Tooting, The Police Station 1951

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Golden Memories Of Childhood Days

Central Hall I believe used to house the big Saturday market!, Tooting was a Saturday trip out as a boy from Mitcham, I can vaguely remember many special days, going to the pictures, and the joke shop ...Read full memory

Tooting And The Movies

I lived by Figges Marsh in Mitcham, just over the border with Tooting from 1948 until 1967. In fact I was born in the house I lived all those years in. I early on discovered the movies and I remember with great ...Read full memory

Tooting Holy Family Convent

Oh dear Tooting, I have wonderful memories of that place. We moved there from Stepney in 1956 and used to live in Graveney Road, just off Selkirk Road. I remember the Fountain pub in Fountain Road just ...Read full memory

Hazelhurst Road Bombing 19 Nov 1944

Does anyone have any memories or photos of the V2 bombing which killed 33 people in Hazelhurst Rd Tooting on the morning of 19th November 1944? We are planning a memorial service at St Mary's ...Read full memory

A memory of Tooting Graveney
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