Tooting, The Police Station 1951

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Tooting And The Movies

I lived by Figges Marsh in Mitcham, just over the border with Tooting from 1948 until 1967. In fact I was born in the house I lived all those years in. I early on discovered the movies and I remember with great ...Read full memory

Cowick Road

I lived Himley Road Tooting in the early 1960's in Barnfield Lodge (No.3) and exchanged house with the Brownhills to move to 216 Cowick Road. I attended Fircroft school as an Infant and then Sellincourt school as a junior. ...Read full memory

Tooting Holy Family Convent

Oh dear Tooting, I have wonderful memories of that place. We moved there from Stepney in 1956 and used to live in Graveney Road, just off Selkirk Road. I remember the Fountain pub in Fountain Road just ...Read full memory

Wiseton Road

I am trying to find out more information about Wiseton Road in Tooting. My family William and Ann Raven lived there in Blackmore Cottage, next door was Raven Cottage. I know that the family surnames are Raven and ...Read full memory

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