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Caerau, Caerau Road c.1955

Photo of Caerau, Caerau Road c.1955

Caerau, Caerau Road c.1955

Ref. C387010

Memories of Caerau

I Lived In Caerau On And Off During The Period 1950 1958

My mother's parents lived in Lloyd St for many years. Grandad (known by me I am told as 'dampa') was a coal miner at the pit up the hill from ...Read full memory

A memory of Caerau by Harry Alford

Lewis Gelli St

I'm Glynne Lewis. I was born in Co. Durham but the Lewis family lived at 26, Gelli St. for many years. We visited the family during the 1950s and 60s although several of the sisters ...Read full memory

A memory of Caerau by Glynne Lewis

St Johns Colliery

Always remember my grandfather (Bryn George) stating all through my child hood that he had worked in st johns for 44 and a half years

A memory of Caerau by Darrell George

Caerau Ancestry!

My mother Christine Evans I believe lived in George St Caerau and left for Australia with her new RAAF husband Vince Murphy just after the War around 1945. She was followed out to ...Read full memory

A memory of Caerau by Christopher Murphy

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