Ensham Central in Fransiscan Road. I must admit I don't remember the war very much except the bombsites we used to play on as kids. I remember going to Saturday morning pictures at the Granada cinema, very posh! Mind you it was certainly very noisy! Tooting Bec common was another hangout, as was the Lido, which was free in the summer holidays, Garret Lane swing park, the fair on Mitcham common.The Market was a great place for bargains, my mother worked in the butchers in the market at one point. We used to also go to the Central Hall for our school carol concerts and prize giving, life seemed so much simpler then. We eventualy moved to Streatham from where I got married and eventually moved away to Harlow Essex when the kids came along but, OH!! how I missed London. It took... Read more

Longley Road 1960s

I lived in Longley Road 1956 to 74. I remember playing football in Charlemont Road with my friends Richard and Johnjoe every evening till it got dark, no cars, no people, great times.
I also remember seeing the Beatles in Trevelyan Road before they went to the Tooting Granada to perform (who would believe that happened?). We had a lot of freedom in those days.
I stiil visit Tooting for work now and again, it has sadly changed a lot.


My name is Sonja Maria MacMasters. My Grandfather was Charles E. Stowell - Baron D`Eyncourt`- Banker. He had 10 children two sets of twins. One set made it to be l00 and had a telegram from the Queen. I have just come back from England. No time to find it. His wife was Mary Ann. They lived in Henfold Lodge, Mitcham Road, next to the Rectory.
It was a beautiful House and they had five servants. Cook, Nanny, Butler, Maid and a Livery Boy. I would love to see how it looks now? Many beautiful occassions were held there. Do you have any old photos of it?
Please can you help?
Sonja Maria MacMasters - Stowell.
Tel:- 0754 421191
Meher Mahal, Meher Road, Kiel Mountain, Woombye, 4559 QLD. Australia.

What Has Happened to 'Chelsea Girl' ???

The title, says it all really . . . I passed through Tooting Broadway a few years ago while accompanying my husband in his lorry.  I was astounded by the discovery that 'Chelsea Girl' had gone!  I thought that boutique would stand the tests of time, but, sadly it didn't.
I used to attend (sometimes!) Garratt Green Comprehensive and ended up working in the boutique for a couple of years.
I now live in Wales but often recall those days.

Memories of Greater London

The 40/50s

It was the 118 bus Colin. It went from Clapham Common to Mitcham Cricket Green. I also remember well those wonderful Leo's ice lollies. After those awful slabs of lard between 2 wafers that went soggy they were magic - Walls's! My family moved from Northborough Road to Rosemead Avenue in March 1940 as all the Lcc schools were closed. My sister and I went to Pollards Hill School. Both of my brothers went there or to Alfred Mizen some 10 years later. I went on to Rutlish in 1946 on the 152 bus from Fair Green up Western Road past the school and the gas works when we all held our noses. The first love of my life went to Western Road School, her name was Lileen Townsend and her father was a coal merchant. She gave me my first kiss ....aah.
I recall the first post war Mitcham Fair at Three Kings which took over from the fair which was held on the road to Thornton Heath.... Read more

The Majestic Cinema

The Majestic Cinema 1959, Mitcham
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Between the tree and the cinema you can see the roof and top floor of one of the blocks of flats in Armfield Crescent so we did not live far from the cinema. When we were small we were given a shilling to go to the Saturday morning pictures - The ABC Minors we were called. We even had a song we sang before the films began. Sixpence was used to get into the cinema and we had sixpence to spend on lollies or ice cream that was sold from the counter between the entrance and the doors into the theatre. It was always noisy in that area where you would meet up with other kids you knew and see where they were going to sit. I remember the westerns with Hoppalong Cassidy, The Cisco Kid and The Masked Ranger with Silver, his horse, and his sidekick Tonto. I also remember the cartoons Bugs Bunny, Popeye, Donald Duck and all those Warner Bros... Read more

The Bucks Head And London Road

Upper Green East c1955, Mitcham
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Opposite the Majestic Cinema, you can just see the Tudor brickwork of the Bucks Head Inn, on the London Road corner. It was very rare that my Dad would go in, but we would be sent there at certain times of the year. A seafood stall, parked beside the pub on a Sunday, would sell cockles, whelks, winkles, mussels, shrimp and jellied eels. My Dad would give my sister and I , or my brother Robert, some money to buy half a pint of winkles and quart pint of shrimps for tea. After getting them home it would be our job to use a needle, take the eyes out of the winkles, then stick the needle in it's "head" and slowly unwind the winkle from its shell. Mum would put them in a dish and add vinegar. Lo and behold if we "broke" the winkle as we were getting them out of the shell. They were a special treat and we would miss out on them... Read more

The Cricketers Arms And The Town Hall

Lower Green c1962, Mitcham
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I always remember the Cricket Green as the lazy hazy days of summer.  My father played cricket here, I don't remember the name of his team, but we had to sit and watch him.  I liked it when the crocuses poked their heads out of the ground at the beginning of the season.  They would appear in glorious colour in all the corners of the green, with the cricket pitch in the middle.  We were never allowed to play on the green.  If we wanted to run around or fly our kites on a bit of grass we went to Commonside East or Commonside West, just up the road, where there was plenty of room and no one to tell us off.
The cricket green was reputed to have been played on since the 17th century, but the first recorded match was in 1711.
Along one side of the green was the clubhouse, but we never went in there.  On the Main Road side the Town Hall sat, like a... Read more

Three Kings Piece

The Pond And Three Kings 1959, Mitcham
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I don't know why we called it Three King's Piece but in the mid 50's to the early 60's when I was growing up, that was what we called it. I lived in the flats in Armfield Crescent and when we went to Three Kings Piece we went the back way. Down St Marks Road to Baker Lane, on the corner was St Marks Chuch, to Hilary Avenue. At the end of the avenue was an alley-way. It had a high wall on one side with broken glass embedded on the top and the blank sides of houses on the other. I don't know what was on the other side of this long wall as the broken glass on the top of the wall was a deterrent to climb up and see what was there. At the end of the alley-way was Commonside East and the Three Kings Inn.
Over the road opposite the Inn as Three Kings Piece with its pond... Read more

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