Turvey, The Abbey c.1955

Turvey, The Abbey c.1955

Neg. T90016

Memories of Turvey

The War Years And Just Afterwards

Turvey Abbey was owned in those days by Rupert Allen who owned an engineering factory in Bedford. My father was employed on the estate as gardener/general factotum (and was paid a pittance for the privilege). ...Read full memory

A memory of Turvey by Robert Gore

Fishing In The Great Ouse

I remember fishing for endless hours just about the spot shown in the photograph. There were many perch there and on one occasion I caught a fair sized pike. Just upstream from this location was a sort of peninsular ...Read full memory

A memory of Turvey by Robert Gore
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In 1786 Abbey Farm (now Turvey Abbey) was occupied by Charles Higgins Esq. The building has never been an abbey, but took its name from the lands owned by the Benedictine Abbey of Bec in Normandy. Two centuries later, in 1981, the Higgins heir of that time invited an order of Benedictine nuns to take residence - a situation that prevails today.

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