Tottenham, Lordship Lane c.1910

Tottenham, Lordship Lane c.1910

Neg. T300342

Memories of Tottenham

Growing Up In Tottenham

Fond memories , Waltheof Avenue where myself and my nine siblings were born and brought up with all ten of us passing through Risley Avenue School between 1916 and when I left in 1945. Memory of waiting in the school ...Read full memory

A memory of Tottenham

Childhood In North L Ondon

I lived in Sirdar Road Wood Green Went to Belmont School and Coop Youth club and later TA Tottenham I remember the Blitz in London My sister Ruth and I had many friends around , some from school . Pat ...Read full memory

Accident In Tottenham 1944

Do you remember an accident in Lordship Lane in May 1944 involving a girl aged five? She was knocked down by a city bus whilst walking across a pedestrian crossing. That child was my sister.

A memory of Tottenham

Growing Up In Tottenham

My name is Arthur and i was born in North Middlesex Hospital in july 1949 and i lived at 80 Sirdar Road.My mum and dad Arhur and Doris Brown my two sisters Sylvia and Jeanette and myself lived with my grandparents David ...Read full memory

A memory of Tottenham
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