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Heysham, The Docks c.1955

Photo of Heysham, The Docks c.1955

Heysham, The Docks c.1955

Ref. H81010

Memories of Heysham

Heysham Towers

Morecambe Bay Holiday Camp, aka Heysham Towers, in the early sixties as a teenager. The Towers were owned by the Holdens, I especially remember Derek and Jean. We were roused by the ...Read full memory

A memory of Heysham by Kathleen Wilson

I Was There Early 60s

As a 12 year old I went on stage at Heysham Towers and did a monologue about "A cow kicking Nellie in the belly in a barn". This went on with same verse being repeated until ...Read full memory

A memory of Heysham by Paul Collinson

Heysham Tower

This is not so much a personal memory, as a personal connection! My great-great grandparents lived at the Tower. Thomas John Knowlys (b.1803) and his wife, Anna Maria, (MarIea, not ...Read full memory

A memory of Heysham by Mml Akehurst

Heysham And Entertainment

For a few seasons at Heaysham Towers I was a kid entertainer. I played the accordion and the show was put together by Madam Patti Regina. Johnny Spillers was the entertainment guy. I think the show played on Sunday afternoons. I live in the USA now but often think of the old days. Grant Slinger

A memory of Heysham by Grant Slinger

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