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Tooting Smells Like Home ........1970's-80's

The Broadway 1951, Tooting
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The huge image of a beautiful woman's face comes to mind when I remember Tooting Broadway "Chelsea Girl". I used to love looking at all the lovely clothes and getting ideas so that I could walk down to "Huma Fashions" and get my mum to buy something similar at a 1/4 of the price! I used to cut through Tooting Market every morning on my route to school, from Sellincourt Road to Broadwater Road and loved to inhale the Indian spices that infused the air (so much so, that I have planted curry plants in every garden that I've moved to since!). Ahh yes, and the patients that were released on to the streets from Tooing Bec and Springfield's, supposedly well medicated. I still remember the little old lady with a top-knot defecating outside Marks & Spencer's most afternoons! And the variety of male patients (trousers always too short, dead giveaway) flashing me as I walked up Franciscan Road. I haven't been back to Tooting since my Nan died about 4 years ago, but it is on my list of things to do, My dad often goes and bulk buys the best Pie, Mash and Eels I've ever tasted and I've bought my children up to love it too. I remember the best fish and chips at "Alex Fish Bar" just round the corner to me and the lovely Greek family who ran it. My Nan was born and bred there too and went to a school round the back of the Granada Bingo hall. I don't know if it is still there. I remember at school, thinking that the kids who lived in the council flats opposite me must be really rich because they not only had indoor toilets, but bathrooms too! We had an outside loo and a tin bath until my parents bought their 2 bed ground-floor maisonette, flat for £10,000 when I was 9 and we had a bathroom built on. My dad used to go to the public baths, which I believe is now a Wetherspoons pub. I now live in Surrey with loads of green spaces for my children to play in and they are growing up in a totally different environment to me. Tooting was the center of the universe to me and I loved the fact that I could be in the tube 5 mins from my front door and go to London at the drop of a hat. I also remember laying on the floor in the front room watching 'Grange Hil'l or 'Top of the Pops' and feeling the rumble in my belly, of an underground train going right underneath me! I went to Sellincourt School in the 1970s and Ensham in the 1980s. My parents moved us to Sutton when I was 17 but I've found loads of my school friends through Facebook and there is even a group called Ensham girls school where you can meet friends from many eras. x

Written by Rachelle Wardell/Oakley. To send Rachelle Wardell/Oakley a private message, click here.

A memory of Tooting in Greater London shared on Thursday, 4th November 2010.

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RE: Tooting Smells Like Home ........1970's-80's

Does anyone remember Scarboroughs Fish and Chip shop, went to school with their son at Balham Central but alas he was fatally injured on a motor-cycle. My Tooting was Garratt Lane, Summerstown, but neverthe less the Broadway was home. Especially the market, remember the eel lady with one tooth, Len the butcher and the waffle demos.
A quick cuppa in Lyons, mum used to go to Shavicks, snob, and of course David Greggs sold the best sausages, there was a baker next door when I eventually got yhe courage to chat the young lady up she was emigrating, one could take the dog into Woolies. My cousin and I would wait outside the Granada asking someone to take us in, you would not do that now. Loved the Mayfair, the Astoria wasn't bad either.
We went to Smith Bros with the money things wizzing round, I note no mention of the Tube Crash. Well Ireland is not like Tooting but I guess it has changed
Ted Lay ex Burmester Road

Comment from Ted Lay on Tuesday, 15th April 2014.

RE: Tooting Smells Like Home ........1970's-80's

My mum worked in Lewis Separates which then changed to Chelsea Girl, I had my first Saturday Job there. Martin Fords was round the corner and Sybil Richards just up the road. You could buy clothes in Sybil Richards on credit paying on a card each week. All the would be trend setters were there for the Saturday night clothes

Comment from Sarah-Jane Griffin on Tuesday, 24th January 2012.

RE: Tooting Smells Like Home ........1970's-80's

Hi Rachelle, I think I remember you. Did your mum run a nursery in the hut in Mellison Road? If so, my daughter went there. I think she ran it with a friend that lived nearby; did you have a brother and your mum's friend have a daughter and son? Did you live opposite an eldery lady called Gwen (she lived in one of the two houses)? I don't know whether your mum will remember me. I certainly remember Alexes fish shop.

Comment from Faye Connolly on Saturday, 19th October 2013.

RE: Tooting Smells Like Home ........1970's-80's

Hi Sarah-Jane Griffiths, I remember you, your sister Gem, your mum and dad and that you lived in a ground floor flat at Tooting. I lived in Sellincourt Road then moved in 1971. Like you, I worked at Chelsea Girl at Tooting, I was there from 1973 to 1977. Also remember all the shops you mentioned at Tooting. Hope you are well and would like to know how you and Gem are getting on. From Lavinia

Comment from Lavinia Smith on Friday, 10th January 2014.

RE: Tooting Smells Like Home ........1970's-80's

My wife and l lived in Sellincourt road No 87 almost opposite the junior school entrance from 1974 until 1988 and wonderful times they were with a lovely local community. l did not realise until we had left what we had left behind, and in many ways l miss those days now so much l wish l could recapture it, nobody had much but we all seemed to help one another along and as a community it worked so well, l have never experienced or seen anything like that anywhere else in my travels, it was an era that we always will remember with great fondness. Our sons who were brought up in Sellincourt had made lifelong friends there and are still in touch with them.
Oh! for those Sellincourt days once again!

Comment from Vernon Atkinson on Monday, 10th March 2014.

RE: Tooting Smells Like Home ........1970's-80's

How wonderful it would be to organise an ex "Sellincourt Residents" day reunion, 1970s-1980s.

Comment from Vernon Atkinson on Monday, 10th March 2014.

RE: Tooting Smells Like Home ........1970's-80's

PS. when l say "Sellincourt residents" reunion l of course mean mean anyone who lived around the area and had gone or sent their children to the school there during the 1970-1980s era, or other links to the area.

Comment from Vernon Atkinson on Monday, 10th March 2014.

RE: Tooting Smells Like Home ........1970's-80's

Hi are there anybody left living in sellicourt from the40to60 mainly the first part of sellingcourt that run parallel with nutwell street ,if so do you remember me ,I am Beryl Jamieson my maiden name and my brother Ron Jamieson I remember Brian Wilks,Clive Anderson Sylvia Laterma her brother Jackie I believe went into navy, Dennis Frew also went into navy ,Joan Roland (I think that's right) there's some others I remember but not to sure of thier names if any one remembers me please email me at regards Beryl Clark née Jamieson

Comment from Beryl Clark on Wednesday, 12th March 2014.


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