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Aldershot, High Street c.1955

Photo of Aldershot, High Street c.1955

Aldershot, High Street c.1955

Ref. A31014

Memories of Aldershot

The Cambridge Ghost

The Cambridge Military Hospital was apparently founded as part of the initiative begun by Florence Nightingale after the Crimean War to improve medical facilities for the Army. ...Read full memory

A memory of Aldershot by James Ritchie

Played On This Ground

I played for Aldershot and Farnborough schoolboys on this ground circa 1954/55 - surname then was Dubber. Any other team members still out there?

Place Of Marriage

My wife and I were married here in August 1962.

A memory of Aldershot

1st Child Christened

My first born was christened here 1992 and my second child 1995.

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