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Memories of Gillingham

Gillingham Cinema

The Embassy in Green Street was formerly called the Odeon. Other cinemas in Gillingham at that time were the Plaza in Duncan Road (on the site of what is now Aldi's) and the ...Read full memory

A memory of Gillingham by John Addiscott


I was born in Canada House, in 1944. My mum's family (brothers and dad) were in the Navy and my Dad was in the Army. I drove by Canada House during a visit to England in 2010, to see ...Read full memory

A memory of Gillingham by Mary Chute

The Bus To Bredurst

The Bredhurst bus did indeed pass the Jezreels but it was a number 38 (not 8). I was at Gillingham Grammar School from 1948 to 1955 and used regularly to catch that bus to my ...Read full memory

A memory of Gillingham by Donald Rush

Gillingham Tech

I lived in Wigmore - the prefabs - and after passing the 11+ went to the Tech. I believe this was once Rochester Tech but had now started up in Gardener Street. We were the first ...Read full memory

A memory of Gillingham by Robin Sheridan

Childhood Days

I vaguely remember the bad winter when snow was still laying in June, black snow where people had thrown ash onto paths and roads. There were holes cut into the banks of snow so ...Read full memory

A memory of Gillingham by George Janes

Christmas Tree On The Green.

My family lived in Charing Road. I used to get so excited when the big Christmas tree arrived on the green. When the lights were switched on, we all used to sing ...Read full memory

A memory of Gillingham by Caroline Smyth

Le Fevers And Coo Op Denson 'Winkle Pickers'

I went to Gillingham Technical School in Green Street and at the end of the school day ran down Gardiner Street, making a left turn into Gillingham High ...Read full memory

A memory of Gillingham by Dan Pieters Ericksonn

My Short Life In Gillingham Kent

I was born in a naval nursing home called "Canada House" on the 18th November 1954. I was the first child and boy - I was spoilt. I went to school at Byron Road ...Read full memory

A memory of Gillingham by Frances Fagg

Picnics And Butterflies

Our parents used to take us for picnics on the Banks. In those days we had nets and used to be allowed to catch the butterflies and identify them. My father taught us the ...Read full memory

A memory of Gillingham by Caroline Smyth

Jezerels Tower

If Ben went past the Jezerels on his way home from the Tech School he must have been on a no 8 bus and not on his usual 45. The No 8 went up Canterbury St to the Top Rd and then up ...Read full memory

A memory of Gillingham by Diane Youens

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