Torquay, St John's Church, Picture By Burne Jones 1906

Torquay, St John's Church, Picture By Burne Jones 1906

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Memories of Torquay

Heather And Gorse Clog Dancers Perform For The Grand Hotel In Torquay

The front of the Grand Hotel as shown in this view from 1912 is remarkably like the hotel now, in 2008.  Its only when the dancers and musicians of Heather and Gorse ...Read full memory

Loving Memories Of A Loving Mother

Two ladies wearing hats.. the lady on the left could have been my mother.. but perhaps not. I remember my mother dressed similar... she brought our family through the war years 1939-1945... She is for ever loved.


I was born in Torquay in June 1954 in Shrublands Hospital (can anybody remember that hospital, it was in the Warberrys). I left Torquay when I was 23 and came to live in London, my heart is still there. Who knows, I might retire back ...Read full memory

A memory of Torquay by Andy Wells

Shrublands Maternity Home

Re Shrublands my son was born there in September 1958 when it was in a large house in Morgan Avenue just up from Castle Circus. The house is still there but it is now a drug rehabilitation centre.

A memory of Torquay

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