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Hastings, The Esplanade 1925

Photo of Hastings, The Esplanade 1925

Hastings, The Esplanade 1925

Ref. 77976T

Memories of Hastings

Alexander Park

I was a boarder at Sandrock Hall Convent, on the Ridge in Hastings and later when I had my own children I moved back there from London so that they could enjoy the seaside life while ...Read full memory

A memory of Hastings by Chris Roycroft


My father decided that living near London was unsafe in 1940 so I was evacuated to my aunt in Hastings. I remember the trip well, the train stopped en-route as the trains coming from the ...Read full memory

A memory of Hastings by Doug Killick

No Luxuries!

Hello again, Referring back to my childhood growing up in Rye, can you picture it today, eleven children, no fridge, only a larder, no washing machine, only a copper boiler, no tumble ...Read full memory

A memory of Hastings by Stanley Wilson

Memories Of 1970s Hollington Estate

I used to live in a large house on Battle Hill. It was a foster home run by Mr and Mrs Sweetman, they had two children of their own, David and Hayle. The house ...Read full memory

A memory of Hastings by Elizabeth Cambridge

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