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Accrington, Blackburn Road c.1965

Photo of Accrington, Blackburn Road c.1965

Accrington, Blackburn Road c.1965

Ref. A19022

Memories of Accrington

Grandfather's Baptism

My Grandfather was baptised here in October 1891.

A memory of Accrington

Accrington As I Recall

We moved to Accrington fom Whalley 10th December 1941. I remember it because Syd Ashmeed and his band was broadcasting that day and Ronnie Brooks was the drummer and I ...Read full memory

Sacred Heart Church

This is Sacred Heart RC Church, in Accrington.  It has now been demolished.  I have many great memories and some not so great from this sacred place.  I felt ...Read full memory

Mrs Kilshaw

I remember the creaky stairs and stodgy atmosphere of Central Preparatory so well, even though it's now 44 years since I last heard the sterling tones of Mrs Kilshaw resounding ...Read full memory

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About this photo

We are looking across the Market Place. The Market Hall is just visible on the left, and the area beside it still serves as the town's main bus terminal. Beside the imposing 19th-century bank building, which overlooks the corner of Blackburn Road, rises a naked steel tower, a herald of the monotonous shopping developments that have robbed character from Britain's towns.

Garth Dawson's Camera Cabin, located behind the clock (centre, behind the bus), has had several locations around the centre of Accrington, and is now sited round the corner on Blackburn Road. E J Riley's, once the towering giant of snooker and billiards and based in the town, had a shop on the left. They also made other sports equipment such as golf clubs and bowls.