Photo of Cambridge, Petty Cury 1909

Cambridge, Petty Cury 1909

Neg. 61469T

Memories of Cambridge


My name is Peter Brightman. I lived in Cambridge from 1974 till 1978. I worked at P.O. Reeds in Trumpington Street then Croppers hairdressing. If anybody remembers me I am on Facebook. My email is:

Trevor Hyghes

Like Marion DelFavero, I remember Trevor Hughes. He used to sit on the fountain steps in the middle of market square. My brother was in 'the Force' in those days and he used to say ...Read full memory

A memory of Cambridge

Memory Of Cross Street, Cambridge

I lived at 24 Cross Street, Cambridge from the age of three till I got married in 1969. My mother was Pat and my father was Bill Turner. I attended Saint Barnabus ...Read full memory

A memory of Cambridge by John Turner

Newell''S Hardwick To Cambridge Taxi Service

The Cambridge American Cemetry was built after the second war, during this time the odor of rotting bodies being buried at Madingley,caused my father to ...Read full memory

A memory of Cambridge by Martin Newell

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