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Lordship Lane c1910, Tottenham

Lordship Lane c1910, Tottenham

Lordship Lane c1910, Tottenham Ref: T300342

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Memories of Good And Bad Days in Tottenham

I was born in October 1939 at 75 Park View Road and I have many memories of going to the bottom of the road and walking under the very low tunnel which carried the railway line. Adults would stoop even lower than us kids. It was quicker than walking over the footbridge just a few yards away. The tunnel led to the Tottenham Marshes. I started school in 1935 at Parkhurst Road infants. After a few years my family moved to 56 Burbridge Way, we lived there until WW2 broke out. It was very exciting to us kids at first, we all went up to the roof of the maisonettes which we lived in to see the sky filled with Barrage Baloons. During the quiet period before the Blitz we moved again to 112 Lansdowne Road and that is when the Blitz really started. I was going to Coleraine school then and nearly all the kids were evacuated but I wanted to stay and "look after my mother". My father... Read more

Rowland Hill Avenue

I went to Devonshire Hill School from 1940 - 1946 then to St. Katherines College. Always done my mum's shopping when I was little as I lived in Rowland Hill Avenue. We shopped at the nearest which was in Cambridge Road and White Hart Lane. Jarvis was the sweet shop, and during the war he would always let us have 2 ounces off of next months coupons. Loved Sams the fish shop and I remember Sheppys the I went past that way last year I noticed that the shop Porters was still there. I can remember the newsagents called Chamberlins; he had twin daughters and a photo of them was in the shop as they were dancers and were in the show in London. I bet there is not many people remember this. I loved Tottenham in those days.

Helen Bates Growing up

I was born in 1957 in Victoria Crescent, just off St Anns Road. I also remember the sweet shop that made their own sweets. My brother, sister & I used to stand outside watching the man stretch large pieces of toffee and mint on a marble slab. I went to Seven Sisters Infant and Junior School. I remember the corner sweet shop by the school where we used to buy frozen Jublee's. My brother and I used to stand outside the Victoria pub on the corner of our street on Guy Fawkes night with our home made guy, "penny for the guy?" I remember too, the rec where you could rent a bike and peddle round the made up streets with the traffic lights and zebra crossings. I remember Chestnuts park on St Anns Road, opposite The Nunnery and Tottenham police station. Where we lived you could hear the speedway from Harringay greyhound track on a Saturday. When I was older I would get the 127 bus to the Tottenham... Read more

A Long, Long Time Ago

We were a dyed in the wool London family, some time before World War 11, 1939, we moved from Earlsmead Road to Breamar Road off West Green Road and lived there at number 73 untill 1951, when we moved out into the country to Waltham Cross. I was born in 1945 and had two older brothers Bill and Brian some 7 and 9 years older than me. Even though I was only 6 when we moved away I have some vivid memories of Tottenham. We lived directly opposite Seven Sisters school and my mum used to tell us that during the war a doodle bug came over and the engine cut out, it glided down and crashed into the school playground blowing all the windows of the house out. We used to go to the public baths at Tewkesbury Road once a week whether we needed it or not. I can still remember shouting to the attendant "more hot water in number 6" we had no taps on the baths it... Read more

Growing up in Tottenham

I spent the first eleven years of my life in Tottenham. We lived above the PDSA dispensary in Seven Sisters Road. My father worked for the PDSA as a vet, and I remember very clearly the queues of people waiting to have their pets treated free of charge. My mother used to take my brother, sister and me to Finsbury Park often, and to the Rec. Many photos were taken of us on the Green. My great-grandmother Louisa Upward lived in St Margaret's Road, and we walked to her home to visit and for my mother to listen to her gossip. I was always fascinated when she lit the gas lights and the soft hiss from the gas mantles could be heard. I remember the fog, I was only about five years old when my father took me to school one morning, and left me at the door. He disappeared in a second into the murky pea souper and I felt very alone. I went to The Green School, the... Read more

Crowland Road School

I too went to Crowland road school . My sister went there and every day I cried when I had to go home after taking her there. I believe I could kick up quite a fuss because the teacher eventually let me stay . I was three and a half and the war was on maybe everyone felt generous. I remember those early years so well. We lived with my grandparents over the cafe in Stonebridge Rd. We backed onto the railway and we would play on the slope up to the line. We never went right up to the top but I did get stuck once behind one of the hoardings to the side of the road. I remember Boonins the bakers on the high road . He gave me tiny doughnuts . There were several bombed out houses in our road but we were very lucky . The only damage we suffered was from a barrage ballon getting caught on our roof. As we had the... Read more

Seven Sisters Road, 1950's & 1960's

I was born in 1952, and lived at 621 Seven Sisters Road, N15 with my dear old mum and dad. I had friends John and David Warren, Micky Walsh, and Ken Heath. Ken lived in Victoria Crescent and I am still in touch with Ken as we both now live in Northamptonshire. I also remember a girl who lived in Kent Road. We were always having parties at my house in the 1960's. I remember Mrs Spencer's shop on Seven Sisters Road she used to come round with a milk cart. I used to help Bob and his wife (surname of Cooper) in the fish and chip shop on Seven Sisters Road, our cat called Billy used to nick his fish over the fence. I remember the sweet shop on the corner and café on the corner of Elizabeth Road and old Mr Snowman's sweet shop next door. Pearce's wallpaper shop and the greengrocer next to them and a family named Harris. I went to West Green School, St Ann's... Read more

The Crescent Tottenham

I lived at number 59 The Crescent for 10 years from when I was born until 1970 when we moved due to the road being demolished for the new estate that is there today. Our family name was Dobson and there was my Mum Joyce, Dad Bill, eldest sister Maureen, brother Robert, myself Susan and my younger sister Gillian, I have many fond memories of living in The Crescent but most of all I loved the fact that we knew a lot of our neighbours it was a very friendly road. There are many families that come to mind who meant a lot to me during my childhood here are just a few,
The Collins, The misons who had 10 children, The Banks, The Vanners, The Sadlers, The savages, and The Galloways. Even though I was only 10 years old when we left the crescent I can still remember a lot of the shops in the area like Tino's, Jones's where my Dad took me and my brother... Read more


HI Charles, my birth date is 09-12-1927 although a little older than you a few things did not change. Remember the Corner Cinema costing 3d with Buck Rodgers and cowboys who got cheered and the Indians booed? The home-made sweetshop on other corner was Wards Stores who had a very wide pavement, ideal for skating. Trust you are keeping well. Regards, Edward

Tottenham Royal Hat Competition

Anyone remember the competitions at the Royal? We lived over a newsagents in Clyde Road (1952 & 3, I think) and mum and her neighbour used to enter competitions at the Royal. She won a hat competition once. Anyone else enter those events?

Crowland Road Infants And Junior School

I grew up in Clifton Gardens N.15 going to Crowland Road infant and junior schools and later on to Markfield Secondary Modern, 1952 - 1962. My parents owned the grocery shop on the corner of Fairview and Walgrave Avenue. I enjoyed reading other memories from so long ago.

An American Remembers St.Loy's Road in Tottenham.

Hello everyone. My name is James Wilkinson. I came from Zurich to live in London in the mid 80's. I rented a room from my flatmate, Elaine Livesy, who worked with BTT in St.Paul. I cannot even find anything with the address exact, so I forgot and am sad about that. But I remember three wonderful people there....Jackie The Greengrocer, Mr Patel, Upshop on the corner and Angela from Kentucky Fried Chicken. The neighborhood was so great...St.Loy's Road and its folks are such a pleasant memory for me. GO HOTSPURS..... if any one knows the whereabouts of Jackie the lady with the green grocer or Mr Patel or even Angela who worked at Kentucky friend Chicken....Thank you: James R Wilkinson inter Park/Orlando Florida.....

High Cross Road

I lived in High Cross Road from 1945 to 1954. I have two brothers Barry and Bill (Paul). I went to Down Lane School and Page Green School before I moved away. All my relations and friends lived in the same road or surrounding Colsterworth Road and Welbourne Road. Years later I sang in a pop group in The Swan on the corner of Phillip Lane. My mother, Dolly and father, John passed away some years ago. Like me they would be saddened to see what has happened to the Tottenham of that era.

Childhood in North LOndon

I lived in Sirdar Road Wood Green Went to Belmont School and Coop Youth club and later TA Tottenham I remember the Blitz in London My sister Ruth and I had many friends around , some from school . Pat Benbow Judy Moxen John Carey and so many more come to mind Fay Giles was a beautiful pianist and lived in the same road Some I still hear from . I worked at Gestetners Tottenham and rode a Vespa scooter to work . Gladys rode a Lambreter Still in touch Gladys in Australia for many years . Old age makes for selective good memories

Tottenham in The 50s

I was born in Mount Pleasant Rd in 1947 and lived there until 1959 when we moved to Norfolk, attended Bruce Grove Jnr School and then Rowland Hill. I can remember being taken home from school by my teacher during the smog and riding bikes in Lordship Lane Rec model traffic area (1d for 1/4 hour). My dad worked at BOC Edmonton, my mum part-time at Duncan Tuckers. I can remember Mum shopping at Victor Values (early supermarket) and feeding apples to the horses at the Police Station. Going to the picture at the Palace, Bruce Grove, and the Corner (called the flea pit) Saturday morning pictures at the Regal Edmonton (2 stops on the train). Carol singing, collecting for Penny for the Guy outside the Bus Station, buying 3d of chips and a gherkin wrapped in newspaper. Playing cricket in the street. Going to the public baths. The Lido in Lordship Lane (found a 10shilling note in the changing room). Playing on bomb sites. School dinners cost 3s 9d... Read more

Seven Sisters Rd

Also remember the home made sweet shop, the Corner cinema, the toy/fishing shop opposite. My Dad had a shoe repairers shop opposite the L&P bakeries, the cafe next door was owned by Chris Hart. Also, in the same block, was Longstaffs the motorbike shop. Going towards St Annes Rd, George Sewell had a florist and the pawn brokers T.L.K.Edwards was on the corner opposite. The Woodberry pub and Newtons, the pie & mash shop, Woodards shoe factors and the rag & bone yard were also in the same block. I now live on the Essex coast and would attend my dentist in preference to visiting Tottenham these days.

1930 - 2012

1935: went to Crowland Rd. School till 1939 - lived in Gladesmore Rd. Moved to Pelham Road 1939 with brother Derek and sister Connie. Started at Seven Sisters school. Evacuated to Baldock, I contracted diphtheria, thankfully survived, parents having wisely had us immunised; we all came back to Tottenham just in time for the Blitz. I went on to Culvert Rd. School, left at 14. First job was with JAP Motors in Northumberland Park N17. Life as teenager was spent in local cinemas (Corner Cinema, Imperial, Bruce Grove, Palace, Florida, Regal to name a few) and Royal Tottenham. Survived Blitz which, despite its horrors, gave us kids a lot of fun (collecting shrapnel, remember and playing on bomb sites). Black out and smog also helped make the days. Went to see Spurs who during war shared their ground with Arsenal. Mustn't forget the doodle-bugs and V2 rockets. Greatest memories of course were the great... Read more

Rowland Hill Ave

Tottenham. I was born in Tottenham 1948. I remember the White Hart Inn, Devonshire Hill Lane, and the dance hall at the back. Also the park round the back of the White Hart, where I spent so much time with all the kids from my road, completely safe because in those days we had the parkie in charge of the park. He used to wear a uniform and cap if I remember rightly, and many happy days spent over the rec all day with a picnic and ride the pushbikes for a penny a time and paddle in the paddling pools that ran down steps. The milkman delivering milk on his horse and cart, and one day the horse bolted down into White Hart Lane and milk all over the place near the prefabs. The rag and bone man, taking bets to the bookie for my mum, he used to wait on the corner looking shifty, the cockle and winkle man, does anyone remember Ernie... Read more

Happy Days

I was born in Sirdar Rd in 1946 and lived there until 1964. I went to Belmont Juniors and Downhills Central, leaving school in 1961. At Downhills my best mates were David Marden and Andy Ferridge. My mates where I lived were John Noxen, John Payne & Ray Rance. I remember ABC minors at the Ritz, Turnpike Lane, stock car racing at Harringay, traffic area in rec, football at Spurs and concerts in Shell Theatre in rec. I used to deliver papers to Tommy Harmer, a Spurs player who lived in Mannock Road. I loved fishing as a kid and if I didn't go anywhere special it would be down to the lea to fish. There used to be stables near Tottenham Hale for the barge horses. We didn't have much money so would walk up to Ally Pally for the fair or fishing in the lake there. We did ice skating at Harringay before it closed and roller skating at... Read more

Pembury Road

Brought up in Tottenham 1948 to1974 - great memories. Bruce Castle Park/ Florida, Bruce Grove and Palace cinema's/ Whitbreads brewery and dray horses/Deans Butchers (fancied Linda). Hardings Bakers - lovely cream buns, Elseys where I got my first football kit, Burgess' Store, Tottenham's Army and Navy then of course the Spurs at White Hart Lane. It was great - playing in the park without any fear. I was a choirboy at All Hallows. We left front door open in summer - just a blind across! Scrumping - got caught in Peter Gallo's garden! Trolley buses, waiting for football papers outside the Red Lion pub on corner of Lansdowne Road. Did a paper round for five years and attended Tottenham Grammar School.

Topham Square

In the 1950's, I forget, but I lived in Risley Avenue. I remember climbing every tree there, and people shouting that the radio license van was coming up the road. Of course everyone pulled their curtains and turned off the radios. Still the same even now with TV licenses. Anyone from Topham Square??? It was just around the corner from our house and all my friends were living in this area. My best friends were Danny Bullen, Peter Jackman, Stanley Spaulding and others. I wonder what happened to them??? Danny Bullen went to catholic school, always in trouble, had asthma, taught me how to bunk into picture houses, one called the Florida, the Rex and a couple of others. Guy Fawks night, we just went on a wood scourge, no fences left in the neighbourhood, ho ho ho. We walked everywhere, to Ally Pally, Turnpike Lane, the second park they had lots of pear and apple trees. We were a great bunch of friends, every... Read more

The Crescent

I was born in The Crescent, South Tottenham in 1945. I went to Crowland Road Primary School and later Markfield. My mum Glad, worked at the Jewish Hospital in Stamford Hill. I remember going to Saturday morning pictures to the Super and paying sixpence to get in. There were not too many cars on the road then, so we were able to play in the street quite happily or go to the rec in Crowland Road. I loved the jumble sales at the hall at the end of the road. All in all, my brother Jimmy, Mick and I had a good childhood in Tottenham. My best friend was Maureen Lockett she lived at No 22.

Ashmount Road

I was born at no 7 Ashmount Road N15, went to Earlsmead school, all the roads was open then due to me being run over when very young so all residents got together and got the roads closed to through traffic. The small park was our playing field for football and other sports, unofficial of course, in winter we kids used to make ice slides down the road, it was great, not so many cars on the road them days, kids was quite safe on the streets then. I had a real good time when I was young, Tottenham was a terrific place to live and bring up kids. My grandparents brought up eleven kids there, they lived in St Loys road near Bruce Grove, they were bombed out during the Second World War, the eldest is still alive at this moment in Adelaide in Australia, she is 95 and still going stron,g three other sisters are still living, all in Norfolk. Tottenham must have been good in... Read more

Stewed Apple And Custard

I was born in Bersteds hospital although I'm not jewish, St Anne's was full in 1964. My mum was daughter to George Wilcox, the builders of Seven Sisters Road, then married Fred Taylor. They had 7 children.He sadly passed young and Mum remarried my dad Tommy Saunders who sang in the Seven Sisters pub and was a builder. I remember Mum working in Plasmics factory down Gorley Street and we'd go to Alan's cafe on the corner of Elizabeth Road for pud, I'd have stewed apple and custard. I went to Seven Sisters School and I still remember the smell and the dinner lady who gave kids lemon sherberts. Also going to the dolls hospital in West Green Road and smelling the perfume wafting down from Lentherics Tweed springs to mind. I loved shopping with my mum, we were so close, sadly I no longer have either. We lived in 617, a three storey house, with grandad and nan till I was 9 then moved to Chester Road but it... Read more

Tewkesbury & Station Road, Tottenham N15

I was born in 1938 in Tewkesbury Road,Tottenham. When I was of age I attended Stamfordhill School, in Seven Sisiters Road. I remember they used to have a Barrage Balloon in the playground and we often had to seek shelter there whilst the war was on. At the weekend a man used to come round with his barrow selling cockles and winkles which we always had for tea on a Sunday, we also had a man come round with a horse and cart, the cart was like a roundabout and we used to pay him a penny or a clean jam jar for a ride to the bottom of the road and back. In 1946 at the age of 8 years my family and I moved to Station Road, Tottenham Hale. I had 9 brothers and 5 sisters, some of us attended Down Lane Junior school, sat the 11 plus and then went to Page Green School (which was demolished for new flats to be built) opposite Gestetners in Broad... Read more

Devonshire Hill Lane

1970s - We lived at 117 Devonshire Hill Lane N17. My uncle Bill used to work at Budgens. We would have a grass area outside our house, shape like a square. Would love to see the family again who I used to visit a few doors down.

Growing up in Tottenham /Risley Avenue Area

Tottenham?? Oh boy, I was born in Risley Avenue, lived there till 8 years old then moved to De Quincy Road, Tottenham, this house was genuinely haunted and we had a lot of bad health and experiences when we all moved there. There was 9 of us in the family, good childhood and street. Memories of Tottenham growing up: I used to go to Rowland Hill School and my friend I sat next to was Mike Reid the comedian, being psychic I predicted he would be a star one day. The little 'rec was a nice playground, then you had the 2 parks which are now destroyed I hear. My best friend was Danny Bullen, does anyone hear of him? It was a happy life really for us street kids, always wandering around, going to the big Lido at the time. I was a bit of a terror in a way, Saturday nights before the Standard came around for football results I would walk up and down the streets... Read more

School Days

Is there anyone that attended Edmonton Secondary Technical School for girls from1956/1958. My name was Holmewood in those days. I remember Miss Evans was the Head Mistress, very strict. It was a sewing school. I wasn't keen on school, but to this day I still sew a lot and remember what I was taught by Miss Howard. Miss Cohn was my English teacher, Miss Bonnie - French, Miss Burgess - writing and Embroidery. I loved the school dinners. I rode my bike most days to school, but also caught the bus along the Great Cambridge Road Then walked down Church Street. I still have my tie and badge off our hat, also the sample embroidery with our name and date embroidered in it. I also have a photo with all the school students and teachers in it (black @ white), dated 1958. School Captain at the time was a Maureen. Some of the girls in my year were Shirley King, Carolyn How, Jennifer Dunne. If anyone can add... Read more

1960 to 1971

I lived in Elmar Road Avondale Road and Seaford Avenue. I attended Seven Sisters Junior school, West green Junior school and Belmont Secondary Modern. Had a wonderful time living in Tottenham, great memories of the park in Lordhip Lane the 'rec' where I learnt to ride a bike. Downhills park was a wonderful place, with beautiful gardens always well looked after with the most amazing displays of flowers and shrubs.... where we sadly tormanted the 'parkie' who had a wooden leg! During my childhood there I spent hours wandering around on my roller skates getting to know the area and never fearing my safety...great days...

Bruce Grove School - Royal Tottenham

I would love to hear from folk who like me went to Bruce Grove School. I went there from 1936 until 1944 when I left school, then danced at the Royal Tottenham. I lived in St Margaret's Road. I remember Ron West and his brother Albert West,m who lived just off West Green Road, and the rest of the gang, I would love to hear how they all got on.
Best wishes to all folk from Tottenham.


Sheringham Avenue

My Dad was born in Tottenham sheringham Avenue
His Father was Maurice Redman and he
worked for the local council as a bricklayer. they had three boys reg maurice and gordon.They moved down to billericay about 1929.I wondered if anyone remembers the family.vicki

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