Photo of Cromer, The Cliffs 1925

Cromer, The Cliffs 1925

Neg. 77511

Memories of Cromer

Jetty Street

My ancestors lived in Jetty Street around 1890 and at one time had a chocolate shop at No 8. Next door at No 6 was a shoemakers, I believe (now called Jacob's Rest). The family name of ...Read full memory

A memory of Cromer

The Bartrams

There is a long line of us 'Bartrams' living and working in Cromer. I myself was born in East Runton 1956, although at the time my parents Bernard and Mary lived in Gas Works Cottage, ...Read full memory

A memory of Cromer by Phil Bartram

One To Be Proud Of

This image was shot by my great-great grandfather JJ Merrett, makes me proud to know that his work is still being sold. Even more so to know that he shot a subject we can now no longer go and see as it fell into the sea around 1913.

A memory of Cromer by George Johnson

The Pedlar's Pack, Jetty Street, Cromer

The mother of my work friend, John Wallace, owned the flat over what used to be the Pedlar's Pack. We often rode to Cromer from Leicester on our motorcycles and ...Read full memory

A memory of Cromer by Rob Davis

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About this photo

Not only is the photographer on the cliff top taking a picture of his ladies with the lens into the sun, he is at great risk of losing his and their lives by going near the edge of these dangerous cliffs, which are constantly being eroded by the sea and the elements. This picture gives us a nice view of Cromer pier in the distance (left).