Photo of Cobham, Village Hall 1904

Cobham, Village Hall 1904

Neg. 53091

Memories of Cobham

Oakmead Cobham

My father worked for Eagle Star Insurance and during the war the company was relocated from London to Cobham in a large house called Oakmead (?) and my mother joined him (they lived in ...Read full memory

A memory of Cobham by Carole Fripp

The Shop On Cobham Tilt

My father Clive Impey,was demobbed from the forces in 1946 and at the time the shop was a shoe repair shop. He converted it to a greengrocers shop and during the next few ...Read full memory

A memory of Cobham by Clare Joint

Thompson & Taylor

In the 1950s the Railton Mobil Special with which John Cobb had taken the world land speed record in 1947 was displayed in the showroom. Reid Railton, the car's designer, was ...Read full memory

A memory of Cobham by Neil Colvill

Grandfathers Memories

My grandfather was born in Cobham on Painshill. My memory is that it was on a slight hill with a slight bend, the Greenline bus used to stop near the old home, it was a cottage ...Read full memory

A memory of Cobham by Alan Rosher

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