Photo of Hunstanton, The Fun Fair c.1955

Hunstanton, The Fun Fair c.1955

Neg. H135117

Memories of Hunstanton

If I'd Known Then What I Know Now...

I've picked the year '67 but I honestly don't rememer, it was '67 or '68, possibly even '69. Anyway, my friends and I used to frequent the ground floor disco in ...Read full memory

A memory of Hunstanton by Anne Bell

Burt And Aunty Mays Shellfish Stall

My Uncle Burt and Aunty May had a shellfish stall in Hunstanton on the sea front by the old red sea mine.  I would only have been a mere youngster then. I ...Read full memory

Hunstanton Of The Past

I remember the railway station well, I used to travel to King's Lynn nearly  every week with my mum when my dad worked for the conservancy board as a coxwain on the ...Read full memory

My First Job

I worked and lived at the Golden Lion Hotel, beginning when I was 19, fresh out of Westminster Hotel School, when I was a trainee/assistant manager there from 1959-63 or 64, with the ...Read full memory

A memory of Hunstanton by Dylan Rivis

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