Photo of Crawley, Perryfield Road 1907

Crawley, Perryfield Road 1907

Neg. 57780

Memories of Crawley

Dancing In The Square

The bandstand where Jazz was played on, I think, a Sunday afternoon. The fountain - remember it being 'soaped' and indeed Queensway Stores, my first job on a Saturday and the first department store in town!

A memory of Crawley

The Old Punch Bowle As A Bank

In the 1950's The Old Punch Bowle became the Crawley Branch of National Provincial Bank. I worked there from 1970 - 1973, a lovely place to work. In due course, as a ...Read full memory

Crawley Cof E Village School

I attended the small village school which was located a bit behind the George Hotel. The school was on a corner with a small park across the road. A vaguely victorian ...Read full memory

A memory of Crawley by Anthony Batten


As a small boy, my father-in-law Derek Munson was evacuated with his siblings to Crawley. They stayed at a farm house (which was later owned by Peter Butterworth - any further info on this ...Read full memory

A memory of Crawley by Jo Munson

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