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Brentwood, Warley Barracks 1897

Photo of Brentwood, Warley Barracks 1897

Brentwood, Warley Barracks 1897

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Memories of Brentwood

I Didn't Have Tb!

Just before Christmas in 1953 I was admitted to St Giles' Hospital in Camberwell, south London. It was thought that I had TB. I was allowed home for Christmas, although confined ...Read full memory

A memory of Brentwood by Ken Cook

Grandmother's Childhood Home

Probably more years than just 1910. My Grandmother Rose Smith (nee Holloway) grew up here. She was one of 10 children to John and Alice Holloway. She met my ...Read full memory

A memory of Brentwood by Zina Preston

The Parade Swimming Baths

Hi, I was an evacuee & I lived in Cresent Road. I used to go to Brentwood Senior Boys School at Doddinghurst Road. On Fridays we always went to the fish and chip shop - ...Read full memory

Horsnell Family

My ancestor was John Horsnell, he was born in 1812 in Brentwood, Essex. I am looking for any relatives of John Horsnell. His parents may have been William and Mary. His father ...Read full memory

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