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Aldershot, High Street c.1955

Photo of Aldershot, High Street c.1955

Aldershot, High Street c.1955

Ref. A31014

Memories of Aldershot

Wellington Monument

As a kid in the eighties, I used to mess around by the Wellington Monument, back then it was like a jungle all around it, and you couldn't really see it properly unless you ...Read full memory

A memory of Aldershot by Tom Whitehouse

Sneaked Trips To The Lido

In the late 60's, I was a WRAC PTI and was posted to Aldershot. During the summer I had been out with others on a practical map reading course and we finished early, so ...Read full memory

A memory of Aldershot by Anne Peskey

Lane's Ice Cream

Does anyone remember Lane's ice cream shop? They sold sweets amd home made ice cream; absolutely gorgeous!

A memory of Aldershot by Julia Clarke

Early Schol Years

I remember this so well, what wonderful innocent memories! My siblings and I would get a bus every day there and back from North Camp where we lived. I too remember the pink bus ...Read full memory

A memory of Aldershot by Denise Reardon

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