Tooting, The Police Station 1951

Tooting, The Police Station 1951

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Memories of Tooting, the Police Station 1951

Home Is Where The Heart Is

I was born in Tooting Police Stn or nic as Dad called it. He was a home beat officer there for years. I spent most of my younger days down in the horse stables grooming or mucking out. We lived in flat no 1 and it was a great place to live in the sixties - my dad was nicknamed Paddy due to his Irish heritage - all the flats are now offices as far as I know.

Worked In The Cad Room At Tooting Police Station

I worked in the old CAD room at Tooting Police Station in 2006, it was an amazing place with bomb proof windows. We worked through the night; on my first night there was a gang fight and a youth got killed. The building itself is fascinating, and very mysterious - some say...haunted. All the staff there were very hard working, dedicated people. A shame it is closing to the public, it provided a great service.

Lucien Road

I lived in Lucien Road for sixty five years until two years ago. My memories start when I was about five with my dear old dad taking me out on his barrow to sell firewood - I thought it was great fun. Also, my mum taking me to haylocks at the bottom of Church Lane - I think it's a curry house now. I used to play out in the street all the time and my friends were Helen Little, Anne O'Connor, Brian Curtis, Terry Sheehan (not sure if that's the correct spelling). We often got in trouble playing knock down ginger and there was a certain house we called the 'haunted house' (it was no 81, I think) and as kids we were terrified of it. I went to Hillbrook School and then to Gatton Road, not a very good school as I left ...Read full memory

Living At Amen Corner

I was born in 1949 and lived in Crowborough Road, Amen Corner, went to Furzedown school. I used to know all the shops round to the police station, being sent down with a shopping list for veg etc, and to the garage on the corner of Rectory Lane in winter to get paraffin for the heaters, and to Coggers the paper shop for fags and newspaper for my dad. How I knew it has changed. I now live in Plymouth in Devon, have done for 41 years, I don't know if I want to go back to see the old place or remember it as it was. If anybody lived around the same place and time as me please get in contact.

Tooting Junction

I was born in Ascot Road just behind the police station and lived there with my parents and little brother, Clive, from 1934 through 1947. The station played a huge part in my early life. It was a wonderful place. All the flats were occupied by the men and their families, and I frequently sneaked down to the stables to see all the beautiful horses. At the end of Ascot Road/Links Road were stables with the horses for the bakery and dairy. Many a time I did the rounds on a Saturday morning delivering the milk while the milkman took the money. Often received a shilling just before the horse went home for a well deserved drink. In 1944 a batallion of tanks lost their way and went up Seeley Road and turned ...Read full memory

Tooting And The Movies

I lived by Figges Marsh in Mitcham, just over the border with Tooting from 1948 until 1967. In fact I was born in the house I lived all those years in. I early on discovered the movies and I remember with great pleasure going to the Granada Tooting on a regular basis. The Astoria somebody mentioned, I recall as the fleapit, though they did let me talk my way into X films years before my 16th birthday! But when they got a Cinemascope projector, they didn't get a wide screen, so wide screen films had the side parts showing on the walls. Dreadful! I also remember the Vogue at the Broadway, but mainly for seeing foreign language films with subtitles, and there I discovered the wonderful Jeanne Moreau! I ...Read full memory

Working At Tooting Police Station

I have been stationed at Tooting Police Station since 2005. We will soon all be moving to Earlsfield Police Station, along with officers from Lavender Hill and Wandsworth Police Stations. Many of the rooms in Tooting Police Station are no longer used and have been locked up. Has hardly changed a bit since that photograph was taken though. We don't have a 'Whiskey-3' anymore. Only 'Whiskey-1' and 'Whiskey-2'. Tooting Police Station is part of Wandsworth Borough Police but for some strange reason it is within the border of Merton.

My Time In Charlmont Road.

I started my life in 1936 at Charlmont Road. These houses had no bathroom (we used a tin bath in front of the fire) and outside toilets. I went to Selincourt Road Schools, infants then juniors. I remember during the war the time a V2 bomb fell on the houses near by on Selincourt and Mellison Roads, and the damage on the corner with Charlmont Road. I am informed the V2 fell on 6th March 1945 at 12.58, whilst I was having my dinner. I recall the corner paper shop in Charlmont Road run by 'Bernard Say', he would organized all our street parties at the end of the war, and whenever a special event occurred. He also ran trips to the seaside for us children. I was also one of his paperboys. In 1953 at our ...Read full memory

Sellincourt Road School

In 1932 I was taken to my first school just up the road from where we lived in Sellincourt Road. It seemed quite a forbidding place at the time but I can remember the head mistress whose name I forget as being rather a tall lady - at least to me a little boy- and being dressed all in black with the skirt down to her ankles. I remember getting a clip round the ear from the local policeman for being cheeky to him and getting another one from my father when he found out what I had done. I was able to visit the school a couple of years ago and it still looks the same now as it did all those years ago. My grandfather had a newsagents, tobacconist and sweet shop just down the road on the High Street and ...Read full memory

My Teenage Memories....

From 1959 to 1973 I lived at Tooting Junction. '59-69 in Glasford Street opposite the police station, then when I got married in 1969 I moved one whole road away in Renmuir Street! Many local people may remember our big, black labrador, who used to bark and throw himself at the front room window if anyone dared to walk past our downstairs flat at 2 Glasford Street. My dad used to mend cars outside in the street, as well as working at Battersea power station for a living! My mum, little sister and I used to sit outside the Railway Bell pub with our bags of Smiths crisps and a pepsi or lemonade while our dad had his Sunday lunchtime pint (only the one). Mum would have half a pint of brown ale (Ugh!) outside ...Read full memory

I Lived Above Tooting Police Stn

From 1954-1959 I lived at Flat 4 Tooting Police Stn. With my friend Richard King we spent many happy hours up on the roof throwing mud and moss down on the unsuspecting passers by below. Another trick was to throw stones down the chimney pots. My mistake was to pick the pot of my own flat which resulted in a load of soot spewing out into my parents bedroom. My Dad who was an Inspector at the Station caught us and put me in the cells for a few hours. Our crowning achievement was to set light to a small elastic driven model plane and launch it from the roof. Unfortunately it crashed into a passing trolley bus. Haven't been back to Tooting in 40 years.

My Childhood

I was born in 1994 in a house in Ascot Road which is the road behind Tooting Police Sation. Our doctors surgery was in the house where the cyclist is in the right of the photo. In 1959 my sister married "Jim" policeman from Tooting nick who drove the area wireless car "whiskey3". These cars ranged from Humbers to Wolsey 6/80 and 6/90's. Jim died in 1999 in Plymouth he was in his 80's. On the left corner of the photo was a shoe shop and a fish and chip shop further up towards the police station.

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