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The Abbey c1955, Turvey

The Abbey c1955, Turvey

The Abbey c1955, Turvey Ref: T90016

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The War Years And Just Afterwards

The Abbey c1955, Turvey
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Turvey Abbey was owned in those days by Rupert Allen who owned an engineering factory in Bedford. My father was employed on the estate as gardener/general factotum (and was paid a pittance for the privilege). The Abbey had a few cows, pigs, geese and chickens. It was often my job to go out at dusk to shut up the chickens to stop the foxes getting them. I remember it was quite spooky as it got dark (I was only 10 or 11 at the time) and I used to run as fast as I could to get the job done. When I think back to those times I wonder what the Health and Safety people of today would have said about some of the things I helped Dad do - like operating the big chaff-cutter or the machine that chopped up mangle-wurzels for the cattle.  We always had a goose for Christmas and whenever a pig was killed we had the offal (chitterlings etc). My favourite thing was after a... Read more

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Fishing in The Great Ouse

Turvey House And The Great Ouse c1955, Turvey
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I remember fishing for endless hours just about the spot shown in the photograph. There were many perch there and on one occasion I caught a fair sized pike. Just upstream from this location was a sort of peninsular accessed by climbing down steps set in the wall of Turvey Bridge. This was called Sam's Island for some reason. Brings back many happy memories of over half a century ago!!

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