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Edinburgh, Cramond Tower 1961

Photo of Edinburgh, Cramond Tower 1961

Edinburgh, Cramond Tower 1961

Ref. E24094

Memories of Edinburgh

My Father Was A Drummer Boy

My father was a Drummer Boy in Edinburgh Castle when he was 14 in 1915. He threw the sergeant's false teeth out of the window by mistake, he thought it was just a cup ...Read full memory

A memory of Edinburgh by Eddie Tait

Nursery School

I went to nursery school in the castle. We lived only 50 yards up the road in Loaning Road in the Munrospun factory. Number 3 Loaning Road belonged to Munrospun and my dad was the ...Read full memory

A memory of Edinburgh by Gordon Smithson

Fleshmarket Close

When I was 8 or 9 years old our family moved from Clyde Street, Edinburgh to the High Street or, as we called our immediate area, 'The Tron', in view of living in the shadow of ...Read full memory

A memory of Edinburgh by James Kerray

This Is Were I Grew Up

This is were I grew up in Craigentinny in Edinburgh. I went to Christmas parties here when I was really young, I also went to big picnics from here because my Mum went to ...Read full memory

A memory of Edinburgh by Cath Tuff

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