Tooting, The Police Station 1951

Tooting, The Police Station 1951

Neg. T201019

Memories of Tooting Graveney

Hazelhurst Road Bombing 19 Nov 1944

Does anyone have any memories or photos of the V2 bombing which killed 33 people in Hazelhurst Rd Tooting on the morning of 19th November 1944? We are planning a memorial service at St Mary's ...Read full memory

A memory of Tooting Graveney

My Memorys Of Tooting

I was born at St James's hospital in 1952 and lived in Derington Road Tooting, early 1960 moved to Barringer Square Tooting Bec. Attended Franciscan junior school then Hillcroft school Tooting Bec. Then worked ...Read full memory

Upper Tooting

I grew up in Park Hill Court, Beeches Road in the sixties and seventies; my father was the caretaker. He used to be in charge of the bonfire on firework night, up on one of the drying grounds. The girls stood one side and ...Read full memory

Tooting 1948 1971

I was born in Balham in 1948 and lived initially in a flat in Trinity Road near the then police station with Mum, Dad and Aunty Edie, and finally in a bay-fronted twenties house on Tooting Bec Road until I left home ...Read full memory

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