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Dewsbury, Town Centre c.1960

Photo of Dewsbury, Town Centre c.1960

Dewsbury, Town Centre c.1960

Ref. D100006

Memories of Dewsbury

The Queens Visit

I may be a year out with the date, apologies. I vividly remember the day a young Queen Elizabeth II visited my home town of Dewsbury. We were in a fever of excitement at my Junior ...Read full memory

A memory of Dewsbury by Megan Clarkson

The Old Baths

My memories of the old Dewsbury swimming baths (at the back of the police station) feels like memories from an earlier era older than myself. I used to visit the baths with my school ...Read full memory

A memory of Dewsbury by Ann Hart

Spencers Mountain Film Shown At Abc Cinema Dewsbury

The film, Spencers Mountain, was shown at the ABC cinema, Dewsbury and all the Spencer families in Dewsbury were invited for the first showing. ...Read full memory

A memory of Dewsbury by Jane Spencer

Shopping In Dewsbury

Enjoyed reading everyones memories of the good old days revisiting my home town. Recently, sadly, its gone down hill. There was once many nice shops and the market isn't the ...Read full memory

A memory of Dewsbury by Sylvia Foster

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