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Upper Corris memories

Here are memories of Upper Corris and the local area. You can start now: Add your own Memory of Upper Corris or a Upper Corris photo.

Slate Quarry

I have fond memories of working in a slate mine as a 20year old. Only for a short period servicing and checking a Tilghmans compressors which supplied compressed air inside the mountain. I vividly remember being in the mine and told to stay inside a cutout whilst blasting.
48 years on and still the thrill is like yesterday.

Memories of Powys

Esgairgeiliog 1956-1961

I was eleven when we moved into the new council estate, Aelybryn, in Esgairgeiliog. My mother had been born in Esgairgeiliog, and her mother was the local, unofficial, midwife of the village at the beginning of the 20th century. As a child of twelve my mother had been a maid in Plas Rhiwgwreiddyn and I remember a story she told of being alone in the house, very late at night, waiting for her employers to return from London. My mother had a habit of keeping all the windows wide open, even in winter, a legacy of her time in a TB sanatorium. I don't remember being cold but that might have something to do with the fact that my father was a coalman. If we wanted to use the parlour, my mother carried half the fire from the living-room on a shovel through the passage (we didn't have a hall) into this room, a little frightening, even then. I remember good neighbours and happy times in Aelybryn. Enid, Len and... Read more

Evans Bridge

Evans Bridge c1955, Esgairgeiliog
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I have no memories to share but maybe some local interest. My great grandfather Edmund Evans was born in Esgairgeiliog 1845 and our family name is Evans. His parents were David Evans and Elizabeth Evans nee Evans! Is it known which 'Evans' the bridge was named after ???

My Life in The 50's & Early 60's

I was the last of our family ( the Panto's ) to be born at Ceinws Villa, now Ceinws Bach I believe, on the 6th Nov 1947. my taid. mother and I moved to Tai Isa' just after nain died.I went to school in Corris and then Mach. I remember the great exitment when Ael y Bryn were built & we had # 20. We used to play knock off ginger there and jump over the fence, down the field, over afon Glesyrch and up to the camp.We were fit !! By then my mother had married and soon I had 2 sisters and later on a little brother. My taid was the postman there for many years.There is an excellent book written about the village by Julia & her husband with some fantastic pictures as well.I'm sure most of the village would have starved in the 50's without the help & support of the small shop ran by Nora. We were all poor and all would go to the... Read more

Esgairgeiliog as A Kid

Reading Gwynfor's memories, reminded me of my childhood in Esgairgeiliog . I lived in 'Awelon' or as commonly known 'Yr Efail'. The blacksmith's forge was our wash house and above was my father's workshop. A few years ago my wife and I had the pleasure to be shown around by Julia. What a fantastic home she and her husband had created, and what an excellent book she has also written. I was born in Ceinws in the 1943 before the camp has been converted to houses and the new housing estate had not been built. My parents were both English speakers - one of three families in the village then. My mother was a dressmaker and people would come for miles to see her. My father was a carpenter on the railway. They kept to themselves. My main memory of being young was of playing cricket or football on the bridge with a stone wicket and others for goal posts. Clifford was the usual instigator of these games and he lived in... Read more

Village Life in The 1950s

I have read with interest the memories of Gwynfor and Colin. I moved to the village in the early 1950s and resided with my parents, brother and sister in Heulfryn (The Camp), this small estate if I'm not mistaken was formerly a borstal, then during the 1940s taken over by the Forestry Commision. I have fond memories of Esgairgeiliog, on reflection it was a great time growing up there. In those days it was a lively little community, the village hall situated in the camp held dances, concerts, film shows, whist drives, dramas etc, the two chapels Ebenezer and Tabernacle were always well attended, the village shop Era Stores always had something for a sweet tooth, there was also the Post Office run from a local house. There was plenty to do, football, cricket, cowboys and indians were some of the games, ventures into the woods where we climbed the trees, up the mountains, the quarries, I don't recollect being bored. Like Colin I remember exploring... Read more

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