Photo of Clowne, Mill Street c.1950

Clowne, Mill Street c.1950

Neg. C403009

Memories of Clowne

"Bumpmill Pond"

My name is Keith Webster and I was born and brought up in Clowne. I was born on King Street before moving to Rose Avenue, then to Hickinwood Crescent, where we lived next door to Bill ...Read full memory

A memory of Clowne by edbear4856

Meridian Sewing Factory

My mum used to work at the Meridian sewing factory, her maiden name was Valerie Dickens, which then became Valerie Smith. I think mum left there to have me and I was born in ...Read full memory

A memory of Clowne by Lyndsey Smith

Mill Street Clowne. 1950

The gentleman pushing a cart in the foreground of this picture is my grandfather, Ernest Pearce (1895-1970). The cart was used to transport bundles of sticks that he cut for ...Read full memory

A memory of Clowne by June Harvey

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