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Cobham, Village Hall 1904

Photo of Cobham, Village Hall 1904

Cobham, Village Hall 1904

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Memories of Cobham

Ann & Vic Norman's Shop

My mother Joyce Stannard worked at the shop in this picture in the foreground with the canopy next to the wine merchants. When she started it was a little wool shop owned by ...Read full memory

A memory of Cobham by Julia Stannard

Grandfathers Memories

My grandfather was born in Cobham on Painshill. My memory is that it was on a slight hill with a slight bend, the Greenline bus used to stop near the old home, it was a cottage ...Read full memory

A memory of Cobham by Alan Rosher

Oakmead Cobham

My father worked for Eagle Star Insurance and during the war the company was relocated from London to Cobham in a large house called Oakmead (?) and my mother joined him (they lived in ...Read full memory

A memory of Cobham by Carole Fripp

Happy Motoring

I believe the white building to the centre left in picture is the Thompson & Taylor garage. I worked there briefly (about 1 year), the manager then was a Huw Edwards? I think, but the ...Read full memory

A memory of Cobham by Vee Williams

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