Photo of Congleton, Lawton Street 1898

Congleton, Lawton Street 1898

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Memories of Congleton

Congleton Rugby Union Football Club

I was born at the Congleton War Memorial Hosipital and was christened at St Stephen's Church; just above the wall which borders Hankinson's field to the right ...Read full memory

A memory of Congleton by Val Carter

Massie Harper Licensee.

In my early teens I spent the war years living in this hotel, when my grandfather was the licensee. I believe he held the licence from 1874 to 1943 - a time record I ...Read full memory

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William & Jane Kay Marriage 1865

My Great, Great, Grand parents William & Jane Kay came from Congleton Cheshire. They were married 20-February 1865 in St Peters Church Congleton (marriage ...Read full memory

Grim Days

US army military police stationed on bridge during WW2

A memory of Congleton by Roy Bowyer

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About this photo

In the 17th century the Congleton Corporation had just enough money in the kitty to buy a new Bible for the parish church. However, the town bear suddenly died, leaving the town facing something of a dilemma. With only enough cash to buy either the Bible or a new bear, the choice was simple: a new bear.

This is an excerpt from Cheshire Photographic Memories, by Clive Hardy