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Congleton, Lawton Street 1898

Photo of Congleton, Lawton Street 1898

Congleton, Lawton Street 1898

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Memories of Congleton

Congleton Baths, Late '50s, '60s.

I too have very fond memories of the open air swimming baths in Congleton in the late fifties and the sixties. I can even remember Alec Coles. Happy days. The water ...Read full memory

A memory of Congleton by Alan Brennan

I Rowed Those Boats!

In memories on another photo I mention as a youngster spending much time in the Congleton Park. I would imagine I will have rowed all of the boats shown in the photograph. ...Read full memory

A memory of Congleton by Kelvin Fagan

Timbersbrook Smithy

Just to the right of where this photo has been taken was the village smithy, it was built in 1947 by my grandfather Harold Cottrell and my father Reg Cottrell. They continued ...Read full memory

Massie Harper Licensee.

In my early teens I spent the war years living in this hotel, when my grandfather was the licensee. I believe he held the licence from 1874 to 1943 - a time record I ...Read full memory

A memory of Congleton by Claire Allen

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About this photo

In the 17th century the Congleton Corporation had just enough money in the kitty to buy a new Bible for the parish church. However, the town bear suddenly died, leaving the town facing something of a dilemma. With only enough cash to buy either the Bible or a new bear, the choice was simple: a new bear.

This is an excerpt from Cheshire Photographic Memories, by Clive Hardy