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Photo of Hastings, The Esplanade 1925

Hastings, The Esplanade 1925

Neg. 77976T

Memories of Hastings

Pett School Days 1939 To 1946

I am working on this. Many things to record.

A memory of Hastings by Tony Turner

Bottle Alley

Does anyone else have any memories of 'Bottle Alley'? I think it was on the Promenade and it was a covered walk (built in Victorian times, I believe) of concrete encrusted with ...Read full memory

A memory of Hastings

Bottle Alley Mums Memory Marjorie Perks Born 1925

My mum grew up in Hastings and she loved the place. She told us so many stories and I remember her mentioning Bottle Alley and collecting bottles to help in its construction. She left many of her own poems about Hastings and her childhood there. Really enjoy looking at the pictures. Thank You.

A memory of Hastings by Sarah Francis

Boating Lake

I remember the boating lake very well and I loved being taken on it by visiting relatives. The boats were dark red and had rope 'bumpers'round them and at the end of the day they all ...Read full memory

A memory of Hastings

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