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Gwynedd memories

My Childhood Memories of Menai Bridge

Suspension Bridge 1890, Menai Bridge
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My father was born in Talwrn near Llangefni and each year we would go by train to Liverpool and then go to the pier head and board St Tudno which sailed at 10 30 am, dropping people off about 12 in Llandidno then onto Menai Bridge, where we arrived around 2pm. We always looked to see who could see Menai Bridge first, and passing by Bango Pier we knew that my grandparents would be waiting for us with the horse and wagon, then the first stop was to my Aunt Mary and Uncle Tom in Llanfair PG who had a big spread waiting for us [he was a mail man in Llanfair PG]. Across the road from my aunt's was a big rock which we used to climb up with our cousins while the relatives enjoyed the reunion, afterwards we got back onto the wagon and Polly the horse trotted off to Talwrn, which I seem to remember was about 8 miles, it was a long day and we were... Read more

Memories of A Happy Childhood

I was born and grew up in the little village of Llanfairpwll. Mine was a happy childhood, free of drugs, vandalism and graffiti. Everyone knew everyone in the village, which in those days, over 60 years ago, was predominantly Welsh. We were taught in Welsh at the Infants School. Until one sunny afternoon, the excited English voices of evacuees from the English cities of the North were heard. Each home in the village was allotted their share of these children. The war had come to Llanfairpwll. Very soon afterwards, all the trees in the Column Woods were cut down and hauled away, to be used in the war effort.
The grand old house, Plas Llanfair was commandeered for barracks for Army personnel. First came a Welsh regiment. These were followed by a Scottish Regiment, the Lovett Scouts. Their pipe band marching through the village streets were a sight to behold, and it was the very first time I heard bagpipes playing.
When the Scots departed, the Yanks moved in. I... Read more

Bangor Bus Station

Garth Road c1965, Bangor
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For a young bus enthusiast in the 1960s, the bus station on Garth Road was the gateway to Anglesey and many of the country routes behind Bangor. Such exciting places as Gerlan, Bethesda, Tregarth and Rhiwlas could be reached for modest fares using bus services provided by the 'buckingham green' Crosville buses. They also ran along the coast roads to Llandudno and Caernarfon; also on to Anglesey with destinations such as Holyhead, Beaumaris, Llangefni and Llanfairpwll. Their large, rear entrance double deckers of Bristol manufacture ran on the main roads with smaller single deckers in the country districts. There was a prevalent type of single decker with about 35 seats which the company called SSG's which were apparently very economical to run, but were VERY noisy and seemed to almost 'run out of puff' when aimed up anything steeper than an anthill. On any Saturday afternoon when heading up the narrow lanes with a full load of returning shoppers, families etc, their speed was 'walking pace' - but they always... Read more

Grandad Driver

Garth Road c1965, Bangor
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My grandfather was a Crosville driver in the 1960s, his name was Bob Jones, married to Margaret, does anyone remember him?

Purple Bus in Bethesda

Garth Road c1965, Bangor
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My grandparents lived in Adwyr Nant in Bethesda and grandfather worked in the slate quarry. The single deck Purple Bus used to stop and turn round near their house. When I visited them I used to stand at the parlour window to watch it go past, as I had a crush on one of the drivers! Sometimes he would see me there and wave back - I was about 14. Linda Thomas

Caernarvonshire & Anglesey Hospital

I remember doing my nurse training in this hospital 1967-70, it was a beautiful old building, now I believe it is a supermarket, oh dear!!! I wonder is there anyone out there who did training at the same hospital,I am so surprised to see no one has left a memory of Bangor.


Hi, my name is Collene, I live in New Zealand, I have been try to get some information about my grandfather, James William Lewis, born in Bangor in Wales. He came to NZ and married Elizabeth Shaw who was from NZ, his dad was Henry (his mother was Susan Henry), he was a fisherman, that's all I have got to go on. Can anyone help? Collene

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