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Memories of Dagenham

Valence Swimming Pool

I remember Valence swimming pool from the late fifties. I lived in Bushgrove Road and went to Valence School and used to go early on a Saturday morning with my mates to be ...Read full memory

A memory of Dagenham by Bob Valentine

Eastbrook School

We were the first family to move into the new council house at number ten Alibon Gardens. My first school was Hunters Hall from where I was moved for a while To Albert Street ...Read full memory

A memory of Dagenham by Alan Harris

Memory Of Dagenham 1968

Dear Ron, I left for Canada that year, the old villege was still there, I came back in 1972 and it was all gone, even the Keys had changed, not the same gang. To tell you the truth I don't remember you, you know all about me? I will try to remember any way, Best regards, Cliff

A memory of Dagenham by Cliff Odell

Shopping At The Heathway

My mother asked me to go to the shops and get some bread at Barton's the bakers. I was just ten years old. 'But' she said, 'if a raid starts, don't hang about but run ...Read full memory

A memory of Dagenham by William Pullum

York Parade

My wife Evette, was born in York Parade, Dagenham? or Ilford, in 1938 and her dad worked at the Ford plant. Her family moved north to Wallasey when she was only 7 so she only has vague ...Read full memory

A memory of Dagenham by Ian Ross

Dagenham Swimming Pool

My mum worked at Valence open swimming pool and my aunt worked in the buffet - what a result - in for free and free Oxo after the freezing water.  My mum looked after ...Read full memory

The Real Heart Of Dagenham

We moved to Dagenham from Plaistow in East London when I was two years old. We moved to Leys Avenue, on the Rookery Farm estate. It was out in the sticks then with the ...Read full memory

A memory of Dagenham by Tom Baker

The Merry Fiddlers , Dagenham

The first pub I used to drink in when I was 16yrs old. The main bar was made to be similar to the Cavern Club in Liverpool, all rough brick and cedar wood. The stage ...Read full memory

A memory of Dagenham by Ken Greenwood

Childhood Memories

I remember this scene very well, my two sisters and I spent many freezing hours (even in the summer) in the cold water of Valence swimming pool. We could buy a ticket in the ...Read full memory

Valence Park Swimming Pool

I learnt to swim in the pool with my school (Robert Clack) in September 1970. Our sports teacher, Mr George, used to tie ropes and pull you along....."Sink or swim", he ...Read full memory

A memory of Dagenham by Rob Marshall

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