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Family Early Days at Tynemouth.

Longsands c1955, Tynemouth
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If this was summer 1955 or in 1957 to 1958, my pram-pushing wife might well be in the picture. Eldest was born in May 1955, next in May 1957, the eldest at Newcastle General hospital, the next at home at 14 Millfield Gardens. Looks busy enough to be a weekend so maybe I was in it too. Wonderful sands, freezing cold under a sea fret.

The Fry Family

My godparents from Hotspur Street were the above family who, I was told, gave a home to my father aged 13, on the death of his father, in the Great War in 1917. My grandfather was Tailor of Tynemouth who paraded grandmother in the latest creation along The Pier on Sunday mornings, apparently hoping for orders from ladies of the village! Grandfather's workshop, again I was told by my father (Jack Galloway & my Godmother, Eve Fry,) was situated opposite Gibralter Hotel. I would particularly like to purchase photograph of the row of houses of Percy Park. Is it possible? Can anyone advise me?

I Know All The Memories of Tynemouth

I was born in North Shields and know all the photos shown ...was my school holidays. I married my husband, a Northumberland Fusilier from Haltwhistle in January 1959 and in April we left from Newcastle on Tyne on the Empire Fowey to Hong Kong. We came home to North Shields for a few months and left by air to Singapore and went to live in Ipoh Perak, Malaya. We came home to live in Tidworth, Hants then came to live in Mansfield, Notts, went to the West Midlands and finally returned to Northumberland and Cumbria and now live in a tiny village between Humshaugh and Wark on Tyne. But when summer comes, our feet take us to the coast, via Ponteland, Morpeth, Whitley Bay and Tynemouth and down to the fish quay for a meal on the quayside. A lot is gone from the docks, but in my memories eyes I see them all. I look for my ancestors in my... Read more

A Native of Tynemouth in Exile.

I was born in Tynemouth, in Percy Park, the road leading down to the sea by the Grand Hotel. In 1956, I began at Tynemouth Prep. School, now The Kings School, in Huntington Place. I live in Hampshire now, but, I have been back to Tynemouth several times and have always been delighted that so little has changed. Long may it remain so. I am Tony Brown.

Tyne and Wear memories

North Shields Test Centre

The building which houses North Shields test cente in Cecil Street was erected in1848 as a chapel for people to worship. It remained this way until 1891 when it changed ownership and became a sauna and plunge baths although this was short lived and it closed soon after, just months later it reopened as the Alexandra Laundry, this was made easy as the boilers and pipework were all in place left by the previous owner. A photo of this is available with the staff proudly standing outside with horse-drawn carts laden with laundry. Shortly before World War 2 the building changed ownership and became Alexandra Engineering, making a variety of things and fabrications, this continued until 1950 when a local coach hire company opened up, trading as William B Kerr Coaches, later moving to bigger premses in Wallsend and changed the use of the Cecil Street building into an MOT testing centre, the first in the area following the introduction of manditory testing in 1960. Each test was 15 shillings... Read more

Happy Days

My sister and I used to visit our grandparents, Harry and Lily Bliss, who lived on Sandringham Drive, West Monkseaton. We would come down from Scotland in late June and stay for two weeks.

Favourite memories include the Spanish City rides, Torres fish and chips, the Venetian ice cream, St Mary's Island, roller skating down the steep slope at Monkseaton station, the smell of creosote on the platform timbers at West Monkseaton station, Grandpa cycling to the North Shields fish quay for the best fish I have ever eaten and the sound of colliery trains in the mornings. I was also fascinated by the pit heaps and the mines, the slag buckets, the big white railway crossing gates at Backworth.

Asbestos Fire Suits Percy Main John F Fife

When I was a young girl I was shown newspaper cuttings of my father John F Fife modelling an asbestos fire suit he had designed and made in his factory work shop at Percy Main. My older brother aged 84, who lives in Australia, remembers being taken to the factory as a boy in the thirties, he thinks possibly 1938 or a little earlier. The Fife family had a boiler cleaning business and lived in Linskill Terrace. Unfortunately I no longer have these cuttings and whenever I try to find out about asbestos fire suits at Percy Main, I come up against a brick wall. Elizabeth Johnson, Fife

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