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Frensham, Pierrepont School c.1965

Photo of Frensham, Pierrepont School c.1965

Frensham, Pierrepont School c.1965

Ref. F47031

Memories of Frensham

Little Pond House At Tilford

My wife's health was not that good, and, in 1961, she was sent for a recuperative fortnight at the Little Pond House. It was a convalescent home for children used by ...Read full memory

A memory of Frensham by Mark Hough

My Early Years Spent At Little Pond House

I arrived at Little Pond House just before Chirstmas 1964. My mother had been taken ill and I had to stay at the home until 1968 when I left Tilford Junior ...Read full memory

A memory of Frensham by David Simmons

Happy Days!!!

I was a pupil at Downshill School, Dockenfield Manor, sent there in 1946 or 42 at the age of 6½ or so. The headmaster was a small, self-important and often sadistic man. Of the other ...Read full memory

My Month At Sheephatch School Camp

On 4th March 1946, about fifty children from Dury Falls School, Hornchurch, were taken by coach to Sheephatch School camp. We slept in double bunks in ...Read full memory

A memory of Frensham by Elsie Ellis

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